After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Fen Plaba!
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Pa Komaneh MKK, you look very regal, my friend. Love them birthday pics. May you live long with the abundance of God's blessings.

When I saw the shift at Foreign Ministry, I immediately waxed nostalgic to my friends about your ruminations and expertise in Foreign Affairs. I missed your prolific pen, my friend, and this is no flattery. The King's Freetonian Forum has been my home, ever since that fire at the "hw". I didn't know that Bintumani was in the neighborhood until some one posted the link at Freetonian. Now I have two homes. Fen Plaba is happy. The more, the merrier.
Musa Kenema
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Ormaan ee po kal ki dayr ka day kick ngah noh!

Man longtime no chat. Bintumani ruined my online enjoyment and it is by accident that I stumbled on this new setup. But all said and done I am back! I know Sage and Bra E will shaking after seeing my first post.

Man MKK  has lived his life to the fullest. He prepared for this time well in advance and he cannot be more thankful to Allah for giving him such foreknowledge. He is getting older but loving it like McDonald's!

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Our Komaneh and brother Mr.Fen Plaba.
From the very deep roots of my humble being,I wish to thank you very sincerely for your warm sentiments and as I have always said people like you are the ones we adore and worship on this forum because inspte of your monumental achievements  both in terms of academic antecedents and social standing such as your high profile government employment in New York in the education sector,you are still a very humble and fine gentleman who has never engaged in any puts down on this forum or any other for that matter.
This is where you have earned my unequivocal support and sincere and abiding respect.
May the joy of christmas,its hopes,and beauty brighten both the season and the coming year for you and members of your family.
Againg,thank you very much sir.
Fada Krismess
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Big respect to you (MKK) en Mr. Fen Plaba, but for adore en worship am, bra e heavy oh! GOD nar jealous GOD oh! 

Merry Christmas sir
Fen Plaba!
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My dear MKKK,
Thanks for the warm sentiments. I assure that the feelings are mutual. How is Brother Zakmal? I hope he starts posting again. How is the book coming along? I wish you all the luck with it. I promise to have a copy of that tome on my bookshelf when it is ready. Take care and have a great holiday and new year.
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True talk MKK where is Zak? Please tell that ultra-conservative
Tea partier to come back as I miss him so much. You too, MKK,
have to step up to boost this forum up buddy.
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