After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Cornelius Hamelberg
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I misread Paopa diehard’s “Evry sarraleonean” I actually read  every surrealeonean . There must be many. SOmetimes I feel like one...

Freedom of Speech has occasioned this preamble, so that I am not accused of blasphemy:

This Sabbath night, there is the Father of Night

Under Whose glory we should all unite .

Father of night, Father of day

Father, who taketh the darkness away

Father, who teacheth the bird to fly

Builder of rainbows up in the sky

Father of loneliness and pain

Father of love and Father of rain

Father of day, Father of night

Father of day, Father of night

Father of black, Father of white

Father, who build the mountain so high,

Who shapeth the cloud up in the sky

Father of time, Father of dreams

Father, who turneth the rivers and streams

Father of grain, Father of wheat

Father of cold and Father of heat

Father of air and Father of trees

Who dwells in our hearts and our memories

Father of minutes, Father of days

Father of whom we most solemnly praise “

( From the epic album “ New Morning” where there is another song which begins,

If dogs run free

then why don’t we…?

There’s the Father of Night etc,  but as we all know, so I too have been told, Pa Shaki used to employ proverbs such as “ Father of the Nation”  a title which he felt entitled to award himself  and I’m told that he would sometimes expand on some old themes  such as  “ a house divided against itself cannot stand”, the foundation theory of his one -party system  with he himself  Pa Shaki of course being “ the Father”,  some say “ like Mario Puzo’s “ The Godfather “ of  the house (Sierra Leone ) and with the “ A house divided against itself cannot stand”  he indeed supported the notion and implementation of a one-party dimension, as in this notion here below of  the “One man, One vote”


He, the Mighty Pa Shaki , the father of the APC. And maybe  O’Bai  can lay claim to being his only begotten son of the rising son that  was democratically elected in this dispensation, 2007 -2017  and  that’s why, very hopeful, he tentatively sent out some feelers, toying with the idea of running for a third term but he sensed that the resistance probably headed by Brigadier pow-o pa Bio & Co would have none of that. And neither would I .

Now  to the matter at hand , looming on the near horizon:

Mother of all elections,

It’s said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and now  - once again with the vast vistas of the unknown in front of us all , in our uncertainties, it looks like it’s going to be “speculation is the mother of invention”.  Because only The Omniscient  knows exactly what is ahead. We hope and do not pray for chaos...

“Where is you God” - that’s what my friends ask me, and I say it’s taken him so long cause’ we’ve got so far to come “ (Stevie Wonder : Heaven is 10 zillion light years away -  but hopefully ( realistically) the Sierra Leone heaven that is promised in e.g. Bio’s   manifesto about wiping out corruption is not so far away. It’s feasible. At least there is no corruption of the flesh in heaven. About what could be promised in the election manifesto of Presidential  hopeful Samura  Wilson Kamara there may be not so much to hope for if we are to go by what is said of him so far ( in another thread) and it’s not very flattering. That he is the economic brainchild  of O’Bai’s APC goferment, yet the “fruits for his efforts include a ballooning national debt on the back of a credit binge, an alarmingly depreciating currency and rising unemployment.” The army of the unemployed would like to change all that  in order to have a future.

But how much can one many change? Surely he must depend on some organisational structure to back him. Therefore, e.g.  Allie Bo-Mio’s scepticism when he asks  about the GNC,  a three month old party following the enchanting melodies of  their pied piper , Oga Yumkella...

In my humble opinion Maada Bio and the palmtrees have to win outright in the first round, with a knockout 50 point something percent which is possible in a free and fair election in which people are voting for their future  and not for a continuation of their past on roads that lead to nowhere. So,  the good people have to vote tactically in the very first round….

Re -” I don’t see any candidate exceeding between 35-40% of the total vote.” ( truly said by Spectator 007 ): Of course, Bio and Yumkella could have clinched the matter already if they had teamed up - as happened in Senegal when the opposition UNITED! However, as matters stand right now in early December 2017 and it’s three months to go, there is still some room for an agreement of understanding between the SLPP and the NGC if it’s change and not continuity that everybody wants. When Tejan Kabbah imposed Solo B on the SLPP in the name of “continuity” O’Bai won on a platform of change and ZERO percent tolerance for corruption.  We now know the rest of the story since O’Bai won. Roads is his legacy and maybe his three universities which he is supposed to have established.

But a university has to be much more than just a library, if you know what I mean. And the road to a good university starts with  good primary schools and good secondary schools staffed by good teachers who are paid good salaries  and who produce the good students with which to supply the fledgling universities - it must be from the bottom up  - the climbing cannot start at the top if the top has no foundation to stand on.  Just look at how a tree - a palm tree grows...

In a runoff between Samura Kamara and Maada Bio, where do the bulk of Yumkella supporters go? To Bio? Should they? Sure it’s not that simple and there should be a clear- cut choice , unless we want to say that the SLPP ( which Yumkella wanted to cooly breeze in from New York, takeover and lead) is the same as the APC.  Nor is today’s SLPP the same as  the SLPP of  ten years ago, or is it? Some may reason that Sierra Leone has not changed and neither has the rising sun. I would reason that the palm tree  at least in Psalm 92  has the potential to grow : The righteous will flourish like a palm tree (Psalm 92: 12

Of course, I presume  the difference between  continuity i.e. Koroma- Kamara APC and change as the alternative, the North-South dichotomy aside, after all Yumkella and Bio are the opposition to the otherwise entrenched incumbents?

Another five years for APC with Ernest Bai Koroma giving instructions from the back seat to his crown prince  Samura at the steering wheel  - in effect a third term for O’Bai by the back door a de facto continuity of the good works of the O’Bai . In which case if Sam Kamara cannot show that he is his own man capable of some new moves ( innovative and effective ones) under his sleeve , then why should he be elected next president to lead the nation? Because  the alternatives to him would be a disaster?

In a runoff between Samura Kamara and Yumkella would Bio supporters tend to gravitate towards Yumkella?

In a runoff between Yumkella and Bio are the APC diehards likely to boycott the elections  or “"Cutting off the nose to spite the face" -  committed to anyone but their archenemy Bio, will they then be encouraged to transfer their allegiance to Yumkella, their sun son of the North?

In Africa, incumbent governments are on the whole scared of being replaced by the opposition - are afraid of being tried in a court of law, for corruption.  Sometimes, hence the desperation to win , “ by any means necessary.”

The questions are many. I hate to read over  I’ll stop this ramble here

Paopa diehard
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Dear Mr Cornelius,
Theres no dout in my mind thatMada Bio (Astafulie 20 times!). I mean General-Brigdeer (Rtd) Julius Mada Woni Bio is the Father and Son of sarralone becos he has decided to pull himself as sarra for Sarralone's betterment one. After God, he is d father of all of us, all sarrloneans in every place of d galaxy. That is why they are so angrified against us paopa patriots becos we has dedicated our lives to our General. People make fun of us becos they are just plain stupid and embesils without home culture. We have met d enemy. It is not even APC or NGC becos those parties will see no way in the elections which will be free or fear or there will be hell to pay laimpayticaly. Our problem is Slpp traitors like Benji and DMK who think that they are better than us. well u are not!!!!
I am paopa for life and my whole life is dedicated to General Brigdear Retired Julius Mada Woni Bio, the blessed ram of God who will get sarralone across d river rubicon, sewa and rokel. Oh Mada Bio, u are not only our president and emperor, but also our depity God and emperor. Infact ur bigger than emperor bokassa who was made ridiculos by d white man becos they think say that only white man for become emperor! What a cheek! 
What a double cheeks!!!
When we get power, i will join d police department and becos of my security background (I was senior security guard at CVS in woodbridge) I want to become prison diecctor at pademba road. I will trait anyone who attacks or sucktits our Biocracy, govenment by Biop. I like that. Let me say it agaimn: Biocracy!!! heheheheh! Yes, yews and oh yes!!!! sarralone will better!!!
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