After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Sage een boo
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After a tough campaign in Salone, a suspensful election commission boss and a resilient opponent, my party lost. The first round can be likened to a photo finish while the second round can be likened to a nail-biting finish. As far as I am concerned since the first election I witnessed as a grown-up and politically-conscious man in the late eighties between the incumbent Morlai Sidom and the challenger F.B.Turay who was intending to make a come-back, the 2018 election is the most interesting and one that will always be in Saloneans' memory. The electioneering was done in style in that both the illiterates and literates had their chance to participate effectively. The illiterates' participation was to a greater extent in the real world while those who were internet-savvy had some momentary and ephemeral participation in the virtual world with the help of picture or video texts. On the other hand literates were in total control of the virtual world as majority of them were internet-savvy. Social media outlets like Whatsapp and Facebook were very instrumental with phenomenal successes.The electronic media played its part too but the sad thing was outlets like AYV which was supposed to be neutral disappointed most Saloneans and lost most fans when they openly displayed their favoritism for the SLPP. I enjoyed every bit of propaganda from both sides especially those backed by cartoons. Saloneans are coming of age! All we need to do now is employ critical thinking or start thinking out of the box. That is just one part of MK's year of elections. Sometime in August my other party the Social Democrats will be slugging it out with the combine of the Moderates, the Environmentalists, the People's party, the Pirates' party and the racist and anti-immigrants party which I hate to name. We are seeking re-election after successfully completing a first term. Being a card-carrying member I will be manning one of the polling stations on the ground floor of the building that I reside. After losing out to Torkpoi I am confident I will be a winner in the remaining election. At least I will have something to celebrate!
Ahmed B
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Musa Kenema,

I am glad that you sounded a conciliatory note in the above post.  We cannot afford to be angry forever.  The Mende boys are now in power.  We have to work with them for a better Sierra Leone. 

Ernest Koroma has destroyed our party.  At 50, I am not sure I will ever see another APC government in Sierra Leone again.
Sage een boo
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Ahmed at 50 you will still have another 50 years to live so the chances of witnessing another Tolongbo comeback are greater. I am only worried about Sengbe, Kutubu and Zakmal our renowned octogenarians who I am sure are witnessing their last SLPP reign. I am really happy for them; at least they will not bite the dust without having a victory to celebrate.
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