After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Eddie Grant
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In less than 3 days, I and my fellow NGC diasporan supporters will converge in Freetown to campaign.
To get your message across the length and breadth of the country one needs to be versatile. The Okada is the most formidable mode of transport in the country today. It reaches most parts of the country that are usually unreachable by vehicular traffic.
Against this backdrop, we the NGC diasporan wing have decided to purchase motorbikes to facilitate easy movement into the most remote parts of the country.
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Well done Eddie Grant. You've had the courage of your convictions. You've chosen a side and invested time and money in supporting that side. I admire you for that. Best of lick in the battles ahead.
Reply with quote  #3 of luck...
Eddie Grant
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Thanks brother DMK.
It's essential for me to follow the right leadership. I've tried both APC and SLPP without success due to their entrenched greed and lack of love for the country.
The NGC is an entirely different entity devoid of all the ills that governed the other two.
I'm very optimistic about the future of Salone.
We all vowed to do everything within our power to promulgate positive change.
Spectator 007
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Keep us posted Eddie Grant.
You talk the talk and walk the walk.
I’m impressed.
Good luck.
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Korthor Eddie to be honest you are making a big mistake by throwing your weight behind the NGC. Believe me most of you will regret your decision to pitch tents with the sweet-talking and spellbinding KKY. The NGC will never make it to the second round no matter what strategies they employ. It is not easy to win against two seasoned parties like the SLPP and the APC so save yourself the impending sucker punch. For those of you who are expectant with regards to lucrative job rewards, I foresee your early exit from life due to heart problems. KKY will dump most of you immediately after (God forbids) his victory(tofi akwah!).You need to meditate and contemplate thoroughly my brother as all politicians are from the same parents.
Spectator 007
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I think if KKY/NGC comes third, and the party wins a couple of seats in parliament, many of his supporters won’t be disappointed. Of course they are campaigning for an upset of the political establishment.

Who do you think will win?

The Western Area outcome will be very very interesting.
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Specky I strongly believe the APC will pull this off again for the third consecutive time. Though I have predicted an APC victory, that does not mean it will be that easy sail for a plethora of reasons; but I am willing to focus on the that might be instrumental in a big upset. You as well as I do that since 1996 several factors come into play when it comes electing a president in Sierra Leone and according to the APC's choice it seems they never took those factors into consideration. Due to the political consciousness of our people nowadays, factors like religion, tribe, academic background, region, sex etc. influence votes irrespective of the literacy rate.

The APC faltered a lot in their flagbearer choice and should count its stars lucky that the party has not fragmented. One major area the APC screwed up bigtime is religion. In 1996 a segment of the population voted for Kabba overwhelmingly on religion grounds. A lot of people thought since independence, despite the fact that the population is predominantly Muslim, nobody from that religion has ever ruled Sierra Leone. The Muslims were of the opinion that their turn had come and so rallied behind Kabba. Kabba was having a Christian VP even after replacing the previous one in his second term. Infact that had been the norm since 1971 though not balanced in that Shaki was Christian but had a Christian VP in addition to the Muslim SI Koroma.
When EBK took the reins he followed suit until his second term. EBK screwed up badly by firing his Muslim VP and replacing him with a Christian and the Muslims were never comfortable with that. As if that insult was not enough, after the Pastor Ajasafe saga, he forcefully and single-handedly selected a Christian flagbearer knowing fully well one of the Muslim aspirants was poised to win. He also travelled with the flagbearer to the Vatican in what seemed like soliciting for support from the pope who has the capability to arm-twist big western powers that make up the international community into dancing to his tune. This is a cause for serious concern since the Muslims were expecting 2018 to be their turn.

From my observations, most of those who have been critical of EBK during the Sam Sumana saga, are Muslims and products of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary schools and other Muslim Secondary schools. Most of these disgruntled Muslims are now with the NGC in their vendetta against the APC. They see KKY as the man who will fill that void created by EBK after depriving them of their turn at State House.

The APC has managed to tactfully pacify the people of Port Loko but has a lot do to regain the shattered confidence of the Muslims. If Chericoco, Alpha Khan, Kelfala Marah and Zainab Bangura can importune the Muslims to forgive and forget, then it will be an easy sail or else I foresee the NGC giving the APC a run for its money, a run that might cause a big upset come March 2018.
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''but I am willing to focus on the one that might be instrumental in a big upset. You know as well as I do that since 1996 several factors come into play when it comes to electing a president in Sierra Leone and according to the APC's choice it seems they never took those factors into consideration''.
Nation Builder
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So you find it very convenient to contradict yourself?  On the one hand, you argue that the NGC cannot beat the APC and the SLPP but on the other, you argue for an NGC upset based on a religion mantra that many in Sierra Leone don't count as a factor in voting.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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On the niyat for the homeward pilgrimage, "My Bag is Packed, my Mind is made up" has to be completed by "my legs are now in the air and will be landing at Lungi International Airport, shortly...
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Nation builder if you think religion will not be an issue in this election, tell the APC to sleep in complacence and watch themselves being upset by the NGC.You need to get your head out of the sand boy! If you are observant enough, you will notice that religion-based politics whose incipient stage was in 1996, is on the rise in Salone. I well reiterate my previous statement that Muslims are disgruntled with the APC for choosing a Christian when they expect 2018 to be their turn. Not even the choice of a Fula will pacify them because most of them are reluctant to settle for a second fiddle in the presidency. If you are an APC loyalist like me the best thing to do now is to figure out how to prevent the loss of the Muslim vote which has always been our dependable bank. 
Nation Builder
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"If you are an APC loyalist like me"

Astafulai ten tem.  Me go be APC?  Di Alaki party?  Having said that, I will reiterate that religion will not influence the polls in March.  And no matter what the APC's backsye will be shoved out.  The wind of change is blowing across West Africa. 
Fen Plaba!
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Ernest Koroma: Jinna Musa, O you oracle that brings the most distant of galaxies into sharp focus under the fierce glare of the scanning tunnel microscope; O you discerning eye that split the mysteries of the night with the blinding flash of lightning, and draws out the truth from the clutches of prevarication and huffy puffs! Tell me, O revered oracle, what you see of this bastardized pregnancy that I inflicted on my APC fiefdom when I forced them to grab their ankles and lift up their skirts in Makeni. Will Baby Samura transform from a cross-eyed nictitating toad into a charming prince and sweep the country off its feet, or will this infernal pregnancy be ripped out in a bloody late-term abortion at the polls? As S.E Rogie said, "I am so worried t heart!"

Jinna Musa: Oh Ernest, you pudgy rascal, why drag me into inanities when you already know the answers? What is the breakdown of the vote according to your internal polling?

Ernest Koroma: The Southeast, including Kono and the Kissy badlands of Kailahun, is voting solidly for Bio. The Mendes say paopa, it is their turn this time; that they didn't kill God's puss to be electorally maltreated, and so are voting for Bio, come rain or shine. It is not a tribal thing, they insist, but that they are just sick and tired of being marginalized. They know that they will be as broke and poor as the Limbas and Thaimnehs were impoverished under my regime in a Bio regime.They know that Bio will take all the diamonds and gold to Banjul to bejewel the Naija Temptress of The Gambia, but they defiantly retort, "Kaka, we nor wan yerri!"

Jinna Musa: Is that all, my child?

Ernest Koroma: It gets worse, O Oracle of oracles. The North is up in arms. Those ungrateful bastards are screwing me royally after all I have done for them! I gave them the presidency- the first Northerner to become president- but are they satisfied? Nooooo! They now want me to share my stash with them. Betteh! Those millions are all mine. I worked very hard for those dollar millions and I'll be darned if I sit on my ass and allow some goddamned villager from Masiaka or Mateboi to put his grubby little paws on my money. I know I have bragged that I have never killed a person in my tenure, but I will make an exception. The day anyone makes an attempt on my kaffa will be the day I shoot a nigga dead. The millions are not enough for me and I refuse to roam the streets and back alleys of Makeni like that broke ass son of a b-itch Strasser does in Allen Town. Nar tin go happin nor mor. E gbin ka Kuru!
 So the ungrateful Northwest dares to question my wisdom and is now playing footsie with that contemptible idiot Kandeh Yumkella. So disgusting.

Jinna Musa: Kandeh idiot?

Ernest Koroma: Yes-in! Forgive me Oracle. I didn't mean to snap at you, but Kandeh Yumkella is not a real doctor. My CID detectives have found out that he bought his PhD from a degree mill for $150. What's the big deal with PhDs anyway? I have a doctorate too, but do you see me preening about it? Samura has a PhD that is slightly less prestigious than mine, but do you see him beating his chest about it? Bio is another one that I can't stand. He has been cheating up a storm at that local college in Bradford for years without earning his degree, but his praise singers are now calling him: Brigadier (Retired) Maada Bio, (Ph.D pending). What the phuck is that? Bo shub! And to think that these two guys are beating me silly in the polls- Bio in the South and East, and Yumkella in the North and West against all odds! Something is wrong here. I am scared, Jinna Musa. Something tells me that if any of those guys lands in State House, they will sadistically pluck my feathers like a Beijing duck. As S.E Rogie said, "I am so worried..."

Jinna Musa: Please don't sing. I can't stand your woe-is-me rendition. Now man up and stick out your bortu like the unrepentant de facto polygamist that you are.

Ernest Koroma: Er, Jinna Musa, you made a mistake here. I am not a polygamist. I am married to only one woman. I am a proud monogamist.

Jinna Musa: Shut up Ernest. You have stroked more kitties than any Sierra Leonean in history. Monogamist my foot! Now I have a few questions for you. You're ready?

Ernest Koroma: Yes Oracle.

Jinna Musa: Who has the Muslim vote?

Ernest Koroma: Yumkella.

Jinna Musa: Who has the Southeastern vote?

Ernest Koroma: Bio

Jinna Musa: Who has the North Western vote?

Ernest Koroma: We thought APC did, but Yumkella has muscled in on our racket and is wrestling us to the ground in our own stronghold of all places.

Jinna Musa: Who has the Youthman vote?

Ernest Koroma: Yumkella.

Jinna Musa: Who has the Okada vote?

Ernest Koroma: Stupid Yumkella, of course. I can't believe my Okada friends fell for it. He put an okada in his campaign poster and those sorry bastards all flocked like geese to NGC. Sickening!

Jinna Musa: Who has the thugs?

Ernest Koroma: Maada Bio. I can't believe SLPP has more thugs than us. We used to be the Crips of political thuggery. Maada out-hustled us on that one. I think we are phucked. I'm so worried at...

Jinna Musa: Sing one more time Ernest, and i will stick my foot in your ass, you insufferable bastard. 

Ernest Koroma: Sorry Jinna Musa. It is just sad that SLPP today are the kings of thuggery. Did you see how Bio's paopa thugs slap around anyone who dares to whisper against Bio? They fear him more than the Ba'athists feared Saddam Hussein. Even the party chairman is called Bullet. Respect!! 

Jinna Musa: Now think carefully before you answer the following questions, for in your answers you will find the answer of that which you seek. Are you ready my son?

Ernest Koroma: I am ready Oracle.

Jinna Musa: Who hired the counters of the votes?

Ernest Koroma: I did, but N'Fa, who I plucked from obscurity and made chairman of the electoral commission, is not picking my calls, even though I hired all of them from top to bottom in that outfit.

Jinna Musa: Who hired those who will announce of the election results, whether the electoral chief is hostile or pliant?

Ernest Koroma: It is me again Jinna Musa, but what is the point when my own internal polling shows a most painful shellacking? Samura is already making plans to escape to Conakry after the first round beat-down...Heeeeeey, wait a minute! Wait a goddamned minute!!! 
My minions count the ballots and announce the results...which means they will announce the results that I tell them to report.
Plus I have placed pacifiers in the mouths of the military and police, after the last reshuffle in the security services...Y-E-S!!!!!
We win! Samura, my child, is no longer a political mongrel. He will be president and Baby Chericoco will play with his toys goo-goo-ga-ga at Tower Hill! Jinna Musa, you are a genius. I will continue to run this joint until I die. You are the best of the best Jinna Musa!!!
APC e ba ki rem u, e karr mu ka kuma, 
E karr mu kakuma,
APC, e ba ki rem mu, e karr mu ka kuma!
(APC, I have to pay you a debt, but i will wait till I get to the ballot box and repay you (refrain)...)

Or Waiiiii!



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