After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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In a few weeks, I will unveil myself to Bintu and show you documents that will leave you aghast, for those who are open to learning new things. There is a time to talk and a time to be quiet. Bintu might be shutdown forever based on the revelations. I am an educator, I use the Socratic method to educate people. I am blessed, truly blessed. 
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Wow, the eager response is overwhelming. You seem to have peaked everyone's curiosity. Watch this space! lol
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You lied and continued lying until the chicken came home to roost. It is amazing when law enforcement lie to their teeth knowing that they are propagating lies simply to malign progressive Black men. You have been caught... And lying to a federal grand jury is even a serious crime. See you in court. Be assured, I will prevail. The evidence against  you is overwhelming. I have facts while you have lies that make no sense.

The question that comes to mind is, how come you are law enforcement yet you hide to spread lies instead of arresting the person or even invite them to a precent? Further, why try to intimidate me by showing up with threats like you will kill me? Why kill and not arrest? Like I said, if I am killed, it is none other than law enforcement. I am writing these comments for posterity, when demised.
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Yusif #08,

I hope you are okay.  You have started behaving strangely of late.
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I am better than ever. You do not allow anyone to blemish your character simply they are law enforcement. You fight to your last breath.
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Concerned, when did you see me act strangely? I have seen your angle. It is not going to work. I have you all figured out. Stay with me.
Abdullahi Wahab
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You are acting strangely right now. Hope you get help before it is too late.
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He is just talking to his demons who are out to get them. (We can't see their posts, but he can).
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Those that the cap fits are wearing it well. I deal with facts. Sage...
Yusif Laimpay
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Yusif #08,
Picking a fight with the forum administrator is not the smartest thing to do. Besides, Sage has a reputation of beating APC guys to a pulp. I hope you don't call the ambulance when she starts to comprehensively kick your Tolongbo butt. Be warned my friend.
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Do you think I will lose sleep over being banned from Bintu? I don't think so. Thank God there are many platforms for one to share their opinions these days. In fact, I was able to utilize one of them (NPR) recently. I cannot be intimidated. 
My Name is Bogus
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My name is Bogus. I forgot to take my prescription drugs last night. I went to bed late. In my sleep I dreamt playing Tonko Belley with my friend Ariogbo, or was it Matorma or Mamy Wata? No. It was really Kasilla. I need my prescriptions.  
Yusif Laimpay
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Yusif #08,

I never suggested that Sage would ban you.  All I said was that it was not a smart idea to pick a fight with a forum administrator.  Sage is a cyber warrior who has never lost a fight.  She once beat up Musa Kenema at Cocorioko forum to a pulp.  The beating was so merciless that Musa Kenema begged for Sage's friendship.  Afterwards, he became attracted to her and has been asking for a date.  But he has not had  in success in his moves.  Apart from Musa Kenema, Sage has also beaten up AFK and Kabs Kanu.  So becareful my friend, Sage has a history of bloodying up APC guys.
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We must go back a long way, YL, lol. I am going easy on these APC diehards like Yusif and AFK. They remain in shock and walking around dazed and babbling  incoherently since the election. They will amuse us with all kinds of lies and conspiracies now that their party is out in the political cold. It will be fun. I will have to stop in more often to see the banter now that the power situation has flipped. Finally
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You and your batholiers are not going to adulterate this conversation. I know your angle very well especially in your (actual) line of work. Others have tried and failed. I just gave you the heads up of what's to happen and all of a sudden you are in panic mode. The real Sage will be revealed. Your blind supporters with the African mentality of associating Whiteness with superiority will be educated in a way they have never known. Rest assured. Signing off.
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Go lick your wounds now, Yusif. I know it hurts.

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I have no wounds to lick. As you would notice, I was talking about one thing while you where/are talking about something else. These type of deflection is what you do to unsuspecting innocent people by trying to inoculate stupidity on them. Whatever you do bros/sis, you are doing it at your own peril. Remember, the truth is your savior. God is watching... It is a long time coming. God (Allah), the truth, and many blessings from my parents, friends, brothers and sisters have done me good. I stay humble... Watch this space for some explosives news with facts to share, not innuendos.
Referee Benjamin
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Yusif #08,

Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true.   You are slowly asking for a fight that you are incapable of winning.

Others have warned you against a confrontation with Sage but it appears you don't want to listen.  Personally, I would not like to see you being floored with a right hook.  That is precisely what Sage does to her APC opponents. 

Sage becomes more energized when her opponent is an APCer.  Her right hooks are very devastating.  And if followed by a kick in the mouth, then the situation is likely to get hopeless.  I hope you follow this advice and keep your cool.
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I give Yusif a big pass because every time he posts he makes an a$$ of himself and does my work for me. For one, anyone who must boast and brag, and beat their chest, pretending they are important, is insecure and unimportant. This very thread he started "My Time Has Come" is a specimen of laughable presumption by someone who sees his puny image reflected back to himself magnified 1000 times. lol. Someone who is truly worthy of admiration need not proclaim themselves great. Such is evident.

Then he speaks of God. Humility is a virtue, according to God's word. And there is none in evidence here. Yusif needs to work on humbling himself, then people may actually respect him. So I will let him go. He should just be mindful not to spread any fake news here.

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I am patient. 
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That last comment by #08, way too much information. Yuk
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Be careful for what you wish, Yusif will eventually unleash...
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