After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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1. Dr Ernest Bai Koroma
2. Dr Samura Kamara
3. Haja Asfatu kabba-Energy & power (forme r)
3. Mr John B. Sesay
4. Sahr Williams Ngegba
5. Joseph F. koroma
6.Momodu kargbo_min. Of finance & economic dev.
7. Henry macauley
8. Income Electrix and Aggreko
9. Edmund koroma - Former director NASSIT
10. Allieu essay
11. Herbert George Williams
12. Frank kargbo
13. (Jamel shallop_libanese)
14. Kholifa koroma (immigration-former .)
15. Mohammed wanza
16. Ibrahim conteh
17. Fanny koroma
18.Almamy petito koroma
18. Alhaji Ibrahim kemoh sesay
19. Chief justice Abdulai charm
20. Bockarie m. Foh
22. Mrs Vicky jusu
23.Mrs K.O Sesay
24. Mr Emmanuel
25. Osho_Coker
26. Mr Rennet Thomas
27. Professor Strasser King & wife Gladys
28. Leonard A. Balogun koroma.
29. Alen mansaray
30. Alhaji Cole
31. Ibrahim sayneu sesay
32. Abass jah
33. Chief tony
34. Dr Julius spencer
35.Ibrahim Ben kargbo
36. Sylvanus fornah koroma
36. Dr Soccor Kabbia
37. Kabba Khalu
38. Management of SL commercial and Rokel com bank.
39. Mr Bashoon
40. Paulo conteh
41. Nabih basma
42. Foday B.L.Mansaray
43. Dr sullay kamara
44. Mohammed king koroma.
45. Lansana Kannah
46. Abu bakarr Turay
47. Peter S. Bangura
48. Andrew johnny
49. Ibrahim kargbo
50. SSL transition management team
5. Ady macualey - former ACC Boss.
52. Alhaji Abuja Alpha Kanu.
53. Diana Kornomanyi
54. Ade Macauley
55. Shollay Davies(Deputy Anti-Corruption- Grabbing a piece of land situated next to his South Ridge resident from a poor teacher(widow of late I. G. Tamba Gbekie). The matter is in magistrate court as I type.
56. Hisham Mackie
57. Salem Hassanieh
58. Max Brandwain
59. Mamoud Kadie
60. Sylvanus Whataman Koroma.
61. Admire Koroma
62. Thomas Koroma
63. Miata Kargbo former Minister of Health when Ebola started.
64. Alie wasko Kamara
65. Chernor Cherikoko Bah.
66. Mohamed For Him Mot Bangura
67. Alhaji Abuja Alpha Kanu
68. John Bornor Sesay.
69. Minkailu Mansaray
70. Alieyu Pat-Sowe
71. I. B. Kargbo
72. Henry Macauley,
73. Almamy Pepito Koroma.
74. Frank Kargbo
75. Musa Tarawally
76. Kelfala Marrah
78. Paola Conteh
79. Elizabeth Mans
80. Haja Afsatu Kabba,
81. Zainab Hawa Bangur
82. Haja Kaala Kamara
83. Edmond Koroma
84. Thomas Koroma
85. Admire Koroma
86. Sylvia Blyden
87. Ignosi Koroma
88. Olunmiyi Robin Coker
89. Moijeh Kai Kai
90. Ishmael Sengu Koroma
91. Momoh Conteh
92. Wurroh Jalloh
93. Joseph Mans
94. Wanshingai
95. Sidi Yayah Tunis
96. Ahmed Jento
97. Sanusi Bruski Kargbo
98. Momodu Kargbo
99. Mahmoud Tarawally
100. Herbert George Williams
101. Alhaji Buya Kamara
102. Kadija Sesay of OGI
103. Karamoh Kabba Other Names Of interest will be provided Later. Stay Tuned.


Forumite Abu
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Keep up the good work King Loggy.  The fight against corruption is a national service.
Spectator 007
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Na Abdulai Conteh ihn yone cam so. He’s going to make a killing as a defense attorney.
Bra Mayima
Reply with quote  #4 

Buyer beware!!! Hiring Abdulai Conteh as a defense attorney comes with a big risk.  Bio and Strasser kicked Abdulai Conteh and others out of office.  Conteh habors a grudge for Bio and Bio knows that.  Will Bio want to see a Conteh court victory against the SLPP?
Alaki Ernest
Reply with quote  #5 
Kadija Sesay of OGI is Kemoh Cocaine's sister and core member of New Jersey Anyampi People's Cartel. A good catch by the ACC. 

What happened to the likes of Pat Sowe et al?
Spectator 007
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Bra Mayima,

After Abdulai fled in 1992, he set up shop in Banjul, Gambia after failing to settle down in the UK. His main clientele I was told, were politicians of the former Jawara government. The man was on a roll when Yahya kicked him out.

Abdulai doesn’t have to win these cases to make a lot of dough. He can cut plea bargain deals with prosecutors on behalf of his clients.
Spectator 007
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@Alaki Ernest- Your man Pat Sowe is number 70.
Reply with quote  #8 
Fake list and duplicate names! So so lie lie pan una
Bra Mayima
Reply with quote  #9 

Abdulai Conteh is a controversial figure that caused a lot of pain especially for Southeasterners.  His role in the FM Minah trial, conviction and hanging is still fresh in the memories of a lot of folks.

For Conteh to attempt to seek the limelight at this period of time is risky.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #10 
Bra Mayima, I am not focusing on Abdulai’s morality just on his ability to cash in.

In the matter of Minah, I do feel that even though many Mende did not like him (Minah)because of the role he played in the APC, especially as it relates to violence, today, it seems to me, they hold his execution against the APC. Northerners on the other hand, while they were initially bitter against APC for executing Bangura, Forma, Taqi et al, in the 1970s, they no longer feel that way toward APC.
Bra Enviable
Reply with quote  #11 
Agba Specky, here is the deal: Francis M. Minah was certainly NOT a very likable man in the southeast. At the same time, the man commanded a lot of respect among South-easterners, including those who did not find him politically attractive. His execution was seen by many South-easterners as an Ekutay-inspired witch-hunt. From Kissi Tongi to Bo Town, there are many South-easterners who STRONGLY  believe that Minah was framed and eliminated by Ekutay planners in JS Momoh's government.

As an Ekutay stooge who played a crucial role within the judiciary to fraudulently give Minah's execution a veneer of legitimacy, Abdulai Conteh is seen in the Southeast as a man who can easily stab a South-easterner in the back. This narrative is, for the most part, the southeastern perception of Abdulai Conteh. This is what our elders believe about the Minah/Conteh drama.

Bra Enviable  
Spectator 007
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Powerful explanation Bra E.

I am sure Abdulai must be aware of this. No?
Bra Enviable
Reply with quote  #13 
Agba Specky: I have no way of knowing Abdulai Conteh's current state of mind. The comments I have posted above, mostly apply to older generations of South-easterners.

Younger South-easterners may not hold very strong opinions on the Conteh-Minah Issue. My younger brother who recently relocated from England to Kenema, is a 35-year-old man. That means he was a child, a very young child, when Minah was executed. My brother's opinion on that topic could be very different from my 65-year-old uncle's perception, in Kissi Kama Chiefdom. What is my point? Age matters, when some topics are discussed.

Older South-easterners will certainly not walk with Abdulai Conteh in a dark alley. They do not trust him.

Bra Enviable
Big Joe
Reply with quote  #14 

What is the difference between Bra Mayima's comments and Bra E's?  Both guys said essentially the same thing relative to Abdulai Conteh.  Yet while you seem to dismiss Bra Mayima's, you loud Bra E's as a "powerful explanation".  Why Oga why?

Look, if there could be the slimmest of reasons to get Abdulai Conteh, he will go down.  He is not going to make himself a super star in an SLPP environment.  Conteh is better off starting a charitable organization than seeking glory in the current environment.
Spectator 007
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Big Joe, I didn’t dispute Bra Mayima’s comments. If I failed to thank him for his elucidation, then I am taking this opportunity to do so. He is a very enlightened individual.
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