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Nation stunned, as Sierra Leone’s Attorney General Charles Margai is suddenly and shockingly fired by President Bio



Wherever Lawyer Charles Margai goes, he makes waves with his mouth . Well, it looks like  the newly-appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice may have misspoken himself out of office. The whole nation was jolted yesterday when it was announced from State House that Mr. Charles Margai had been fired.

When the news of Margai’s dismissal broke on the social media, many people thought it was a joke but a press release from State House confirmed that Charles Margai had indeed been relieved of his post. He is the shortest lived Attorney General and Justice Minister ever in the history of Sierra Leone, serving less than two months.




There was no official reason for the dismissal , but late last week Mr. Margai seemed to be getting himself embroiled in conflict with President Bio, going by the contents of a leaked memo he had sent to the President , seeming to force the President’s hand to extend his spurious spate of dismissals of diplomats and public officials to the Chief Justice, the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC) and others.

The leaked memo was said to have troubled President Bio as it seemed to have demonstrated what had been feared all along that the fiery, extremist , bad tempered and loquacious lawyer would not only use his position to settle old scores with members of the old administration of the dethroned All People’s Congress ( APC )  but would force the President to overstep his bounds. He is also alleged to have been pressurizing President Bio to also institute a commission of inquiry to robe into the finances of officials of the old government.

Some political observers told COCORIOKO  last night that President Bio may have found his attorney general and justice minister too overbearing for his comfort all too soon and so he decided to fire him to stave off future major controversies with him . Before yesterday’s dismissal, supporters of the APC  had already been complaining on social media that Mr. Margai, thought to be a vindictive man, had already pointed his arrows of vendetta against former President Ernest Koroma, with whom he had a famous fall-out after Margai, through his political party , the People’s Movement For Democratic Change ( PMDC ) endorsed Koroma’s APC  for the 2007 Presidential runoff , which Koroma’s party went on to win.

Others feel that the problem goes deeper than the reasons above and that Bio and Charles Margai may have fallen out because Retired Brigadier Bio does not want to be told what to do. He wants to be the boss, who has the final say not only on decisions by his government, but even the timetables for taking these decisions.  Bio, it is also believed , may have suspected that somewhere along the line, his attorney general may try to outshine him and took yesterday’s action to pre-empt that possibility.

A member of the legal profession, Lawyer Leon Jenkins-Johnston , however expressed grave disappointment with the decision , lamenting that a great opportunity to restructure the Sierra Leone judiciary had been frittered away. Some  private citizens on social media also disclosed that they were absolutely shocked by President Bio’s decision which they considered abrupt, needless, hasty and premature. Others thought the decision played into the much-condemned profile President Bio has created about himself , to be insensitive and reckless with his penchant to fire people from their jobs. Since President Bio came to power three months ago, he has sacked hundreds of Sierra Leoneans from their jobs, including ambassadors, diplomats, ministers, their deputies, heads of public institutions and parastatals and even Regent chiefs. The President is being accused of running his government like a junta.

But some other Sierra Leoneans on social media seem to be impressed with President Bio military-styled attitude not to waste time to fire any public official found wanting in his or her job. They are lauding the President for being the kind of disciplinarian the country needs to be straightened out.  They seem to be impressed with the impression that President Bio will not be merciful to any of his officials who make major mistakes.

This is the second official he appointed that President Bio has fired without any hesitation. Last month, the Secretary to the President, Dr. Dennis Vandi, was fired after he sent out a memo to the Financial Secretary ( Also leaked ) stating the President Bio had directed the suspension of the Finance Acts of 2016, 2017 and 2018, WHICH WAS A TREASONOUS ACT BY THE PRESIDENT, if it had been true. State House issued a denial and a few days later, Dr. Dennis Vandi was relieved off his job by President Bio.

It would appear that drama of the most interesting kind is about to be unleashed on the nation as Lawyer Charles Margai, not known as a man sparing of words and explanations , will be expected to soon take to the media to explain his own side of the story, which could be juicy , and controversial, as usual.


Spectator 007
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Interesting perspective.

When is Rev Kabs going to interview CFM who he has known for ages?

Whatever happened to Dr. Dennis Vandi? Wasn’t he a civil servant?

Would omojuba-ing and prostrating have helped CFM? That what he should have done. Baig for pardin.

Pan politics, wae man pass u E pass u even if u fit be ihn papa.
Head Boy
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Kabbs Kanu has a right to his opinion and APC lies.

Maybe, he can guide Kholifa Koroma and other disappointed APC clients to understand that “Nor to dem Pa Pa dem get Sa Lone Ya!!

 Real fact is that Sierra Leone’s political culture like every western democratic cultures is rooted upon a political patronage process where the government in power has the right to preponderate, it’s  own choices of stewards of government.

 Like America, Like UK, like elsewhere, like Sa Lone,..

So What di phuck di munku dem wan put dem ebola k@k@ waise pan we government chair way dem  tiffing  gobament nor day nar power again!!!

Ee lek APC dem go dig 100 die man nar grave ,..Bio government day remove Kabbs  en all dem political appointees dem nar di government en di diplomatic corp!!!

Manifestly, Charles Margai’s sacking may not be unconnected with his alleged complicity in the infamous sale of the rutile company for a paltry $17Million,because Charles Margai the so called political son from Banta and Imperi Chiefdoms allegedly knew about the deal, took his own cut and kept quiet.

Charles Margai is on his political deathbead. His PMDC party has left him.Charles Margai is a political liability who has become irrelevant to the new direction of politics in Sierra Leone.

Spectator 007
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“Manifestly, Charles Margai’s sacking may not be unconnected with his alleged complicity in the infamous sale of the rutile company for a paltry $17Million,because Charles Margai the so called political son from Banta and Imperi Chiefdoms allegedly knew about the deal, took his own cut and kept quiet.” - Prof Head Boy


Never heard this before.

What next?

Bra Mayima
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"What next?"  Spectator

Tolongbo wants Charles Margai to fight back so that they can relax and enjoy an intra - Southeastern brouhaha.  Risky proposition.  Margai will be crushed if he dares  PAOPA.  Interesting thing is that he will have nowhere to run to.
Spectator 007
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“Margai will be crushed if he dares PAOPA.” - Bra Mayima

If E stagger dem wap am!

He must be in a state of shock.

Where/who can he turn to at a time like this?

Wonder if he’d mind participating on Bintu to chill out and keep those intellectual juices flowing.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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This was indeed a tall order (as I posted on 14/ 4/2018 in this forum ) what I gleaned from Facebook :

*Charles Francis Margai's three months plan as Anthony General*

*1* To open an informal public investigations room where the public will send in information and evidences about former ministers, heads of parastatals, formal first lady, Ernest Bai Koroma and other government office holders *effective Monday 16th April 2018*

*2* create a special court parallel to the high court to deal with all those that will be prosecuted by June ending this year.

*3* to involve ECOWAS and international criminal courts to investigate all politicians from Sierra Leone who laundered our country's money and send it to abroad for immediate prosecution and arrest or deportation of those who have left the country currently.

*4* to investigate all illegal properties claimed by former president Koroma, wife and ministers and return all properties to the rightful owners.

 And all I had to say about the above :

 “My only reservation about the current cabinet is that the erstwhile wayward Charles Margai has been rewarded for his humble return to his home base ( the SLPP, where he truly belongs) but the question remains in the air, does Charles Margai have the spunk and all that it takes to effectively perform as Sierra Leone's Attorney-General and Minister of Justice? I ask the question because there are rumours of impending Commissions of Enquiry about Corruption and the Acquisition of ill-gotten assets - and even if thus far President Bio has only given an assurance that Civil Servants should have nothing to worry about, that should not mean that given the disastrous state of the nation's economy, money that has been corruptly acquired by the crooks should not be recovered and returned to the national treasury where such money legally belongs. ( In Nigeria. President Buhari has been facing similar problems , in his case the Nigerian Senate is being controlled by the opposition which is in no way anxious to pass any legislation that would legalise the investigation of its own members , since that would be tantamount to signing their own death warrants or consenting to the liquidation /recovery of the considerable assets that they are rumoured to have acquired by hook and mostly by crook."

Spectator 007
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@Corn, the link to your post is

Great look-gron/clairvoyance intuition displayed by you? Time will tell if that is one of the reasons JMB kicked CFM to the curb.

Spectator 007
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@Corn, your speculation that CFM might not last long was right on the money!
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