After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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"By the way, where does Dr. Dennis Bright the former Minister of sport stand in the new party politics, do you have any idea"  Cornelius Hamelberg


Dr Dennis Bright is the chairman of the newly formed National Grand Coalition (NGC), the Susu man party.  Or can we call it the Guinean party?
Spectator 007
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Dennis Bright is the interim chairman of the NGC. Perhaps he was formally elected to that position during the convention on Saturday.
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Knock knock. Nice to see Bintu veterans like main man Specky and my frobay brother KL keeping this place warm. Thanks guys for holding the fort as some of us drifted away for a while. Anyway, last Monday , I publicly declared for the NGC and I gave my reasons why I decided to finally register with a party for 5he first time. Leh we dae go nor mor.
Spectator 007
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“Anyway, last Monday , I publicly declared for the NGC and I gave my reasons why I decided to finally register with a party for 5he first time. Leh we dae go nor mor.” -Zakmal

Welcome back. Interesting move.

What of my good friend, The Mighty MKK of Bo Town and East End fame, where has he decided to pitch tent?
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Zak where have you been hiding, man?
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Never mind , Ismail he does n't get  the  effect that identity and consensus  politics will have on these  elections. There  probably will not be an outright winner in the first round. SLPP will take the South and South East. APC will take most of the North. Yumkella will take Kambia, parts of Port Loko and Koinadugu district. Freetown and Kono will be split.

So candidates have to entice all ethnic groups. The Krios, Susu, Fulas and Konos are groups   that the candidates will  have to lobby if they want to win. It is no surprise that APC has a Fula VP candidate, SLPP rumored to pick a Temne Fula VP and Kandeh Yumkella is partially Fula.

It is no surprise that  Pa Hamelberg, Labis , Chiblis speak Susu. You should let Ishmael Yillah know that some his Yillah brethren are related to the Labis, Chiblis and Hamelberg.

The bottom line is Yumkella may not win the presidency but he will determines who wins in the end.
Santigie Oryay
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"The bottom line is Yumkella may not win the presidency but he will determines who wins in the end."  Kamara


Your statement above is a stretch.  Yumkella might have some influence on who becomes president next year.  But there is no way that he will determine who becomes president.  He simply does not have the numerical strength in votes that say, Charles Margai had in 2007.

I also disagree with you that Yumkella will win Kambai district.  He will not.  Yumkella's best showing will be in the Western Area.  But Maada Bio will win the South and the East.  Samura Kamara will win the North and the Western Area will be sharaed among Samura, Bio, Yumkella and Kamarainba.

There will be a runoff between Bio and Samura and Kamarainba will endorse Bio.  It is likely that Yumkella will endorse APC because that is what he has been all along.

In a country that votes along ethnic lines, it is impossible to win national elections only with the support of ethnic minorities.  The Susus, Mandingoes and Creoles who are solidly in the Yumkella camp together account for only 3% of Salone's population.  The Fula vote is going to be shared among all three (Yumkella, Kamara and Bio).  

Mendes will vote overwhelmingly for Bio and Temnes and Limbas will vote overwhelmingly for Samura.   There is NEVER going to be a mass influx of any of these three ethnic groups into the National Grand Coalition (NGC).  Yumkella may be liked by many but he is also disliked by many.  He comes across as a desperate man that wants power at all cost.  And it this desperation on his part and on the part of his supporters that turns off many voters.
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@Specky and KL, please accept my apologies for staying away too long. I’ve been spending too much time on FB and elsewhere while ignoring our own Bintu. Specky, I will elaborate later on my reasons why I decided to finally join a party. With regards your man MKK, he was onboard with the KKY movement long before it became a registered party. Your man is even hosting his own WhatsApp platform called Salone Tok. He’s really having an impact as people on the ground are really appreciative of his knowledge. I dug in to the archives of Bintu yesterday and found an article written in 2012 of how the APC and EBK in particular had mistreated our themne brothers and sisters. It was eye opening then as it is presently considering what EBK did in Makeni 3 weeks ago. I will repost here shortly. Stay blessed guys.
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