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Nigerian man fathers six children with own daughters

Video director, Aswad Ayinde has been sentenced to a total of 90 years in prison after a New Jersey judge added a 50-year sentence to the 40 years he had already been sentenced to serve.

Specifically, the increased punishment followed testimony from one of Ayinde’s daughters.

She took the stand to recount years of sexual and physical abuse endured by she and her siblings. She disclosed that they were raped by their father and forced to bear his children.

Aswad Ayinde reportedly referred to himself as a god-like prophet and sought to create a race that carried his pure bloodline.

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In the process of attempting to do that, he fathered six children with five of his seven daughters.

Meanwhile, he delivered the children himself and buried those that did not survive.

His daughters attributed their decision to step forward in 2006 to the revelation that he had recently fathered children with other women.

“We found out we had other siblings, young siblings, and we had to put him to a stop. Even though we were healing, they could still fall victim.”

Forthwith, Superior Court Judge Raymond Reddin made no bones about his disgust for Ayinde’s behaviour:

“By 13, most fathers are taking their daughters to the park … teaching them to ride a bike,” he said.

“You took her in the bedroom and repeatedly raped her to complete your disgusting fantasies.”

Ayinde – director of The Fugees’ award-winning video for “Killing Me Softly” – fathered four children with one daughter.

Two of the children suffer from genetic illnesses doctors believe are related to incest. One child died. Ayinde faces three more trials for allegedly assaulting three other daughters.

The subsequent proceedings are the result of his request for separate trials.

Each trial could potentially add additional prison time to his already massive sentence.


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