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Bull sh!t! The idiot knew exactly what he was preaching and is here now with a crying face to protect his money-making scam machine. But Let us face it the guy is smart and our lazy a$$ fellow citizens who expect freebies from God are to be blamed.
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Indeed the guy is smart.  Not only has he made millions of dollars off gullible Sierra Leoneans on the promise that they will go to heaven when they die but he is also married to a beautiful Sierra Leonean woman.  And of course he is sure to have a multitude of girlfriends all around town.

I have been to his church twice on the invitation of my niece.  I observed him instructing the congregation how much they should give in collections and donations.  Pheeeeeeew!!!
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Like I said, the man is a smart a$$ money grabbing machine and he is taking over the alpha men and medicine men in the name of Christianity. It is a bitter pill to swallow to watch all those people making a rich man out of this idiot while they remain poor.

Spectator 007
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What is the latest on this story? I read that the government ordered that his church cease operations.
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The government, in my opinion, finds itself between a rock and a hard place. Legally they cannot close the church. Politically, and to some extent, for national security, they are forced to do so. What will you do, Specky, if this decision is yours to implement?
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"The government, in my opinion, finds itself between a rock and a hard place. Legally they cannot close the church. "  KL


I beg to differ.  If Victor Ajisafe's church is considered to be conducting itself in ways that are a threat to Sierra Leone's national security, the government can shut it down LEGALLY. 

Sierra Leone does not have any legislation devoted specifically to hate speech.  However, incitement is prohibited.  Thus, if it is deemed that the Nigerian pastor's sermons are inciting civil strife in Salone, then the government would have a LEGAL basis to shut the pastor's church down.
Spectator 007
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@KL: In a developed nation, the church would not be shut down. We do not have the resources to keep the peace if all hell breaks loose. The man upset a lot of people of the Islamic faith and they are at least 70% of the population. So even if the law is not followed, I think it is best that his church be shut down.
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Would this whole situation had been handled differently if the pastor was a Salone man?
Spectator 007
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I’d do the same if the pastor were Sierra Leonean.

The most important thing to take into account is public safety. Way the risks of keeping church open bs shutting it down.

Now, let me clear my throat first...because I have a question for you.

If we had a very powerful, popular Imam with a huge following in Salone ... who made derogatory statements about Christianity and Christians, etc. what would you recommend the government do?
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Masoila and Specky, why close the church rather than banning the pastor from ever preaching his hate messages. Why should his congregation be deprived because of his action? May be forum legal minds will help us with this one.
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Taking on a powerful and popular Imam in a country that is 70% Muslim is very risky.  If I were president I would summon the Imam to my office and have some very serious head to head discussions with him.  You don't want to unleash a deadly force in the country by cracking down on a popular cleric in a Muslim-dominated country.   The thought of religious fanaticism and its deadliness in Nigeria and other parts of the world is scary.


You have a very good point.  But I think the reason why the church should be shut is not to allow the pastor's disciples in the congregation to continue with the pastor's legacy in a clandestine way.  Also, shutting the down the church sends a very strong message to would-be copy cats that propagating and disseminating hate speech from the pulpit could carry very serious consequences.
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Masoila, don't you think by now the rest of the church has got the message...that HATE speech will be allowed in no form? I think the pastor must go but the congregation must stay together. Let them find a pastor that will not continue with the lines of the Nigerian pastor. Remember now a church is like a family. Why separate those people because of the sins of their pastor?
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Sorry I meant to write "hate messages will NOT be allowed....
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The reason why we are struggling to find a solution to this problem is because we are all new to this type of terrain that the Nigerian pastor wanted us to explore.

I grew up a Christian but remember accompanying my maternal grandmother to the mosque on Pray Day.  So, I am just as confused as many other Sierra Leoneans who have peacefully coexisted with each other regardless of the religious divide.

Personally, I would not shut the pastor's church down.  Give him a stringent warning, which I believe the Police and the GOSL may already have done.  Now, if he repeats his wayward ways, ship him back to Nigeria by the next available flight.  We have to be careful not to respond to the pastor's intolerance with intolerance on our own part.

@ Spectator,

Are you multi-ethnic?
Spectator 007
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@Masoila: perhaps most other fellow compatriots.
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"The reason why we are struggling to find a solution to this problem is because we are all new to this type of terrain that the Nigerian pastor wanted us to explore."

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