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@Sengbe, threads such as this one separates Bintu from the other playgrounds out there. I’m also glad to see my man from down under, the great Bra E is still a fan of Bintu. I stopped consuming okra soup in my teens because of ( run belleh) after having some, As a result, i’ve not had okra soup in forty plus years and even my wife would not even prepare it for herself . Thanks a lot Sengbe, I’m about to surprise my wife that from now on okra soup should be added on her menu. Merry Christmas.

One of the Kamara boys
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My branlaw at his best! Please tell us about the medicinal values of my favorite roots, ginger. 
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Thanks Zakmal! Season's greetings to you and yours as well.

We must never underestimate the nutritional contents of our native foods that we are naturally endowed with. So eat broke plate!

Run belleh norto bad thing. Ee mean say you dae eliminate all den toxins way day na you bodi very efficiently. So unu go back for try okro soup/sauce ehn foofoo - u ehn u wef. Tell ahm adoo for me.

KL, try for do da research usef, bot the ginger, befoe ah hep u.
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@ KL

"...Please tell us about the medicinal values of my favorite roots, ginger..." KL

Let me start with the composition of the ginger in terms of its constitution, and then the health benefits:

Constituents of the Ginger root: 
volatile oil, (mainly zingiberone and bisabolene), oleoresin, fats, protein, starch, vitamins A and B, minerals, amino acids.

Health benefits of Ginger:
Ginger can be used safely to treat a wide range of health problems, from simple nausea to arthritis. The aspect most important about ginger is that it plays a good supporting role in herbal formulas. Ginger combines well with many herbs, improving taste and potency. Ginger speeds up the delivery of healthy plant chemicals into the bloodstream. Ginger is also a blood thinner, which may help reduce angina episodes by lowering chloresterol. The increase in blood flow, in turn, helps relieve abdominal cramps, and open the pelvis to bring on menstruation.

Hope this helps.
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"KL, try for do da research usef,
bot the ginger, befoe ah hep u."

Yes, Sengbe, I know quite a bit about the medicinal values of ginger and I was hoping to learn more from you. I am addicted to ginger and I know for fact the health benefits I get from it. But thanks anyway.
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