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Tom Nyuma has capitulated to short term political expediency in a way that makes him the typical jackass he surely was in the NPRC.
To start with,he was the least educated among the uniform officers and that was clearly demonstrated in the piece done by Hilton File when he made documentary of the NPRC's overthrow of the reactionary and planless APC maladministration.
Following the disengagement of the NPRC from the political process,Nyuma ventured into politics along witth John Benjamin,John Karimu,Bio and others but miserably failed.
Before that however,he came to the USA with his part of the loot and was dumb enough to take chances with the IRS when he failed to disclose the river of money in his possession.
What happened was that he took up residence at a hotel on Mass Ave,NW,in DC where he spent inordinate amount of time counting  his share of the loot.
He stepped out momentarily and mistakenly left the room unsecured.
A maid went in to clean up and stumbled on the vast sum of cash.
She immediately alerted her boss who in turn called in the FEDS.
They came and laid ambush for his return.
He returned and went into the room and whereupon, the Feds were on his heels rushed in,and knocked him down on the floor and had him in cuffs just like what happened to Jack Johnson the PG County Executive very recently.
Since he was in possssion of diplomatic passport,the Ambassador then in Washington intervened on his behalf but was shipped out of the country back to Sierra Leone.
Now Nyuma vetured into partisan politics for the second time as SLPP and went on to contest the Mayoral position in Kailahun and won however,not before he was given the beating of his life by Letherboot in Bo town when it was claimed that he had gone there to kill Ernest Bai Koroma during the 07 presidential campaign.
The question though what might have motivated Nyuma for the change of heart?
Certainly,it has nothing to do with principles because he is utterly bereft of it.
It has to do with a vehicle Ernest Koroma gave him with lots of promises to help Kailahun in exchange for Nyuma's diabolism.
Nyuma for all intent and purposes must rationalize the fact that Kailahun will never go red no matter what.
Siaka Stevens tried all sorts of mendacious politics but the citizens were resolute and steadfast in their disdain for APC politics which they always consider an albatross around their necks.
Since Nyuma does not have the education to rationalize the untold sufferings the APC has inflicted on the citizens of Kailahun,he will not understand the ramifications of his misguided action which is actuated by short term expediency and opportunistic calculations.
He therefore joins Tamba Juanah,and Lansana Nyalley in their politics of self preservations at the expense of fellow citizens.
Tom Nyuma and the politics of cynical expediency.
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In addition to the money dished out to Nyuma to sell game, he is been blackmail by operatives of the APC  that he is the only one presently within Sierra Leone who actually took part in the murder of the 29 alleged coupist in 1992. John Benjamin and Bio although both were members of the NPRC, they were however not directly involved in the Commission of the crime. In fact Benjamin was under suspension at the time of the killing. Strasser is currently sick and unfit to stand trials. So the only culprit to face the gallows would be Nyuma and thus the blackmail. However whether he plays by the rules of the APC, it has already been ruled that he and others will face the gallows once the APC gets their second term. Paolo Conteh and SIM Turay are behind the scheme and words have it that if EBK fails to take the Inquest seriously he would not be a stumbling block in their quest for revenge. Paalo will be the next president in Sierra Leone.


James Nyuma
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Concord Times (Freetown)


Sierra Leone: Nyuma Shrugs-Off APC Links


Mohamed Massaquoi

18 November 2010


Freetown — Chairman of the Kailahun district council has slammed insinuations that he had a hidden agenda of switching allegiance to the ruling All People's Congress. Tom Nyuma said: "I have no hidden agenda; I have no intention of leaving the SLPP for the APC. All what is being said around is just propaganda machinated by some media outlets in the country."
Speaking to Concord Times in an exclusive interview while on his way to Accra, Ghana last Friday, the former National Provisional Ruling Council junta strongman said allegations against him that he was traveling under the banner of the APC were untrue and a deliberate ploy by his detractors to discredit him in the eyes of his Kailahun people who "for the past years have demonstrated maximum respect for me for the great work I am doing for them".
Mr. Nyuma has, for the past couple of weeks, come under scathing attack from within his party, with some members accusing him of openly praise-singing President Koroma and 'campaigning' the people of Kailahun district to give the President time to ensure an effective turn-around of the country.
Nyuma, however, maintained that he was still a 'full-blooded' SLPP member and that his contribution and commitment to the party would continue until the SLPP wins the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections.
"It is absolutely crazy to say that I am pro-APC even when I am still chairman of an SLPP-dominated council. I am a strong member of the SLPP and nobody will change that; my traveling to Ghana and Britain has nothing to do with politics," Nyuma said. "In fact I am pursuing a course in peace development in Ghana and by extension I should be there every three months. My loyalty to the SLPP is stronger than ever before."
The Kailahun district council chairman further reacted that he had nothing to do with government's proposed inquest into the extra-judicial killings of former police chief, James Bambay Kamara and others and that there was no need to align himself with the APC for protection.
"It is all political gimmicks and negative propaganda by certain people; how can I become the new spokesman of President Ernest Bai Koroma when the SLPP is in opposition. The allegation that I received a gift from the President in the form of a jeep is not correct. I have treated every media institution equally in terms of giving out adverts to them, so all of these claims are meant to destroy the existing good relationship with my SLPP brothers and sisters," he concluded.

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Global Times


“We Sponsored Tom Nyuma’s Trip” Says GTZ Coordinator

By Sheku Tanga


There has been series of misconception about the visit of the SLPP Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, Rt. Lt. Col. Tom Nyuma to Ghana. In order to end the speculations and to help readers including some of the media institutions in the country, our Eastern Region Correspondent, Sheku Tanga managed to travel to Kailahun district to exclusively interview the District Coordinator of GTZ.

In an exclusive interview with him, the District Coordinator of GTZ, Abu Bakarr Fallah said that the Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, Tom Nyuma is in Ghana to attend a training organized and sponsored by GTZ for its major partners in Sierra Leone. He said the training is aimed at increasing the knowledge base of GTZ partners on Organizational Systems and Management for an improved and quality development programmes. He said the Kailahun District Council is one of GTZ’s strongest partners adding that the training in Ghana is part of their effort to strengthen the partnership for the attainment of sustainable development. The GTZ Kailahun District Coordinator used the opportunity to disclose that GTZ is working in almost all the chiefdoms in Kailahun district but confirmed that they are only active in five chiefdoms Upper Luawa, Upper Bambara, Kissy Tongi, Madu and Jawei were they are implementing various development programmes. He further stated that GTZ in partnership with the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) and the Kailahun District Council is working on the cocoa value change that is sponsored by the German Government adding that the project is targeting two chiefdoms Upper Bambara and Luawa Chiefdoms where he says have the highest concentration of cocoa at the moment.

He added that the project creates opportunity for road construction, stores and others aimed at improving on the cocoa value change in the district. Abu Bakarr Fallah said they are also planning to engage the Kailahun District Council to review its development plan for the coming years to see where they can factor in to support the council undertake some development programmes in the district.

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To Understand Nyuma,  I encourage you to research the psyche of Lieberman, Charlie  Christ the Lady in Alaska, Margai, Koroma,  Kabba and many  of our local and international "retreads"....Like Nyuma you will discover that they are neither beholden to permanent friends nor are they loyal to any permanent political party..The lesson  in pragmatic politics 101 my dear friend is that INTEREST is the only permanent thing in  politics.
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