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Spectator 007
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Forumites, who do you think will win the October 19, 2017 Liberian presidential election?

I think there will be a runoff between the current VP and Weah.

Interestingly, Weah's running mate is Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor of Bong County. She is Charles Taylor's former wife. She had supported EJS in the 2005 and 2011 elections. In 2005 Weah was the presidential candidate for CDC and in 2011 he was the running mate of the CDC presidential candidate Winston Tubman.,_2017
Spectator 007
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Interestingly piece below:

Is ex-warlord Charles Taylor pulling Liberia's election strings from prison?

Liberia's former President Charles Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence for war crimes in a prison in the British city of Durham. But is he using that as a base to interfere in the elections in his homeland next Tuesday?

For more click
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Interesting developments.  George Weah's running mate is Jewel Taylor, ex-wife of warlord, Charles Taylor.  And Weah has a child with presidential candidate, MacDella Cooper, the former New York City model.  Hmmmmmmmm.  What's going on? 

Why would the respectable Weah be involved in any way with the despicable Taylor clan?  Is there any romantic dalliance going on between the two behind closed doors?  Weah is known for not always zipping it up.

Also, for some Liberians to be nostalgic about the war days under the ruthless Taylor is pretty significant.  Are things that bad in that impoverished country?  However, it would have been better for Weah to stay very clear of the Taylor clan and their associates.  Weah has a lot to lose by that association especially in the international community. 

All the same, I believe 'Sleepy Joe' wins on a second ballot.  'Sleepy Joe' has been accused of being Sierra Leonean.  He attended primary and secondary schools in Sierra Leone, has a Sierra Leonean name and speaks Mende fluently.  What an interesting development in Liberia.
Spectator 007
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@Masoila: I think Sleepy Joe will narrowly win in the runoff especially if EJS campaigns vigorously for him. According to what I have been reading she has not yet done so.

Did you know that Weah had already had conversations with Charles Taylor prior to his selection of Jewel Howard-Taylor?

I believe that Weah’s selection of Jewel will help him win NPP votes in places like vote rich Bong County but will cost him Krahn support from Grand Gedeh County. The Krahn detest anything associated with their sworn enemy Charles Taylor and will feel betrayed by Weah.
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I have always thought that George Weah does not have what it takes to be president of even a high school let alone a country.  Why is he associating himself with a disgraced former president who is serving a fifty year prison sentence for war crimes?  What does Weah gain from such an association?   Even if Liberians may not hold that against Weah, what about other African and world leaders should Weah win the presidency?

Anyway, I believe that Sleepy Joe is the most suitable person for the presidency of Liberia.  He has been Vice President for two terms, understands the West African sub-region very well and is very well respected in the international community.
Spectator 007
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@Masoila: Perhaps Weah remembers what the endorsement of Jewel and the NPP did for EJS in 2005 and 2011 and figured he had nothing to lose.

Weah should never have become a senator. His performance provided clear evidence of his incompetence. Now most voters have an idea of what he is capable of when it comes to governance.
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