After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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General Konou?ah
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Not even here.
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Cornelius Hamelberg
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2018 : Countries ranked by military strength

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Please desist from using one of my two well-known monikers on the Bintu over the years, the question mark notwithstanding.

I guess you are not creative enough to cast a functional moniker of your own on your being in Bintuland. If that is the case, please seek help.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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A very important unmasking that it's not you the real General Konouwah, otherwise people could be wondering, what is in the offing with that kind of posting ? Does this preamble presage the Retired Brigadier-General soon declaring that he is going to make the Sierra Leone Military forces great again (which could mean devoting a sizeable portion of the budgetary expenditure to refurbishing and re-equipping the military) when the country has more pressing development issues that need to be attended to....

General Konou?ah
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The only person that needs to seek help is you, Sengbe. Sober forumites are not going to cry over spilled milk.
Low Self Esteem
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You must really have a very low self-esteem for you to want to use another forumite's well-known moniker. In that case, please go ahead and use Sengbe's other functional moniker on the Bintu in order to buttress your very low self-esteem. By doing so, it might improve your negative standing in this community of ours.

I suppose imitating Sengbe's nom de guerre moniker on the Bintu will shed some respectability on you, as illustrated in the stupidity of the posting you made above and below, leading to Cornelius stating the following:

"...A very important unmasking that it's not you the real General Konouwah, otherwise people could be wondering, what is in the offing with that kind of posting?..." C.H.

Now! why don't you go ahead and lick the milk you have spilled on the Bintu floor? No one finds your ghastly imitation comical. Just stupid!!
General Konou?ah
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Why don't you go and volunteer in a nursing home if you have nothing better to do? Sengbe orkobo can take care of himself much better than you can, kekeh blohun. 
Investigator Muhalib
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Musa Kenema has a serious problem.  Mental?  Chronic inferiority complex?  Who the hell knows??? Why would he descend so low as to be using some else's moniker?  Disgusting!!!
General Konou?ah
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If it is not Musa Kenema, it is KL or Eddie Grant. You Mende mofos are full of it! This is Olu and there is nothing more entertaining than f&*+king with dummies like you Mende craps. Ar troway me bonga hade for Sengbe and he came right at it bringing other Mende craps with him. Can you Mende craps ever walk away from a bait? I guess not because of your low self-esteem you have to defend yourselves against every crap being thrown at you. What a waste!
Kailahun Star
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Mendes do not need to prove anything. Mendes can operate and thrive in multiple circumstances. When an unfair political system targets Mendes for discrimination, their ability for self-reliance can compensate for the iniquities within the system. When a semblance of normalcy returns to Sierra Leone, Mendes can easily assume commanding positions, thanks to the virtues of fair play.
Those who cannot spend a day without attacking  Mendes on this forum, are the problem.  Self-hating idiots, retards with strong identity crises and underachievers, normally find joy in feuding with their perceptibly superior, Mende compatriots.  Feeling eclipsed and dying to be noticed, haters love  tangling with Mendes.  Mendes do not enjoy it. Those personal traits alone should tell you who feels inferior, and who is at ease with himself.    

Kailahun Star
Mende Wannabe
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Bra E take a back seat so we can enjoy the ramble. You are not Mende.
Kailahun Star
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@ Mende Wannabe: Before I go to bed in my part of the world, let me remind you guys, once again, that the obsession with Mendes on this forum shows an inferiority complex on your side. It is difficult to see you as equals, when everything about you drips with hatred, jealousy and a desperation for attention from south-easterners.

Kailahun Star
Mende Wannabe
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No Bra E I do not hate Mendes but I enjoy the  forum tribal fights.  
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