After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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The current SLPP Government of President Bio is now 1 year old. Any thoughts, comments, highlights, successes, failures?

I think they have done a great job on education. I hadn't expected the manifesto commitment to be rolled out so early in the life of the administration.

They have done well enough on the economy to win back the support of international bodies such as the World Bank and the IMF though inflation remains stubbornly high. Job creation rates are also low but these are very early days and we all need to be patient.

I have no insight into what is happening on the healthcare front. Anyone know what the latest news is on this front?
Not so fast!
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Stop telling us what you think, tell us what you know and back it up.
Ya Musu Tolongbo
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You must have been living under a rock to not realize the accomplishments of president Bio in just one year in office.  Let's put it this way, president Bio has accomplished in one year what your useless Tolongbo thieves could not accomplish in 10 years. 

Now, your assignment is to write a paper on the greatness of president Bio and the SLPP, laimpay kakarass.
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Your parents and teachers failed badly raising you up. Or are you an illegitimate (basta pekin) child?
Wam Hart Nor Mix
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Bra cole u hart.  Wam hart nor mix.  We know say Tolongbo nor get power again.  But Ya Musu nar big ooman wae fit born u.  Lef dis Tolongbo raray boy bizness.
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The best way to find out the economic situation in Salone is to talk to the people on the ground and disregard all the partisan news reports you get. From my many contacts in Salone, all I hear is, "tin tuff oh, bra, tin tuff. de kontry worse off now dan befoe."  
The so-called free education that folks brags about, I was told, is worst than before. Parents are spending more now for some cheap education. But don't take my word, call your relatives home to get their feedback. 
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"tin tuff oh, bra, tin tuff. de kontry worse off now dan befoe."

That is exactly the type of response one would expect from you.
Yes.  I agree with you on the above.  But "tin tuff" for di tiff man dem. 

Parents are spending more now for some cheap education?  Where do those parents live?  In Mars?  I live in America, have been paying school fees for my nieces and nephews under your useless Ernest Koroma and his pathetic APC.  I don't pay a penny anymore.  My nephews attend St. Edwards Secondary school and my nieces, St. Joseph Convent.  Tell those Tolongbo parents you are referring to that the days of bribery in education are over.  Need I say more, Tolongbo KL?
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KL , you are alive. You know one year is not enough time to judge a government. You need at least  two years for  the current government's plans to manifest after the ten years of plunder by Ernest Koroma and his cronies.

Our people will always complain that ting tron. They just want you send money to them whilst they use the  cell phones to flash to other relatives for funds and no thank you after they receive the funds.

Change takes time. The new direction will get their eventually. They need  to build trust with the international community after ten years of economic plundering by the APC. 
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I would not like to be judged in any job after just 12 months. It takes at least 3 years to have a significant impact. Having said that, what we can judge is whether or not we can see a firm foundation being put down. I believe we can.

Corruption is the main thing holding back direct foreign investment. The government seems to be taking earnest steps to address this. Of course the real test will come when SLPP ministers and appointees have to account for monies in their care.
Kini evaluation
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DMK stated:
“I would not like to be judged in any job after just 12 months”.
Just curious DMK— did you go through probationary period in your previous or current job? What was the evaluation period? How did you do? Why do you think you were evaluated for that period?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Yes 6 months probationary period in my current job. However the evaluation at the end of that 6 months was to make sure we were on track with the agreed objectives. It took at least 18-24 months before I was satisfied that my methods were having the desired effect.
Kini Probation
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Thanks for your response DMK. Let’s see what happens in 6 to 12 months. I pray this government succeed but I am doubtful things will improve the next 6 months.
Momodu Orwaii
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"I pray this government succeed but I am doubtful things will improve the next 6 months."  Kini Probation AKA Musa Kenema Kakarass.

You guys are really idle wishing president Bio failure in office.  The man has just finished one year in office.  He has nine more years to go.  Deal with it, Laimpay Kakarass.
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Companero, pay attention to what you read, bro, those are not my words. Moreover, just because you no longer pay tuition does not qualify the educational system to be any better and that is the point I was making. 

Or kama, kusheh bra. May be one year, generally, is not enough to make judgements but it is enough to see the direction in which things are going. "Free education" was a campaign slogan the SLPP government is pressed to implement without the required funds to do so. Salone does not have the money for free education, my man! 
Krio Boy
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"Salone does not have the money for free education, my man!"  KL


Do you live under a rock?  You say Salone does not have the money for free education?  How come over 2 million students are attending school in Salone tuition free?  And any student studying science and mathematics at the public colleges don't pay tuition?

  It is this free and quality education that has destroyed APC kpata kpata.  Now SLPP is even winning elections in Tonko Limba chiefdom and Port Loko.

Bra, unu sorry oo. 
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Take a break, boy!
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