After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Baygar baygar Lie lie
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Breaking News: Senegal’s Macky Sal Came to Sierra Leone’s Rescue and Pay Worker’s Salaries

Sierra Leoneans Owe a Big Thank You to Senegal’s Macky Sal for bailing out HE Pariah Osuofia and paying past due salaries. This was the information Salone Heartbeat uncovered following HE Pariah Osuofia’s one day working trip to Senegal last week. Reliable sources have revealed that following the rising tensions over the financial crisis in the country, the comedian’s first outing was more like an SOS call. He was a penniless pariah seeking immediate help.

The Actor HE Pariah Osuofia was in tears having realized that his prospects for kidnapping State House will certainly NOT materialize this time around. With Dollar scarcity following the Soccer Gala in neighboring Lone Star County, Weah was like “My men na for bear ya.” The Professor who does not speak Chinese only blew French Kisses across Pamalap. Well, Kambia is not a district in the Gambia and cultish-like chant “Osuofia, Osuofia O,” leaves little to be desired along the MRU. Unlike what many may perceive the Black Star of the Gold Coast wants none of it.

Having sleepless nights and realizing that his comedian dream is becoming a nightmare for Sierra Leone, Merciful Salvation came from a Saintly Angel. Though murky the path of this hopelessly flawed new direction may be, Big brother Macky Sal foot the bill. Not because of Osuofia, but for the struggling masses in the Lion Mountain. Unless the world extends compassion to the people of Sierra Leone, the pariah Osuofia is hellbent on finishing what is left of the economy-which is nothing.

It is sad that HE Pariah Osuofia forced himself into the political narrative of the Lion Mountain with practically no credibility. He has nothing to offer as Sierra Leone is already a failed state. Having nothing ingenious to suggest for the nation, what was all the BIG-FOOL talk of a new direction and paopa Salone for betteh? It’s looking more like paopa Salone for fodom. May God punish Osuofia for taking Sierra Leoneans on a ride and off the good course of progress.

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APC Agba
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There they go again, the nation wreckers.  Is it not better to beg for your country than to steal millions of dollars from the poor of your country?

These nincompoops are very worried and insecure about the strides that Maada Bio is making to resurrect to life the lives that they destroyed.   

Bio begging Macky Sall to pay salaries in Sierra Leone?  Una nor see nartin yate.  It took Bio and his men only two and half weeks to raise $30 million from domestic sources to get the government running.  Remember, most of the areas that APC was stealing from are being shut down.
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Read #36 in the summary of EBK's just released document or see below

36. The recent publicized 300 billion leones raised in last one month is not fresh revenue but is already-existent government revenue moved from statutory institutions to the consolidated revenue fund (CRF) through an Act of Parliament signed by former President Koroma just before he left office. H.E. President Bio is merely enforcing directives already given by the former president.
Jangray Cotton Tree
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Are you talking about the same EBK that even stole Ebola funds, what we call in Salone "kasankay money"?  Is that the same EBK that would pursue fiscal sanity?  Bo una go sidom nar corner yar.  Unu brain nar unu backsye e dae?
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