After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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This video was sent to me via Whatsapp and the following message was also included:

"Ghanaians and Nigerian girls or ladies are being tortured and killed in Libya having been lured by Agents to go work as Maids or chamber maids in Libya. This torture happened today and is regular phenomenon. The narrator is urging this to be forwarded for the authorities to rise and save them. Thank you!"
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Wow!!!! Where is Amnesty International????
Spectator 007
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Who is ultimately to blame for this brutal treatment; failed governments of these west African governments that create unbearable conditions that make these young women desperate to seek opportunities in places like Libya, Libyan dysfunctional government, Libyan people...etc? I really don't know.

I wonder if the AU cares about such inhumane treatment?
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The AU and failed African governments can be blamed but let's face it you cannot compare them to Arab treatment of their people.  They treat their women far worse than anything you will find in black Africa. 
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President Trump, please BOMB the sh*t out of dem mordaphockers in Libya, while going after dem ISIS mordaphockers as well. They are ANIMALS.

Loggy! you have ruined my whole day, and whole year now that you've posted the truth about our so-called "muslim brothers" in the desert. But thanks for showing us that those mordaphockers are so very uncivilized in the name of islam. What a bleep!

Utterly disgusted.
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Sengbe, you probably are going to be surprised by this but these mofos were abusing their Sierra Leonean maids and "monthboys" right in the home land. 

But back in the late 70s or early 80s, a Sierra Leonean fellow went to visit with his German wife in Kono when a Lebanese told the woman to "leave the monkey and come to me"   Man the whole of Koidu town was on the rampage and that mofo saw the worst a$$ kicking a Lebanese ever seen in Salone. His father's shop was permanently closed and they left the country.  
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It served them right that the citizenry of Kono reacted the way they did. I am quite aware of what these mofkers do to their houseboys and maids in Saro. They do not believe that we are human beings worth living decent lives, hence the bad treatment given to us by them. This is also the main reason why they played a very prominent role in the Slave trade.

I am no fan of President Trump, for obvious reasons, but should he bomb dem mordaphockers off the face of the Earth, I'd shed no tears for them a**holes.

The recruiters of our folks to work in these countries should be held accountable if these kinds treatment are meted out to our folks. In fact the GoSL should mandate that no such recruitment be encouraged in the Nation.
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