After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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In life some people maliciously claimed that they are the best of all other people in society which of cause they are not. In the real world, when those people think or assumed that they are the best in regards to any field of higher learning, they always think that nobody else is better than them.

and if the need arise, Fat Kabs will send in bad image to the president or the APC stakeholders in freetown, Fat Kabs have hatred system in his nerves about anybody who want to rise up in politics. especially if that person is closed to him. what the pig failed to realised is that some people have more that tripple education than him and well trained more that him in this modern educational and political era we have leaving on.

To be honest, i doubt Fat Kabs education at FBC and his law degree from where he obtained it from. i also doubt his newspaper because he and his former ideology thinkers that created it was not seeing where the pig was coming from at that time because kabs have different agenda, his goal and ambitions is all about gaining political scores for himself.

The above introduction take me to Fat Kabs who ascended to that peak which he is not the real person. All his career accomplishment can't be verifiable by a simple documentary evidence neither to say he have or someone can submit tangible or substantial evidence on his alleged career. Fat Kabs has damaged or he is in the habits to damage anybody that he knows will progress rapidly within our community. to be honest, all along the political fights in our community, the president should not have listend to the fat pig for any recommendations for any body.

The above statements is just the prema-fecia stage of Fat Kabs bad heart games which i will surly question his degree at FBC, Law degree at unidentified location, principle at UMAS, Liberia college and Teachers union and a Business establishment of his that have 400 to 500 employee in the international market arena.
stay tuned for part two [2].

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Sounds personal! You are doing to Kabs far more than you are accusing him of. Get a life,  bro. 
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We have illiterate people in our community in New Jersey who have taken this forum as a dumping ground to come and expatiate their malice against me. Did anybody make any sense out of the nonsense this moron is saying here ? If you have something personal against somebody and you want to express it, at least you must express it in good English that readers will understand, but these are some of the illiterates we have in the APC who are giving the party a bad name.

I did not even finish reading the first paragraph to identify the illiterate at Somerset who has decided to bring his malice against me here. He is fond of putting out public notices with terrible grammatical errors , wrong tenses and illogical statements. With such illiteracy, who needs to damage you to stop you from getting what you want ? Your illiteracy itself is enough setback for you, bro.

I would advice you go back to school and learn how to expresss yourself before coming to such an esteemed forum with some of the finest minds in our country to expose your nakedness.

Please beg your son to be proofreading your articles before putting them out in the public.

Get a life, bro. I have nothing against you.

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