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Spectator 007
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My friends, how do you think the Patriots will defeat The Eagles? Will they carry the Eagles for about three quarters to make the game interesting and then take them apart in the final quarter?

How will it play out?
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The Philadelphia Eagles have always been underestimated.  But fact is, Eagles will win.  They are the better team.  Score:  Eagles 27 Patriots 20
Spectator 007
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I have a feeling that the score will be in that ballpark but in favor of Patriots.

Anymore predictions?
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The Eagles must continue to rotate their players in other to keep tired players off the field. If history can repeat itself, the NFC East have the advantage over the Patriots. Go Eagles! 

Spectator 007
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We dae cam nyama nyama Eagles.

Everything don pafuka/pafooka (finish) for dem!!!
Spectator 007
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Awesome game!

Wetin! At nor bin know say nar so Eagles good O!

Dem dae make man skiad small.
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Kick off good.

We are in the lead
Spectator 007
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Forgot to add my 007 in handle of text above
Spectator 007
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Brady don sell game!!!

Dem don beat we.

At dae go chak for calm me nerves
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Remember what I told you?
Spectator 007
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At memba. U say for chak wit black boy for ease di stress.

Nar dat at dae go do
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Bra most of us were in the anybody but Patriots column but we have seen them do it time and time again that even now I am not sure God don answer we prayer . Next the trophy must travel down I 95 to KL land.
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What did I tell you?
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Bra some of us just hate dictatorship. Osh Bra go Chac. Me don begin .
Spectator 007
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@Eagles, my juju man failed me. I am going to seek a refund.

Congratulations man
Spectator 007
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@Gahinteh, it was a great game. That Eagles WB was on the money and didn’t panick when Patriots took the lead
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My Patriots lost but I am not disappointed. I have watched all 52 Super Bowls and this by far is the best of them. The only other game that comes close in my opinion was Super Bowl III, when Joe Namath's Jets beat the favored Baltimore Colts. That game was perhaps the main motivator for the merger of the then AFL and NFL to form the current NFL. The Patriots lost to a gusty Eagles team. They were fearless, going for first downs in fourth and long situations; and making it! What a game! Congratulations Eagles Nation! I take comfort in his demonstration that even in the loss Tom Brady at 40 years, proved yet again that he arguably is the best ever at his position.

We are losing our Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, who will become head coaches in Indianapolis and Detroit respectively; and all across New England we are wondering if our domination has come to an end, especially since there is credible talk that either Brady or Bellicheck may walk away. Whatever happens, I wish them the best. They have given us 18 years of thrill and joy.
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"Next the trophy must travel down I 95 to KL land"

Gahinteh, KL is BIG BLUE, and the Patriots will always pray not to ever meet with is in the big game.

I knew all along that the Eagled can only lose if they run out of gas in the 4th. They prove once again, like they did all season long, that player rotation help win games especially with the Patriots. 
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Can any provide a link to a newbie's guide to American football. I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about this, more popular than I realised, game.
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american football basics for beginners
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Thanks Brother KL.
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You got it, bro!
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Great job, KL. DMK sometime I hope soon, when we are eye to eye I will explain the game. But I am a contrarian. In Salone I loved Cricket more than Soccer. In the USA I love Baseball more than Football. Still when well played as in the recent Super Bowl, the violent underbelly of Football yields to the athletic grace of over-sized men, and it can be mesmerizing.
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@Knice, I look forward to it!
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Thanks, Knice! Believe it or not I lost all interest in soccer. I am all American football and basketball.  There is an unwritten rule in my home that I own the basement on Sundays. 
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KL, owning the basement on Sundays is a sure sign that you are now totally American. Your only remaining ties to Salone I presume are okro soup and other palm oil based delicacies. And of course, Guinness. I gather from previous postings that you are a connoisseur of the dark brew. 

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The African delicacies, unlike football, are not things you learn, they are the nutrients that helps develop the fetus. My mom told me Kasada lif en krain krain were some of her favourite. 

Football, however, I had to learn to keep my sanity. It was the only game around when I first arrived in Bristol, Tennessee and lived among red necks. 
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