After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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No, Olu , African men in power do not respect women. When they  get power, they become drunk with it and feel threathened by anyone who challenges their authority.

Government needs to do sensitive trainings on the female/male relationship in the workplace. Unfortunately , APC fanatics want to grasp at any straw to deviate our attention from the massive corruption of Ernest Koroma and the commission of inquiry.

By the way was n't a former APC minister accused of assaulting a Fula girl who has now fled to Turkey?

By the way ,How many girlfriends  did a married President Koroma have on the side?

Let us all fight for the rights and dignity of Sierria Leonean women in the age of the me too movement.

No Olu, it is not political or tribal(Krio) issue. It is the macho behavior of African men in power.
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Not only African men in politics but men in general. Just see what is going on in America. But the issue here is that these munkoos in Bintumani were peddling their beliefs that the SLPP Mendes respects women more than anyone else. But talk is cheap and the known truth is emerging and hitting them. See how this news is getting no response from them?
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Olu Tolongbo AKA Musa Kenema,

The problem with many of you Tolongbo Laimpay Kakarasses is that you don't care for what the facts associated with any issue are before running your mouths.

The SLPP respects women and anybody whatsoever.  But where it comes to progress in Sierra Leone, cleaning up the mess that Tolongbo left, impunity cannot be tolerated.  The Deputy Minister and the APC Mayor had a heated exchange.  So what?  Don't politicians all over the world spat with each other from time to time?  This matter is over.  The parties have hugged and wished each other success.  So what's the big deal?
Ar tire sef
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The SLPP respects women and anybody whatsoever?  What a Mende fool this munkoo is. 
Wanti Berra
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When has a woman ever been crowned chief in Tolongboland in the North? O Laimpay O Kas Kamu.
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Ask that questiin to the Mendes because power is life to them.
Buya Bakar
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Mendes are very comfortable with women in power.  Do the names Madam Yoko, Ella Koblo Gulama, Honoria Bailor-Caulker, etc ring a bell?  Who historically is a prominent Themne woman in the North?  ZERO.  Why are you guys so MACHO???

Also, Mendes would not have concerned themselves with power in Salone if Themnes were competent.  Alas!!! their incompetence in government stinks to high heavens. Hehehehehe
Ar tire sef
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These munkoo Mende boys speaks at both ends of their gbay gbay mouths. When it is in their favor, they will convince themselves that a Temne never ruled Salone. But after eating enough uncooked gbay gbay and cat meat, they blame the Temnes of not being competent. Ar tire sef with these Bush boys.
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Bra  nar for drink cole wata.  Una tem go cam after 50 years.  O Laimpay O Kas Kamu Hehehehe
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