After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Prof. Sage are you there? Are you still one of the administrators/commissioners of the Bintumani Forum?

I ask these questions because I would like to beg your indulgence about allowing Cornelius Hamelberg to return to the forum. I know he offended you personally, by invoking the name of your Dad in an altercation you had with him on the Bintu a couple of years ago that enabled you to ban his IP from further participation on the forum.

I also know that you have a very kind, gentle, and forgiving heart and soul, even though we have never personally met in person, only on the Bintu, where you and I agree on many topics in discourse. So I am begging you, Prof. Sage, to please lift the ban on Bra Cornie's IP number so that he can participate again in the prolific manner that he usually does. Pretty please!

He will NOT dare to offend you again in the manner that he did to warrant his expulsion from the forum. I will vouch for him in this regard. Please! please!! please!!! He is yearning to come back, and when he does, he will publicly apologize to you, and the other folks he has offended.

Forumites! if you think that Bra Cornie should be given another opportunity to participate, please say AMEN! and let your views be known to the forum administrators.

I thank you very kindly for y'alls attention in this matter.
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There was only one IP from Stockholm, Sweden in the doghouse and I just lifted the ban. He should not post a lot of nonsense to derail conversation on the forum either. Something that used to frustrate a lot of the other forumites.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Thanks Sengbe.

That was me "Ahmadu Buhari" in the other thread.

My IP is still blocked.

I'm sure that sense or nonsense, Sierra Leoneans will sometimes have serious and not so serious differences of opinion about ourselves, about others, about political parties and other matters that disunite us.

I was last in Sierra Leone in 1970, for ten days in April before returning to Ghana. I guess that those who love Sierra Leone the most are there or often there. I think about this when I compare today's two leading contenders for flag bearer of their people's palm tree party, that Bra Bio at least has been holding the fort for some years now, and I sympathise with him and how he must balk at the thought of Dr. Yumkella with an air of entitlement contained in his briefcase breezing in like Pa Kabbah to be crowned flag-bearer, King of the SLPP and if lucky, President of Sierra Leone.

But all is not politics. It's heartening to see more practical matters being taken up by e.g. DMK.

Spectator 007
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Welcome back Cornelius.

By the way, what was the name of the College band Blues (Seray Wurie) on lead guitar, David Allen (lead vocals), Kalamazoo should sisters (backing vocalists), and you on rhythm guitar played on? I recall it ending in "...delics"

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I was not aware that Cornelius was in the dog house, but I am glad he is loose. He is among my must reads. A shout out too to Sage for showing class, and for services to the Sierra Leonean community. I had a hunch this was going to be a fine Sunday.
It's Sage!
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LOL! Sometimes it's best to let them out.
Musa Kenema
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Lol. That is my classy baby-so magnanimous. No wonder Sengbeh is always jealous of me. He will never be this lucky in his remaining days on planet earth to have a woman like Sage[biggrin]. Because of my relations with a beaut like Sage Sengbeh is hating Temne guys the more especially after KL won the heart of a Mende girl who gained the admiration of hundreds of munku Mende boys. But who cares? Sage is dying for me and I will jump infront of a train for her.......that is what matters! Ramadan is round the corner and I will be expecting my iftaar or sunakati.
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Lol! Hey, MK  [wave]
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Thank you very kindly, Prof. Sage, for this wonderful gesture.

Cornie Rabbit you must behave, and no mention of anyone's parents in derision on the Bintu, or anywhere else for that matter!

Dream on Borbor Ishmael Sahid Zachariah!! I will never hate Temene folks due to the fact that I can always conquer them with my vast intellect, orally, verbally, and in discourse when they misbehave in the gbose-gbose fashion they are known for.
Temne borbor
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Sometimes I wonder if Sengbe have a social life. At bintumani maybe. 
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This was what greeted me when I tried to post from the banned IP address ten minutes ago :

Access Denied

You do not have permission to access this service. Please contact the administrator if you believe you should not be receiving this message. Be sure to mention your IP address,

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@ Cornelius:
Well, you are here now, are you not? Please contribute in the same prolific manner that you are usually known for.
What do you think about the massacre that took place in Manchester city yesterday?

@ Temne Borbor [aka KL]
"...Sometimes I wonder if Sengbe have? a social life. At bintumani maybe..."
Indeed, Sengbe has a wonderful social life: on the golf course, and the social clubs (members only) he patronizes. He is very gregarious, very unlike you. His new girlfriend is a million times more beautiful than your "sister". Wanna see a picture? 
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@ Sengbe

My IP is still blocked.
Manchester? President Trump and His Holiness the Pope will be discussing that...

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"...My IP is still blocked..." Cornelius

Again, you are here posting, are you not? How did you do that if your IP is still blocked? Using a new IP?

Maybe you should offer Prof. Sage a public apology for bad behavior, as I cautioned you yesterday.

What do you think?

Prof. Sage, please unblock his IP.
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Bra Connie rabbit could easily set up a virtual IP to bypass the Doghouse if he does not want to use his other GIZMOS to access Bintu. It is easy peasy.
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His IP is unblocked, like I said the other day. It no longer appears in the banned list. It was the only one from Sweden. I do not need a public apology. Just forget it and carry on with political discussion.
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You are so kind, Sage! Thanks again.

Did you read that, Cornelius?

Well, come on!
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Dear Sage,

Once again my most sincere, heartfelt apologies to you for being so awful. For just a second I was furious, overwhelmed by what you had said to AFK and I regret this deeply. It was as if against my better judgement I had wounded your grieving soul in your hour of grief - and mine too, and disappointed our guardian angels.

Maybe, I should blame it all on Iblis (the devil) or AFK or the cultural environments in which I was brought up, since they forbid very strongly , a younger person insulting an older person - for which crime - he/ she would usually have to go down on his/ her knees to "beg pardon" and to repent.

Now, I'm sure that we both want what is best for our Sierra Leone and by the grace of God, will do everything possible to ensure that the right man/ woman is elected our next president



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Now that is the kind spirit in Bra Cornie Rabbit that we wanted to explore! Did that hurt your ego?

The Lady said she did not need a public apology, but you gave it to her anyway, and I am extremely proud of you, my brother, for the exposition of such humility in prose.

Inshallah! you will continue to be so wisely humble, as your background in the Jewish faith demands, and as your knowledge of the Islamic faith also demands, so that you can continue to be an asset, and not a liability, on all the forums you participate in online, even on We Sweden, your own blog.

Thank you for that spirit!
Musa Kenema
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Hi Sage my American apple! My sweetie and my sugar!

I will never hate Temene folks due to the fact that I can always conquer them with my vast intellect, orally, verbally, and in discourse when they misbehave in the gbose-gbose fashion they are known for.    

Sengbe are you for real? Like Bra Enviable you have a big mouth! Braggart! Anyway by how much have you utilized your knowledge of chemistry to benefit the human race besides passing theoretical knowledge in the lab.? Knowledge which had been existing for almost a thousand years! What is your idea of innovation and how much have you contributed and in what ways? Have you ever tried to think of  how air bags in cars operate? That is how we utilize your chemistry which you will never dream of. And what about composites in manufacturing car bodies? That is what we engineers do unlike you sedentary scientists who make one small achievement, follow it up with a thousand showboating and spend another million years sitting on your oars. Dalton did nothing after his controversial atomic theory while I have done more than ten innovative design work. So Sengbe how will you handle the competition?

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Sengbe, another bad day today?  The Viagra is not helping as much as you thought,  right?  Try Prozac or risk being abandoned by that beautiful woman.
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Zachariah, a silly negro, what came first: the chicken or the egg?

If sodium azide was not discovered by us, as CHEMISTS, how would you use its decomposition reaction into sodium and nitrogen gas to enable and allow the inflation of airbags when an accident occurs?

"...And what about composites in manufacturing car bodies?..."

What about them? Are they not chemicals? Without which you cannot manufacture light-weighted cars.

Remember! first there was science, and scientists (theoretical and experimental) and then came technologies through some sort of engineering, I dare state. Thus, the application of science through engineering is what creates new innovative technologies.

Science is the horse that pulls the technology cart. NEVER the other way around. I guess you did not know that.

I am NOT a braggart. I am a REAL PROFESSIONAL SCIENTIST. I have been practicing my scientific craft since 1982, for 35 years now (your age), and I am not bragging - just stating a solid fact. I have won several awards, and you will never be able to obtain my salary scale in your lifetime.

So who is bragging now, my "son"? If trying to compete with me bestows a little certificate of respectability on you, then I'd kindly oblige, because you are just a nonentity in the eyes of everyone.

Since dis na fast month ar nor go leggo cuss pan you ignorant self, you silly negro. Ar go lef you pan you ignorance fitter-boy!
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And here comes another SILLY NEGRO, ka temene KL!! Another Kamara Borbor!!

Why unu fashin me ba? Ar hab unu Mama dem? Or na respect unu want? Me nor day take Viagra or Prozac oh! Ah lef dat gee unu Papa dem!

Borterrmah bui!

N'sofali! N'Solima nyarkkeh!!


Unu cormot behen me! Dis na fas month!
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Sengbe don baranta. Now u see why u need Prozac u nor need Viagra? Talking about thin skin? Bo me mama nor want orkobo lek you.
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"I am NOT a braggart. I am a REAL PROFESSIONAL SCIENTIST. I have been practicing my scientific craft since 1982, for 35 years now (your age), and I am not bragging - just stating a solid fact. I have won several awards, and you will never be able to obtain my salary scale in your lifetime." 

OMG this brother got it really bad! Really, Sengbe? Your salary?  Who give a sh!t?

Musa Kenema
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KL orman let us leave this uncouth and munku Mende Pa with his own devices. Now it is apparent old age is really taking its toll on the expiring rustic yokel. KL do not degrade yourself by stooping to his King Jimmy market level.
Appellate court
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Why don't Sage unblock AFK as well?
WE need strong APC folks on the forum.

The forum will be a lot better with AFK facing lie lie SLPP folks.
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I tried so many times to be civil with this deplorable and every time he proves like an old cow in a worreh. Yeah you are right age is catching up with him. He's nothing but a thin-skinned lowlife/bragging old bratt that pretends to be an educated man. I will leave him alone until he feels like his old a$$ needs to be kicked by me.
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