After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Paopa diehard
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We have not even voted for d most popular politician in Africa but allready some enemies of progress in Apc and Ngc are already ploting to destroy General President Bio. Yhey are trying to use a small discredited trick called democracy to sabotaj God's own politician. well e nor go be!!!!
We in paopa in particulate and SLPP in general are here to inform u to ur face that it will not happen!!!!!
If u try it, we will lock u up in mafanta and throw d keys in Pademba!!
We know what u are and who u are. This is not ur little ernest! This is a difrent sherif in town! If u try to sabotaj us under the cover of stupid democracy, we will deal with u pass what Kagame is doing in Rwanda. Rough tactics, but see how rwanda has improved!!!
Sarrralone go better. We have diamonds and granats and coffee. What do rwanda has? Nothing but see how it has developed. U know why? Its becos of a strong leader whi is not afraid to put fire in the waist of opposition. Mada Bio for life!   
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Dear Paopa diehard,

Don't worry! 

There's a proverb that goes,”Approach a goat from the back, a horse from the front, and stupid man  from no direction whatsoever.”

You know that the prospect of dragging any of the incumbents to face justice in a court not being presided over by those famous five scoundrels, brings the fear of the Almighty to Alagba Satani and his apostles. They are terrified!. At the very idea of losing the next elections. That’s why  they will do anything  to escape justice and that’s why they so desperately need to win and to continue to have the judiciary in their back pockets, so that they can continue to do as they please  - with impunity - and not have to face JUSTICE!  

But as the Holy Quran says ,  even if they survived for a thousand years  that would in no way mean that they will escape the fire, which even as you read this, is being fueled by  stones and the bones of men...

A word about what you said about Rwanda  as a role model under a strong leader like Paul Kagame.  That’s a controversial statement from you  but this is positive news: This is the latest : Rwanda offers asylum to Americans about to be enslaved in Libya ( He once went past me at a Synagogue in Stockholm, at the 2004  Holocaust memorial Service which was attended by His Majesty the King of Sweden  & His Better half,  our Prime Minister and a couple of foreign dignitaries, including Paul Kagame  ( whose Tutsi people had been horrendously decimated in that Rwanda genocide. He walked less than half  a metre from where I was sitting and I’ve never seen a man looking so tall, so gaunt and so frail (unlike our very robust and well fed Poa-o pa Brigadier Bio.)

Btw, should they organise a boxing or wrestling match between him and our Brigadier B  - well, I know that for his own personal safety, security , sense of self-preservation and the survival of dignity, he would choose to not step into the ring to face our Brigadier B.

Ditto  - you know that Saddam  tried to kill George B’s father and so that proposed ten rounds between Saddam and George W jr , just the two of them representing their respective nations. Saddam’s supporters still boast that that only Baby Bush’s  bones would be felt in the ring after the first round. And his body ?  Saddam who have chewed him up, properly. But back then it could have been  just the two of them instead of going to a war which is said to have cost the US the lump sum of $1,801,618,563,299  

Papopa diehard, just imagine what you and I could do if we had that kind of money to play with  - but all said and done we would have to Serve Somebody!!!!

With that kind of  money wouldn’t Brigadier B establish  a very successful and independent  Biocracy  -  a Biocracy which would not have to be anything like  Akpata Margai’s reform and Mende-i-zation  of the one country, one people’s  bureaucracy !  With that kind of peaceful money  the Hon. Dr. Samura Wilson Kamara  and  Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella  would be standing in line to salute him  and maybe even competing  as first class sycophants just to light Brer Bio’s  cigars, whilst the APC and the GNC dregman dem could be standing at attention just outside the bathroom on the ready with the toilet paper and humbly requesting the honour just to wipe his ass, humbly asking “ May I wipe you ess boss?”

With that kind of money,  apart from Sierra leone being a number one tourist attraction with the best beaches  hotels and all that cultural tourism, Saro would have the best schools - Brer Bio would ensure that the teaching profession was an attractive one  by making it lucrative  to go into teaching, Sierra Leone  would once more have the best university in West Africa  - and if I liked  Akpata Margai because he was a patron Saint of Akpata Jazz, then what would Brer Bio not do for us to put Sierra Leone on the map!!

So you see, you’ve got me dreaming :  SIERRA LEONE

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #3 

Dear Paopa diehard,

Another sentence should read: Saddam would have chewed him up, properly

Sorry I gave the wrong link: Here are some nice pictures of  Paul Kagame  from the Holocaust Memorial Service  which  I also attended at the Great Synagogue of Stockholm, on January 27th  2004.

With the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide in mind, let our talk be peaceful and nonviolent..

At this point I take my hat off to His Holiness Pope Francis  for being the moral authority that is drawing the world’s attention to the fate of the Rohingya Muslims

It’s very depressing to read in the UK Guardian that Sierra Leonean girls and  young women are being sold into sexual slavery in Libya !

Ernest Bai could probably tell us what he’s doing about it. His brother Paul Kagame of  Rwanda  is offering to rescue not Americans but Africans from enslavement in Libya…

I hope that I read over this time. The point about having to make corrections  - for the record,  is so that you don’t end up having mistakenly said  the wrong thing or something that you did not intend to say…

Here was someone singing, “ I’m dangerous...

Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #4 
Mr Cornelius!!!!
Your words are like kortornbread dipped inside of thick sweet honey and bited sweetly so that d honey roll by d side of d mouth like a thick drool of sweet spit that the fat tong lick back with satisfaction and then u drink it off with vimto kin kink kin kin until u drink off d whole bottle. Then u belch with satisfaction and say Ahhhhhh! Such is ur words Brother Cornelius. They are sweet.
They are poweful.
They come from very inteligent mind.
they are well writed.
they are sweet and naughty.
Brother Cornelius, your words are like cunnilingus which i first hated and thought was haram until a saintly white girl taught me how to do it with propwerly lips, and now i am a fanatic fan. Paopa I will cunilingusate!!!
Most of d pipul here cant read or write well, especially dose red tolongbo fools, Torkpoi and KL and the Ngc sickophants who kolay at Kandeh becos he has a Phd.That is why i like my General Bio. He hate PhD. Why do u need Phd when u alredy have Brigadear degree and General degree and Head of state degree? No no no!
Julius Mada Woni Bio, my general for life, says to me, PhD is d pits and so I dilibrately failed it in Bradford university. I can have pass it with fly fly colours but i fail it with mizry just to make a point. White man PhD is stupid tupit nonsense. he says to us at d inner paopa meeting of all of us paopas abroad who have selled our houses in america and canada and englandand taken second and thurd morgages to support him, dat when he become president he will preside over d university and get a pawaful PhD and be called Doctor just like ernest koroma is now a doctor!!!
And General Doctor President Brigadier (Retired, Unretired and will never retire) Bio's PhD will be far better becos he is inteligent, a gebius, whereas Ernest tolongbo orwaie orsie is a full and a dotard and a See-me-lakayana idiotic idiot!!!!

Long leave General brigadeer Julius Woni Mada Bio my political God!!!
Long leave d paopa ideology!!!!!
Long leave sarralone!!!!
Long leave biocracy!!!
When i arrive in sarralone, i wish if i do nothing else, i will be able to do my dream job which is to lie down on the ground everytime my general bio steps from his pajero so that he can mass me and not mass d gron with his godly boots!!
If General woni bio gets sick and needs a kidney, i will give him a kidney!!!
Infact if he wants my heart if he is suffering from cardiology, i will give him my heart becos he needs it more to save sarralone. I will grow another one. The paopa supavisor told us at our last blood-drinking rally that hearts are like blood: you can always grow another!!!!
Down with Apc!!!
Down with Samura ordoryoh!!!  
Down with Kande Humkela!!!
Down with Sherrykoko!!!!!
Up, way up up up up with Maada Woni Bio d general!!!!!
Paopa sarralone will better!!!!!

Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #5 
Correction: Genius, not gebius. Aytocorrect from hell!!!
Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #6 
Correction one more time: hearts are like blood: you can always grow another!!!!
shoul be
hearts is like balls: you can always grow another!!!!
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