After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Spectator 007
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My friends,

I read that the SLPP will officially launch their manifesto today. Have APC and NGC launched theirs? If not does anyone know when they will?

Please post links for manifestos of major parties in the forum.

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Just hearing that APC will launch their manifesto tomorrow. If I get hold of a link for any party manifesto I'll share it here.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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We want to see those manifestos ! 

Now that the campaign season has been officially declared open today the 4th of February, it’s not the time for any serious party to be showing any signs of lethargy. It looks like so far, Yumkella has been the most active of the three ( I don’t take Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray the spoiler, so seriously, as has been crudely put, his chances are that of a snowball rolling in hell.) Let’s hope that Yumkella has not overstretched himself and is at the point of collapsing in exhaustion; he must have certainly already spent an enormous amount of money in the Diaspora, especially, since it’s unlikely that all those women’s ashobi were not purchased with money.

Another thing that’s noticeable is that in that video of the Mary-land launch of the NGC, is that most of those shaking their behinds are women ( wondrous ashasha, tumbas)  but  Sengbe, not to worry, most of them two-simmers may carry the NGC party card if any have yet been printed, but the legal reality that Amerigo-Saro citizens will not be voting anyway, does not prevent them from putting on their ashobi as a show of solidarity at the awujoh, of course the free drinks, jollof rice and jackie tombo - it’s known as awuf , isn’t it.? At the SLPP and APC launch some of  the same crowd will be there to party, for the awuf.

So, how are Brer Bio and Samson Samura doing? Will Brer Bio take Porto Loko by storm? Who is going to wrest Kailahun from Brer Sam-Sumana ?

Some ominous words from Bra Bio , but nothing as blood curdling as what Brer Buhari threatened in 2015, that “ If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.

I asked one of the APC stalwarts, what’s happening? Why don’t you reign that rebel Mansaray in and I was told, “ leff am , ee noh get blessing “ and that his negotiating  or bargaining position will be strengthened in proportion to the number of votes he will muster in the first round . Bargaining position for what ? For maybe a post in whatever government.

More importantly, this point has to be clarified he told me :

  1. The IMF money is not a gift it is a loan and as a such we must look askance on what grounds it should be terminated or suspended, especially at such a sensitive time?

  2. The IMF loan is intended to be be spent on the of the new airport

  3. Why should the IMF not be too happy about the Mamamah airport with all it’s advantages, I wondered and was told that the old Lungi airport and complex is being wholly managed by foreigners / foreign companies and  that the IMF itself a foreign bunch are probably not too happy about losing out in Lungi , that’s why.

Is it possible that unlike what transpires in the US, in Sierra Leone it’s not the party with the most amount of money in its campaign war chest that’s going to win the next elections - to which I can imagine that those vying for the position can make all sorts of promises to foreign interest  - in the case of the Congo  for example,  Laurent  Kabila was in Kisangani  signing away the country's mining interests to Western and other companies that were lined up to see him, whilst Mobutu was still in KInshasa, until Bill Richardson arrived in KInshasa,  took  Mobutu by the ear and told him, now you listen  and listen good: You have been our crook for a long time, now either you go quietly or we kick your ess. Mobutu  went quietly to exile in Togo….

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With all due respect Speco how relevant are those documents? I use to read the really high sounding APC manifestos under Bandalay. See where they got us. They have become meaningless instruments rather than the road maps into the thinking of the political parties that we hope they should be .
Spectator 007
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Thank you DMK.


1. Typically when do political parties release manifestos? How close to the election?

2. In the US parties release party platforms while in Europe they release manifestos. What are the main differences?

3. Are platforms/manifestos really that effective?
Spectator 007
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“Another thing that’s noticeable is that in that video of the Mary-land launch of the NGC, is that most of those shaking their behinds are women ( wondrous ashasha, tumbas) ....” - Corn

I noticed that too. I wonder if this is the same for other videos of fundraisers in the diaspora?
Spectator 007
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“With all due respect Speco how relevant are those documents? ” - Gahinteh

I was typing that question while you were posting.

Personally, I don’t think it makes that much difference in Salone..
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The actual manifesto/platform (I don't know if there is a difference) will not affect the outcome. They are interesting nonetheless from an academic point of view.

In the UK, parties publish their manifesto in the final few weeks leading up to the election. The difference I can see with Salone is that in the UK, by the time the manifesto is published you know pretty much where the parties stand on all the key issues. I'm not sure we the same applies back home, though SLPP to be fair, have published their statement of intent, the New Direction, which include the free education and healthcare promises.

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@Specky and Gahinteh, NGC will be launching their manifesto on February 8th at FBC. I think this time around, with the help of social media, the people will be able to hold these parties accountable. Bandalay was lucky during his era, when all we had were the daily mail, we yone, SLBS and Tv all government mouthpieces.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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At this point - now that the official campaign period is kick-started and before the manifesto  release I can confidently say that I am a heavily biased for the APC , no matter what Teacher Conteh or anyone else on earth is going to say or offer...

I’ve been listening to a lacklustre Keili holding forth over there in the diaspora and wilfully misrepresenting the the two-sim to a maybe captive audience that he believes will be sympathetic to his views on two-sim. I was not impressed. Well, I’m not easily impressed , not even by those  to be seen shaking some prominent rumps to some NGC melody…

Tha old palm wine in a new bottle. So, if Yumkella had been elected flag-bearer of the SLPP what would he be saying now  apart from trumpeting his  glorious name  as the leader who is going to fix all the wrongs in the SLPP and all the wrongs in the country?

I’m alarmed  by this one-man frenzy. Perhaps, when he until recently used to be an American citizen , disgusted with both the Republicans and the Democrat , I suppose that  he would be launching some kind of National Grand Coalition to overthrow the Democrat and Republican Parties - but for the proviso that whether or not he worked for UNIDO ( seconded by the then Sierra Leone military junta which I cannot believe he now despises) there’s no possibility of him being elected the next potus of the US for the simple reason that he was not born in the US…

I don’t believe that Sierra Leone has insurmountable difficulties and I believe that with  grassroot support , the APC’s new leader Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara is and will be up to the challenge that awaits all of us.

Of course I am entitled to my own opinions and beliefs  just as much as you are entitled to yours. For me, once again it’s APC  all the way. APC now or Never!  As Madiba Nelson Mandela once said, and those who don't like it,” can go jump in the pool !

The yuki-yuki is obviously well afoot , just google Julius Maada Bio or Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara and see how many hits you get!

Teacher Conteh
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"At this point - now that the official campaign period is kick-started and before the manifesto  release I can confidently say that I am a heavily biased for the APC , no matter what Teacher Conteh or anyone else on earth is going to say or offer..."  Honorable Cornelius

Honorable Cornelius,

I am disappointed in the stance that you have decided to take.  I was thinking of putting my offer back on the table.  But you have now complicated things.  We are suffering down here and I cannot believe that you want our suffering to be prolonged.  Even the Mende woman that I have decided to offer is not in support of the status quo.  But I am not going to give up on you.  There is still time for you to change.  The ball is in your court honorable.
Spectator 007
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Thanks for the update Zak
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Honourable Teacher Conteh,

Better days to come but not by the grace of  Pa Y 

As Marley bin say, "Don't give up the fight" 

Mek God bless we all. Ah tell God tenki; ah bin dae expect some mammy cuss (not from you of course) but from certain miscreants...

By God power we go see after election (after the dust of battle don settle)  So , doya tell me Mende bera for dae on standby ehn ready for action from di rising sun...

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In the USA party platforms are useful only to heal wounds that overhang from primary contests. No President has ever bothered to legislate his party's platform.
Spectator 007
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Thank you Knice.
Spectator 007
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The SLPP and APC manifestos are out.

I and am sure the rest of us will be grateful if someone can post the links.

Cornelius Hamelberg
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The last one out will probably include what's missing from the pc and pp
Click And Learn
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Cornelius Hamelberg
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@Cornelius, Thanks for the links to the manifestos.

APC and SLPP have now published their manifestos. I look forward to reading them. In the meantime I have conducted a completely unscientific, back of an envelope, analysis. It seems to me SLPP talk about corruption 3 times as often as APC given the respective word counts of their manifestos. SLPP discuss education about one and a half times more than APC while APC discuss jobs and employment 2 - 3 times more often than SLPP. Make of that what you will.

 APC  SLPP      
 Count%Count% APCSLPP
Total Words        10,211         39,544    
Corruption                  40.04%                460.12%  3.0
Education                220.22%             1230.31%  1.4
Health                310.30%             1040.26% 1.2 
Agriculture                120.12%                330.08% 1.4 
Economy                170.17%                350.09% 1.9 
Environment                260.25%                820.21% 1.2 
Job                250.24%                350.09% 2.8 
Employment                150.15%                270.07% 2.2 
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Wishing Brother Buhari this good legacy 

Talk is cheap. Muhammadu Buhari also won the 2015 presidential election , campaigning on a platform of “
WAR - against corruption “ ( Of course in an all out war, a genocidal war against the corrupt ones, who knows after the dust of battle finally settles perhaps it would be a case of President Buhari himself turns out to be the last man standing, because in Nigeria too, as it is written in Romans,  “There is none righteous, no, not one... for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God “

So, for instance,  if the Almighty were to wipe out every corrupt man woman and child , in the NGC, maybe , only Alhaji Yumkella or Dennis bright  would be left standing...

Not unexpectedly - and I noticed this too, in their 2018 manifesto, the APC spends less time talking about the fight against corruption  - the platform on which Ernest Bai campaigned and won his first term , i.e. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION!  Exactly as Chinua Achebe put it, “An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb”, just as the APC should be uneasy when the word corruption is mentioned in their own or anyone else's Manifesto, especially not after Timbergate etc etc etc and most recently the miraculous disappearance of some of the Ebola funds  - mud-sliding into some people's private pockets  - which was not the intended destination of the donors : So,  the APC does not want to attract too much attention to itself by talking too much about corruption - not that we can’t talk about it as Solo B said to Femi Oke  on CNN, but the idea is that the APC will put more of an effort this time  , much more than the last time,  maybe introduce the death penalty. This was King Ernest in 2006 , before he put on  the crown :

ERNEST BAI KOROMA, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The number one issue, I believe, will be corruption. And the people of Sierra-Leone are looking forward to a government that will put up a strong fight against corruption, a government that will be more accountable to the people, and a government that will open up and allow Sierra-Leonians to have equal opportunities irrespective of your political convention."

JIM CLANCY, CNN CORRRESPONDENT: That's a very general assignment. Dissatisfaction with the government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. At the same time, what are you offering the people? Their concerns are education, their concerns are jobs, their concerns are putting food on their tables and having a roof over their heads.

KOROMA: What I believe I will offer to the people of Sierra-Leone is, in the first place, I will come with a real policy of zero tolerance against corruption. If this message goes out and clearly to the Sierra- Leonians, that this is the government that is going to put up a serious fight against corruption, I'm sure the leakages that are responsible for the poor delivery services in the social sector, like education, health and employment situation will be turned around.”

And Solo B of course could not miss the opportunity : SOLOMON EKUMA BEREWA, SIERRA LEONE VICE PRESIDENT: “When the APC or APC leader talks of corruption, it's very ridiculous. Because they institutionalized corruption. It was they who made corruption a way of life. (inaudible) were granted (inaudible), because they were very corrupt, and nobody was allowed to talk about it, nobody was allowed to say anything, because they were corrupt. It is (inaudible). Let us come and show them that corruption is not the right way to run the government.

Last night I zapped through what the APC and the SLPP wish for the country in the education sector. The APC has been  giving it a lot of thought  these past ten years and hopes to build on what they have done so far : II. MOVING FORWARD WITH EDUCATION

There too, the SLPP painstakingly spelling out what’s needed; here too namely vocational training as it relates to  employment : PART III HUMAN DEVELOPMENT -  3.1 Improving Education and Skills Training

That’s how they both intend to appease the army of the unemployed who if registered to vote  may well decide their fate ( i.e. the fate of the Rising Sun Party and the Palm Tree Party)  hopefully not to be confined to the dustbin of history if we are to believe La ronda  who would like to send them packing ( a distinct  first round possibility if all di two -foot arata dem vote with both feet) and here I hope that I’m not using the name of the Lord in vain, when I say, “Make God noh gree”

Now that the APC and SLPP manifestos are out, we are to suppose that the NGC have examined those documents and will themselves come out with nothing less than a comprehensive 5 year development plan  for the country. Anything less from them would be an anti-climax  after all their big talk.

But talk is cheap   it’s , 1. Talk the talk  and 2 more difficult, to walk the walk ...

1- 16 ( My man Mayito Rivera )
Spectator 007
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Thanks for the link Corn.
Spectator 007
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*The National Grand Coalition launches Manifesto and Social Compact*

Anthony Kamara, Jnr.

Freetown, 12 February 2018: The National Grand Coalition (NGC) will launch its 2018 Manifesto in Port Loko titled: *"An Agenda for Job Creation and National Prosperity and a Social Compact with the people of Sierra Leone."*

The manifesto and compact are firmly grounded in and guided by the party’s motto of *Putting Country and People First."*

According to the NGC chair and leader, Dr. Dennis Bright, "when implemented the manifesto will bring change to the lives of all Sierra Leoneans irrespective of their backgrounds, it provides opportunities for all to participate in and benefit from the transformation of the country’s democratic and social-economic processes."

The Social Compact is an undertaking by the NGC to provide good governance and it will guide the party’s approach to governance. It consists of a number of building blocks that seek to ensure that Sierra Leone becomes a country:

a) with an expanding economy that will create jobs for all especially the youth, women, and people with disabilities;

b) where the rule of law applies equally to the poor as well as to the rich;

c) where citizens will actively participate in key decisions affecting their lives and their rights;

d) where an efficient, independent and effective judiciary will be at the centre of the fight against corruption, abuse of power, and growing inequality;

e) where public servants are accountable to all citizens and at all times;

f) where natural resources are harnessed for the sustainable development of the country and the benefit of all its citizens and

g) where there is transparency, accountability and timely access to accurate and actionable data and information.

Kandeh Yumkella, presidential candidate for the NGC noted that what the party offers the people of Sierra Leone is a vision of Hope, Opportunity and Transformation solidly backed by a robust commitment to seek the wellbeing of his people.

" *Hope*, because there is a new awakening to the need for change from the current pessimism of our existence to optimism for better things to come, *Opportunity,* because the leadership of the National Grand Coalition comes with knowledge and understanding of the international global system as well as partnerships needed to effect the kind of *Transformation* of our country that could create wealth and thousands of jobs for our people, particularly the 70 percent of unemployed young people.”

The NGC manifesto launch comes a week after the SLPP and APC launched their manifestos. Unlike these grand old parties, the NGC will launch its manifesto in multiple phases. This is a deliberate attempt to be inclusive and engage young people, students and the general populace to ensure shared understanding and responsibility.

To underscore the importance of team work in fixing and rebuilding the country’s broken institutions and restoring the dignity of every Sierra Leonean, the NGC manifesto and social compact will be launched by the presidential and vice presidential candidates and the NGC leadership.
Spectator 007
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Corn, please search for and post link for NGC manifesto.

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #25 


As the NGC’s most eminent media mouthpiece and passionate advocate, I was going to request that you do us all the favour of providing the NGC Manifesto directly from the horse’s mouth.

Didn’t I read in the Sierra Leone Telegraph that their NGC manifesto will be released incrementally, with the aim of involving everybody: “Unlike these grand old parties, the NGC will launch its manifesto in multiple phases. This will ensure the inclusion and engagement of young people, students and the general public, so as to gain shared understanding and responsibility.”

Should you continue your advocacy to the point of NGC victory then I would not object to His Excellency President Kandeh Yumkella appointing you to a cabinet position as Minister of Information and Communication or his High Commissioner to the Court of St. James ( I for one would second the motion)

In his oration to the FBC flock, I notice that he quoted from “The Lord’s Prayer” - the bit about, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done – on earth – as it is in Heaven” and then quoted some Holy Quran.

That’s what the savvy wanna be president usually do, don’t they? And then wrap it up nice and easy with Making Sierra Leone Great Again, putting Sierra Leone FIRST, and GOD Bless Sierra Leone.

Now, let us suspend disbelief and assume that he is elected Prezo. How is he ever going to pass any bills when at most, it’s expected that his party the NGC will not win more than 5% of the parliamentary seats?

Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #26 
“As the NGC’s most eminent media mouthpiece and passionate advocate, I was going to request that you do us all the favour of providing the NGC Manifesto directly from the horse’s mouth.” Corn to 007

When I read that first I initially thought you were responded to our friend ART of Salone Telegraph.

I have only met KKY in person once, and that was in 2011 when he received the prestigious Noslina diamond award

His keynote speech at the Noslina convention was visionary, inspiring, and most certainly well delivered...prolonged standing ovation coupled with thunderous applause at the end....followed by chants of “KKY, KKY, KKY”. History unfolding right in front of my own eyes. I knew right then and there, this man had a plan he had been working on and was going to be a factor in Salone politics.

On the ground, I have friends in all three parties...around equal share. In the US, many folks I bump into are NGC.

I do not have the discipline, patience nor thick skin to be passionate advocate for a politician or political party on this forum. Besides if I was going to campaign for anyone in a meaningful and effective manner, Oga na here, dis place, here, u think ar go spend my time for do am? Ha ba! Oga which wan u dae O!
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #27 
**When I read that first I initially thought you were responded to our friend ART of Salone Telegraph. **

Correction: change “responded” to “responding”

Lek play lek play na so man don begin shoot pan Englis!
Corneliusd Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #28 


You see how readily I complied with your request?

Lekeh play lekeh play di past three weeks ah bin dae tink sae you nah ART of SLT, behol behol you noh to ART ehn ART noh to you, wearing the cloak of anonymity? But he is based in the UK and you I guess are either a one or two Sim man in the US...

That being the case, I don’t have to soften my tone as I have been doing previously because you call me what my mother used to call me : “Corn”... so let me now say what I wanted to say, hopefully , without hurting any tender feelings that you may have for Yumkella, his tribe or tribes and their NGC:

What do you make of this, from my point of view a quite lame, pompous, arrogant, really vacuous and utterly disingenuous excuse:

“Unlike these grand old parties, the NGC will launch its manifesto in multiple phases. This will ensure the inclusion and engagement of young people, students and the general public, so as to gain shared understanding and responsibility.”

C’mon Brer Yumkella and the 10,000 megawatts bright Dr. Bright at your side! It’s the democratic pre-election tradition at least in the UK and what was once Sierra Leone, for the various parties to release a comprehensive manifesto a few weeks before the elections. Your lame, arrogant and incomprehensible excuse for not producing a Manifesto is unacceptable!

What exactly do you guys mean by wanting to give us your so called Manifesto piecemeal? Could you care to explain how releasing your manifesto “in multiple phases” (big words, the usual pomposity) is going to “ensure the inclusion and engagement of young people, students and the general public, so as to gain shared understanding and responsibility”

Demanded: A comprehensive party manifesto

I can’t imagine Jeremy Corbyn telling the British electorate that “Unlike these grand old parties, the NGC will launch its manifesto in multiple phases. This will ensure the inclusion and engagement of young people, students and the general public, so as to gain shared understanding and responsibility

We want to take a look at the NGC Manifesto. We want it and we want it now!  All of it. If it indeed exists, unlike the heaven which you are promising people…

Methinks that Yumkella having failed to compose a fully comprehensive Manifesto which can be read in its entirety (by you and me) and compared favourably or unfavourably with the other party Manifestoes (the APC and the SLPP have top grade manifestoes – in some aspect’s the SLPP’s is more detailed) methinks that Yumkella and his NGC are afraid of releasing a full Manifesto document that can be compared and contrasted with those of the APC and  the SLPP both of whom have issued impressive Manifestoes in terms of good intentions and feasibility.

An important consideration when assessing the possibilities of transformation, creating heaven out of hell, renewal etc.  is the question, WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM PERFORM ALL THESE MIRACLES?

Pay the PIPER (13 songs – eight of them of relevance to Sierra Leone’s current situation)


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