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There was a massive demonstration yesterday at the UN  by Concerned Sierra Leoneans against the human rights abuses by President Maada Bio. 

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It is  democracy. It is  their rights to demonstrate. Where are the rights of the  people of Sierra Leoneans that were  violated by the criminal past government that embezzeled and looted funds that were meant to improve the lives and maintain the rights of Sierra Leoneans:

The right to clean water.

The right to decent education.

The right to safety.

Freedom from rape.

Equal Justice.

Where were their voices of concerned Sierra Leoneans when APC were destroying the nation..

Sierra Leoneans are hypocrites.   

The APC fanatics need to realize that they were kicked out of government for  their criminal  behavior. The voters of Sierra Leone are not fools. No amount of demonstration will change that fact.

Bio needs to learn that fact. he needs to govern as if it is going to one term. Do everything to put Sierra Leone on the right path. Forget about the detractors, they will always be there.
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Those fools were APC fanatics calling themselves Concerned Sierra Leoneans.  Bio has cut off the  channels through which looted funds were reaching them in the Diaspora, hence their desperation.
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