After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Bintu Researchers
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There have been a lot of stupid comments made since the release of President Julius Maada Bio’s first cabinet list.  Tolongbo miscreants have complained that the cabinet lacks ethnic diversity.  So, we have carefully gone over the list and compiled the ethnicities of the cabinet members.  As can be seen, the cabinet is well diversified along ethnic lines.

Tolongbo miscreants should realize that it is the SLPP and not the APC that is in power. Being a Themne or a Northerner by itself does not qualify one to be in an SLPP cabinet.  Bio is not Ernest Koroma who appointed Northerners to his cabinet with barely a high school education.



Minister of Finance ------------------Jacob Jusu Saffa  Mende

Attorney General and Minister of Justice ---------Charles Margai  Mende

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education ----Alpha Timbo Fula-Themne

Minister of Health and Sanitation---------Dr. Alpha Wurie Themne

Minister of Energy--------------Kanja Sesay Mandingo

Minister of Information and Communication-----Mohamed Swarray Mende

Minister of Marine Resources------Emma Kowa Mende

Minister of Labor and Social Security-----Adekunle King Creole

Minister of Water Resources-------Jonathan Tengbe Kissi

Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and

Children’s Services---------------Baindu Dassama Kissi

Minister of Internal Affairs-------Edward Soluku Kono

Deputy Defense Minister------Simeon Sheriff Mandingo

Financial Secretary------Sahr Lahai Jusu Kissi

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May God bless the SLPP government.
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Bintu Researcher you are being dishonest here with your analysis. We know Kanja is of Mandingo extraction but he is practically Mende. Same for Sheriff, Tengbe and Dassama. Alpha Wurie is practically a krio and Timbo is the only Themne man in that Cabinet. I am not one of those who necessarily believe that ethnic identity must determine cabinet appointments. After all though a born Gbambali man, EBK ‘ s thieving did not benefit my poor folks in Congoton Romkeni. Let the man appoint from among those who worked to bring the party to power . There can be no Babu wok monkey eat na ya.
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You are a funny guy.  I am still laughing.  But seriously, if ethnicity in Salone is determined along patrilineal lines, then Bintu researchers are correct.

Kanja Sesay was born in Bo of Mandingo parents.  That makes him Mandingo.  Tengbe and Dassama have Kissi fathers and Mende mothers.  That makes them Kissi. 

What makes Alpha Wurie Creole as you have asserted?  The man's parents were Themne and Fula and he attended Bo School.  He only started living in Freetown when he was appointed professor at FBC.
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That is not true about Alpha Wurie. He was born in Freetown and attended school in Freetown. He never stayed anywhere upcountry except Maybe Lunsarr when his father was MD at DELCO. He speaks no themne nor fullah . He is Muslim so that makes him a fourah Bay krio. Same with Timbo while the son of a fulah , he is socialized and speaks only Themne. If Kanja is a Mandingo , Jerry Rawlings is Scottish and John Benjamin is German lol.
Amadu Mannah
Reply with quote  #6 
Gahinta, Kanja was born in Bo. He grew up in Bo and can speak Mende, Madingo and Themne fluently. 

However if you grew up in Bo you would know that Kanja Sesay's parent like the Cidi Mandeh's was a predominant and prominent Madingo and Muslim home and family. I went to school with his brothers including Sahid and Rashid. They never pretended to be Mendes. In fact like most rich kids from immigrant in Bo, they sometime pretended as if they were superior than their poor Mende hosts. Kanja though I heard was a mixer during his school days.
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"That is not true about Alpha Wurie. He was born in Freetown and attended school in Freetown."  Gahinteh


You may be right about where Dr. Alpha Wurie was born.  But I am as sure as anything that he is a Bo School boy.  It is possible that Ngoh Sengbe knew him at Bo School.


Fatty Matter
Reply with quote  #8 
Mr Researcher, here are some additional facts for you. Alfa Tejan Wurie - Bo School (Form 1 - 5), POW (Form 6). B. Dassama is  daughter of the late PC of Dama Chiefdom, Kenema District.
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"...It is possible that Ngoh Sengbe knew him at Bo School..."

Indeed he attended Bo School. In fact, ALL the Wuries I know attended Bo School.

How could they not when their Dad, A.D. Wurie was a Principal before he relocated to the Ministry of Education, as Permanent Secretary, I believe.

Gahinteh sabi but ee nor know na dat mek ee join NGC.
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Sorry Ngoh Sengbe Alpha ‘ s uncle was principal Amadu Wurie also Education Minister under SLPP later settled in Mahera Alpha’ s father A D Wurie also attended Boschool but not his son. He was Managing Director at DELCO .
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You are losing this debate.  Alpha Wurie and Ngoh Sengbe are about the same age.  What if they knew each other at Bo School?  In fact when Alpha Wurie was at Bo School, I was in elementary school in Bo.  I also remember Ngoh Sengbe's elder brother who played football for Bo School.
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"...I also remember Ngoh Sengbe's elder brother who played football for Bo School..." Beresford

Indeed! He is now the Paramount Chief of Bagbo Chiefdom.

Leh we lef da NGC man. We now Pa-O-Pa now. Ee go join we jisnor.
Spectator 007
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Alpha Wurie attended Bo School up to at least form 5. He took his GCE O Levels in 1971. He is in his early 60s. His uncle was the principal of Bo school ad later Minister of Education. I don’t think he considers himself Krio culturally...not even Aku. MKK go pass for Aku before am.
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Alright Bra I agree he went to Boschool but he speaks no Mende or themne . He is more comfortable in Freetonian Circles . I disagree MKK who speaks Mende very well and is a cultural Mende can never be more Aku than Alpha Wurie. Even Alpha Saidu Bangura is more themne than Alpha Wurie .
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The more things change the more they stay the same. May be you guys should spend more time discussing the qualifications of those ministers instead of their tribes. The current vice president hailed from the village my dad was born and raised but what is most important to me is for him to serve Sierra Leone. We cry, we complain and nag like Mark trucks when members of our tribes are not included in a cabinet. For a Themne-Mandingo like me, give me anyone from any tribe that can produce good results and I am all for him or her. No surprise I jumped ship and supported the party or movement that was dubbed "SLPP light" and proud of it.
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And finally, with all due respect to Amadu Mannah, statements like the one below are what irritates me and my responses to them are usually translated as me being a Mende hater or a tribalist:

"They never pretended to be Mendes. In fact like most
rich kids from immigrant in Bo, they sometime pretended
as if they were superior than their poor Mende hosts."

Reply with quote  #17 
Kissis are Mendes
Santigie Jangray
Reply with quote  #18 

Wait until you become the forum administrator to impose the parameters on a debate.  Who the hell cares about what irritates you or not?

  You don't want folks to discuss ethnicity, you don't want folks to make certain statements, a red APC kakarass like you?  

Go to Freetown and butt cotton tree or visit your Tolongbo boss, EBK, whose balls are freezing right now in his pants as he sees Maada Bio in State House and Charles Margai as Attorney- General and Minister of Justice.  THIS IS PALM TREE TIME.
Reply with quote  #19 
What a pussy cat you are boy! If calling other Sierra Leoneans as immigrants being hosted by Mendes is the ethnic discussion you want to have then i give up on your green a$$. Fact of the Matter is that the two major tribes in Salone are competing among themselves so much so that criminals are being elected only because they belong to their individual tribes. 
George the Peeper
Reply with quote  #20 

There is a saying that when you point a finger at someone, you must be careful because four fingers may be pointed at you.

It is reprehensible that a useless miscreant like you would insinuate that the president of Sierra Leone is a criminal.  As old as you are, you will never accomplish even a third of what president Maada Bio has accomplished in his short life.  When Bio was fighting for your country against rebels, you kept your RED TOLONGBO Kakarass in America enjoying yourself. 

Bio rose to the rank of Brigadier-General, became head of State, came to the USA, attended the prestigious American University and graduated with a Masters degree in International Relations.  Currently, not only is Bio president but he is also a Ph.D candidate at Bradford University in the United Kingdom.  Bio became the first Ph.D candidate to become president of a country.  Now, tell me, what have you achieved in your goddamn useless life?

Were you expecting the marginalized people of the Southeast to ignore their own and vote for a Northerner?  You must be drunk on your urine, MOFO.
Reply with quote  #21 
The sooner you shut the phuck up the better it is for you because you, boy! Any a$$hole can be a president of Salone as long as the belong to the right tribe.
Reply with quote  #22 
George the Peeper, like all mendecraps, will never accept their faults. No sensible human being will deny the fact that Bio is a criminal except mende bastards. The basta pekin took power and ruled for three months. Where did he get the money to support his family in the US without a job? Bo unu f@ckoff damn mendecraps.
Reply with quote  #23 
Criminal or no criminal, Bio won. His victory was not based solely on the mende vote, if it were , he would not have won. The  mende population is not large enough to give him outright victory.Bio won because the humble  people of Sierra Leone  were tired of the blatant plundering of their nation's treasury by Ernest koroma and his cabal of looters.

The poor people  were tired. They  did  not want an extension of Ernest koroma. Bio should ensure that his government does not behave like the outgoing APC or else he will be out too.

APC members have themselves to blame. Where were APC the voices  criticizing Ernest koroma when he was instituting policies that were endangering APC and Sierra Leone ?
Sierra Leonean politicians need to take a stand and fight for something instead of maintaining their obsequious behavior.
Olu The Slave
Reply with quote  #24 
I know why Olu is so angry and rude. Bio overthrew Strasser, a Creole boy. Creoles have never gotten over Bio's overthrow of Strasser.  The filthy language used by Olu, on this thread, says a lot about the boy.  Olu will die of hatred. Hatred of natives in general and hatred of Mendes in particular. What a bloody slave, who has never been able to mentally free his sorry Creole ass from self-hatred.
Reply with quote  #25 
Orkama save that for another topic but the Temnes and Mendes, because of the stupid rivalry between them haven't done a good job electing presidents that are clean.  One tribe will vote for the worst candidate only because he or she is part of them regardless of better candidates that are not part of their tribe or region. I know a lot of you guys are in the habit of drying this but tribalism is our greatest enemy and the most of us are guilty of it. 
Reply with quote  #26 
yes, stupid tribalistic rivalry is an unfortunate part of African politics. Even in  the US today, racist voting gave us Trump today.

The most important thing is to make our leaders accountable. Call them out when they are wrong.
Reply with quote  #27 
Olu the Slave,

The miscreant posting as Olu is not Creole.  He is that run down Mofo that lives in Sweden and has the regular moniker Musa Kenema.  He is a Gbose Gbose Themne man. But due to his inferiority complex, he chooses Mende or Creole Monikers.
Yusif #08
Reply with quote  #28 
Bintu Researchers, you must be kidding, right? Of the fourteen ministers, even though Alpha Timbo and Alpha Wurie have ties in the North, they are not Themnes, both are Fula's. As for the King guy you mentioned, I will not be surprised to know of him being Mende as well. And the rest of these guys are all pure Mendes. Please do not obscure their tribal lineage, or be ashamed of who they are, or their true identities. Better luck next time.

You can fool some people some of the times, but you can't fool everyone all of the time (Bob Marley). 
Fula Themne
Reply with quote  #29 
Yusuf, I am a proud Themne-Fula.

I know that as far as bigots like you may be concerned, all decent folks who voted your tolongbo thieves out are Mendes. Sadly for you my red-eyed,  small backsie Tolongbo brethren, there are hardly any " pure or gbaingbain'  Themnes in Salone tiday. Inter marriages and internal migration has made sure of this.  The handful gbaingbains that exist are more often than not violent criminals, thieving politicians or hacks with absolutely no morals, violent political thugs.... or selling Diamint/razor blade or junx around the country. Just check the convicted armed robbers' list and you will confirm what I am alluding here.

Wait for the comprehensive, evidence-based list of state looters to come out and see what the tribal composition will be. Even the Chief Thief EBK could not trust this genealogy with leadership. As Ekutay's John Bono Sisay once said: the gbaingbians are only used as political thugs. Period. They must never be considered for leadership roles.

Most respectable and decent Themnes like the Thaimu Bangs, the Sesays [bar the Kemoh Coaine types], the Timbos, Bundus and the Wuries have influence of other tribes.
Reply with quote  #30 
So now who is the idiot here? A gbay gbay eating, lying bastard, pretending to be what he is not. Hehehe

Yusuf, I am a proud Themne-Fula. 

I know that as far as bigots like you may be concern

Even the Chief Thief EBK could not trust this genealogy with leadership

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