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Pa Santiki Panlamp
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This is to confirm that the international community strongly believes
that cocaine money was used to fund the APC campaign. Please click
on the link and read for yourselves:

Sierra Leone is made up of a new class called the under world. These are
people seen driving around in flashy cars and putting up huge structures
such as the one Gibril Sesay was building before the cocaine fiasco.

It is believed Ernest Koroma is part of this underworld. According to this
wikileaks memo, Kemoh Sesay was appointed minister of avaiation to facilitate the drugs trade. 

Wolahi, had EBK wanted his reputation to be chlorox clean, he would not
appoint someone with any cocaine bagage to become part of his administration.

APC must go in 2012. Like Foday Sankoh, Kabbah, and Johhny Koroma, Ernest has brought shame to our beloved Mama Salone, and he too must go.   
Musa Kenema
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And what about the cocaine diplomatic bag in our London embassy during the greengos reign? Did that bring a good name to Salone? And still the greengos went on to make that cocaine trafficker Momodu Koroma evil Berewah's running mate. Boy those who live in glass houses should not throw away stones! Need I say more?  

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Hey look,

two wrongs do not make aright
Pa Santiki Panlamp
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The cocaine "akeh" was another reason why Berewa and his compadre lost, and it is the same "akeh" that will take Narco Ernest and his "brown-brown" compaƱeros down the hills of Fort Thornton come 2012. 

We now know where the rebels were getting the cocaine being injected into the innocent brains of kids kidnapped from homes and families. Now we know that Pa Ernest was one of the godfathers, and the reason why he nominated Kemoh Sesay to take care of the airport whenever the cocaine supplies were to arrive.

It was "akeh" that caught up with them that fateful night. Had EBK been the innocent president he so wants the world to buy, he would have gone on national TV to condemn this first in the history of our country event, and he should have let justice prevail. 

There is an adage that says, "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are". By bringing Kemoh back to his administration Karmokoh Achichude is telling us he is a narco president.        

The winner takes it all they say as well. The real losers are the innocent men, women and children who lost their limbs, lives, and loved ones thanks to the heinous crimes of cocaine crazed sobels, rebels and the godfathers behind the cocaine trade.  

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