After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Alu Sesay
Reply with quote  #31 
Sam Sumana touchdown.

Sam-Sumana's opponents are very nervous, tense and worried of his popularity come 2018 elections. They are jumping out of their skins right now, seeing all the support he is having from a lion share of supporters of his "former" party.
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Sam Samsumana has difficulty garnering support among his Kono people.  So where is this so-called support coming from?  Themnes? Limbas?  

African politics is mired in tribalism, which makes the so-called Sam Sumana support in Salone laughable.  Was it not his Kono folks that betrayed him?  Diana Konomanyi, Logus Koroma, Karamo Kabba, Kelfala Marrah, etc?
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #33 
@Masoila: Apart from Kono, I doubt Samsumana has any meaningful support. In Kono there is no political individual with the status of late Tamba Mbriwa or AA Koroma, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has the support of about 20-25% of the Kono electorate.

If he were wise, he should just keep a low profile and focus on being a businessman.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #34 
@Masoila: One more thing. I agreed with what you wrote.

What do think Samsumana will do?
Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #35 
Anyone who thinks Sam Sumana has some support even in Kono needs to spend some time in Kono. Most politicians focus on developing their backyard. Sam Sumana only cares for himself. Not even his wife is treated fairly. So mek e go sidom saful. Den say things made in England you say sebeh.
Fen Plaba!
Reply with quote  #36 
My predictions:
SLPP: Bio, but with blood on the floor
APC: Ansumana Koroma (Ansumana who? Well, unar wait. Sidom look.)
Reply with quote  #37 

I  don't think Samsumana is a politician.  He may be good as a businessman.  But politics is not for him.  Did you ever hear this guy give a public speech?  Moreover, where is his base?  it definitely is not in Kono. 

And for those folks that cried tribalism when Samsumana was ousted, how come the same tribalism has not been extended to Victor Foh?

I laughed when a friend suggested that Samsumana will lead the PMDC to the polls.  Over Charles Margai's dead body?
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #38 
Powerful points my friend. I concur.
Spectator 007
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If either John Sessy or JFK clinches the nomination as most here seem to think, do you think the Themne bloc within the APC leadership will go along?
Karamoh Gbose-Gbose
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Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #41 
Neither John Sisay nor JFK will win the APC nomination. John Sisay showed no respect for the president and the party by campaigning even when all were under strict orders not to. He seems to think his money vaccinates him against the requirements of needing to be nominated by the alagbas. The president's response to the gbose gbose involving JFK at State House was really telling. JFK does not have the confidence of EBK. Anyway, EBK nar man way nor stable. He changes his mind like people change their draws. Una go tell me back. All den wan den way den dae talk bot none will get many votes.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #42 
"By the way Kaifala Marah and Zainab Bangura are the two people in that list that Ernest Koroma really trusts. The only two that will tell him the truth. They are also the two that are likely to continue what he believes is his great legacy" - Dynamic Salone Baby

So SB, do you think one of the duo will emerge as the standard bearer?

Do you think it will be a smooth process or will involve a lot of cuss cass?
Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #43 
Specky this is what I think will happen. It is not based on any analysis like my other responses have been. The pa will say it's time for a woman, Zainab jus comot UN, the world go sing we praises (he makes a lot of decisions because of that) etc etc. Then the people will break up into three groups - those who would rather cut their hands than vote for a woman, those who would rather cut their hands than vote for Zainab and those who would vote for a pig than for that woman Zainab. Okay maybe two camps then.. If you sample APC alagbas I doubt you'd find one person who likes her. Those who are around her are there because they owe her. I think in the end it will be Kaifala Marah and only because they have been forced to. I don't think they like him much either. He played his cards close to his chest. For a long time people thought he was SLPP because he never got involved in wearing red to every event and all that foolishness. He also was too involved in trying to put proper fiscal policies in place like saying he wanted to reduce inflation. Now most of our red-wearing friends including the ones who want to be president don't even know what inflation is. Whodat care? Nor to inflation we dae eat.They found him especially tough because Samura Kamara was a yes man. EBK: Ar wan build bridge from ya to heaven. Samura Kamara: yes sir are dae go fen the money. Let's just pray that the person well capable to get us out of this morass and off our dependency on aid becomes president. In my case, I'd rather cut my hands face and feet (in that order) than vote for Maada Bio.
Musa Kenema
Reply with quote  #44 
Specky I am speaking the minds of the mainstream Temnes. Remember I mentioned somewhere that the Temnes think it is now their turn come what may. Their counterparts the Limbas are thinking along the same lines and the mainstream are ready to support a Temne candidate to the end. If the APC for one reason or the other fails or refuses to rally round Zainab, then she will either rejoin Sorbeh or form a new party as long as she is the flagbearer. The Temnes and limbas are hell-bent on voting for Zainab and not the APC this time. Besides tribal support, the mainstream women especially the low class and middle class are ready to put their money on a female flagbearer irrespective of tribe, region or class. Neglecting the Zainab factor will cost the APC dearly come 2018.
Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #45 
Okay MK. Which Temnes are you talking to? The ones who have sold their souls to JFK? All the Temnes I know are busy trying to get me to go to one JFK event or the other. These were people who a year ago were talking about Alpha Kanu and how only a Temne would do. Zainab's problem is that she doesn't make friends. Talk to people who have worked with her and they have nothing nice to say about her. I once met someone who worked with her and EBK at the insurance company. She was scathing about Zainab but talked about how EBK never forgets people and is very kind. Talk to APC people and they don't have a kind word to say about her. Talk to her husband 😂😂😂. Even in Tonkolili..... Have you noticed she has never stood for election in Tonkolili? A politician needs to be liked except of course you are a vote-stealing politician. Then it doesn't matter. If Zainab is flag bearer, Maada might actually win.
Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #46 
Anyone able tell me who dat apart from Sam sumana is in the Coalition for Change party? This just tells me that most of these people are in politics to fleece the people and rape the country. I wish God would just dispose of all those who are not in this for the good of the country. I am sick of these people. People like Usu Boie and Charles MargaI and all these guys who when they don't become FB jump ship. If you are there for the good of the people you do not need to be president or in government to make a difference. As for Maada he is like a man wandering around the desert looking for water to drink. He's just looking for those stupid enough to hand him a can of Pepsi.
APC Agba
Reply with quote  #47 
No matter what happens, in the end, a full blooded Themne will not lead the APC.  The APC is designed in such a way that it is led by either a full blooded Limba or a half Limba:

Siaka Stevens -----100% Limba

Joseph Momoh-----100% Limba

Ernest Koroma-----50% Limba, 50% Themne

The Limbas know how to manipulate the Themnes despite the fact that Limbas only account for 10% of Salone's population.  The Themnes, on the other hand, are content to be followers.

Keifala Marrah is Koranko with roots in Kono.  No way will a Koranko man lead the APC.

Zainab Bangura is 100% Themne.  Without being a woman, since she does not have Limba blood, she will not lead the APC.  Limbas will never vote for Themnes.  They neither like them nor trust them. 
Musa Kenema
Reply with quote  #48 
Salone baby there is a phenomenon in Temneland known as KANKARDIKOR which translates as JUS FOR LEH WI EAT AM in Krio. The Temnes are very good at that. That is what happened to Solo Bee's WAN TEE-SHIRT, WAN BAG RICE EN WAN HUNDRED TAUZIN gimmick in 2007. Kankardikorism runs parallel to the savis man's CHAP YOU CHAP EN GET YOU RITE MAN ideology way back in the eighties. The Temnes will extract as much as they can from JFK but will still vote for their own. John Sisay is also another goldmine that will be explored and exploited trust me.

If Zainab falls out of the race, the Temnes will still vote for any Temne flagbearer irrespective of the party he or she represents.

APC agba you can not change historical and grounded facts. Shaki was a mende who used the Limbas for political ascension capitalising on their ignorance and illiteracy at that time. Momoh was a Mende-Limba and marrying a Mende woman was his display of his strong biological Mende ties. Sir Milton was a Koranko-Krio. EBK is Limba-Lokko with no atom of Temne traits. Now you can see enough justification for the Temnes' resolve to have their own this time. APC agba frustration will change your residence to bomeh garbage dump after Salone has gotten its first Temne president ever. You and your like-minded orkobo cronies will know that Temnes are indeed genuine leaders.
APC Agba
Reply with quote  #49 
Musa Kenema,

I laughed when I read your rubbish.  Tribalism has always been your forte and raison d'etre.  That is something that is well known on this forum.  Well, you can be an APC man but I am more APC than you will ever be.  I live on the ground and I am more privy to insider APC information than you will ever be.  When all the hulabaloo is over, a full blooded Themne will only hope to be a follower in the APC and not a leader.  That is an unwritten law in APC politics.

As far as you trying to revise history, I will leave you to wallow in your ignorance.  I  am much older and wiser than you, hence my name APC Agba.  I knew Shaki and Joseph Momoh personally and worked in their governments.  It is fools of your ilk that want to make them Mende because of your chronic dislike of Mendes.  And it is equally other fools of your ilk that will listen to and follow your rubbish.  

Moreover, you cannot by your foolishness and stupidity make EBK disown his Themne ancestry.  He is 50% Limba and 50% Themne.  But the man trusts and likes Limbas more than Themnes.  Is that a problem?  How many folks like Musa Kenema in his community in Sweden and on this forum with all his GBOSE GBOSE bottle-carrying mentality.  Now, do you see the problem?  I am from Batkanu and you can take that to the bank.

When the APC elect their flag bearer, I will post again to remind you about what I am saying - a full blooded Themne will never lead our party.
Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #50 
Musa Kenema, did you know that EBK was going to dump Sam sumana for Kaifala Marah for the 2012 election after the timber scandal? Only God and EBK know why he didn't go ahead with that plan. Probably because KM was still mistrusted by the APC leaders. People like Alpha Kanu and Minkailu Mansaray have been machinating (is that the right word?) to remove Sam Sumana to take his place. SS was replaced by the docile, not got much political ambition, tail wagging Victor Foh. All those people know EBK doesnt want them near State House. If he did he would have been singing their praises.
I repeat this incase you missed my previous posts. Zainab WILL NEVER be president of Sierra Leone. And in my analysis, granted better pollsters than me have been wrong before, Kaifala Marah emerges the winner. Why do I believe that? He is the only one who has not burnt the bridges between himself and those who can help him become Chief Bombolai. He is also really liked by the sitting president. He is the perfect poster boy that APC can use to win votes in the East. In the Western Area, young people are more informed and educated and they would very likely vote for Kaifala Marah or John Sisay. As I can't see many within APC going for John Sisay, I am left to conclude that a Kuranko man will be the next president of Sierra Leone. I hope he does well by the people. By the way,I still feel the election will not go ahead in March 2018. With pressure from outside, I see it happening later in the year or even in 2019. In the end no proper process will take place, the pa will crown his replacement. Mark my words.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #51 
Very interesting and divergent, and educative perspectives from Salone Baby and Musa Kenema.

Reply with quote  #52 
"He is the perfect poster boy that APC can use to win votes in the East."  Salone Baby

Salone Baby,

The East comprises of Kenema, Kailahun and Kono districts.  Who is going to vote for Keifala Marrah in Kenema and Kailahun?  You must have been away from Salone for a long time.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #53 
@Kamabai: Unless I missed it, but do you mind sharing your opinion on who you think will clinch the SLPP and APC nominations?
Reply with quote  #54 

The APC nomination goes to John Sisay and SLPP goes to Maada Bio.  What will surprise many is a Maada Bio victory in the presidential elections.  I am saying this even when I am APC to the core.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #55 
@Kamabai: Thanks for expressing your opinion
Talk Talk
Reply with quote  #56 
Victor Foh is bad news for Salone please don't mention him when you are discussing aspirants. Di man nar AKATA
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