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Kabs Kanu
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Professor Sahr Gbamanja and Mrs. Bernadette Cole to hold meeting with FBC alumni in the U.S.



The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Fourah Bay College , University of Sierra Leone,  Professor Sahr Aiah Gbamanja and former head of the Independent Media Commission ( IMC ), Mrs. Bernadette Cole, who is now chairing the University of Sierra Leone Alumni Secretariat,   will be arriving in New York early next month on official business and will  hold crucial meetings with Fourah Bay College alumni living in the United States .

University Professor Dr. Alusine Jalloh of the University of Texas, Arlington ,  who is also Founding Director of the University’s  Africa Program, and Sierra Leone’s Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Nations, Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, both of them alumni of FBC, will coordinate the meetings in the two states.



According to communications dispatched to both Professor Jalloh and Minister Kabs-Kanu, Professor Gbamanja will arrive in New York on Thursday May 4 at the invitation  of Medger Evers College in Brooklyn to give a lecture and to sign partnership a Memorandum of Understanding  on Friday, 5th. May. The Alumni meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 6 in New Jersey.



Professor Gbamanja will meet with the alumni and brief them on how the University celebrated the 190th Founders ‘ Day . They will view the full documentary film recently produced on FBC , titled “Team Athens:  The Restoration of Fourah Bay College”.The film depicts the past and the present in the life of FBC.

It must be recalled that during the 187th Foundation Day of FBC  in Freetown in 2014, Professor Gbamanja stated that there is a bright future for FBC and that authorities are working desperately to restore the university’s glories. The meeting with the FBC alumni in the U.S. is  in connection with this enterprise .

Professor Jalloh and Minister Kabs-Kanu are calling on  all alumni of FBC  in the U.S to take note of this pending important meeting and to provide their fullest cooperation.

COCORIOKO and the PATRIOTIC VANGUARD newspapers will bring you full updates.

Njala Alum
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It's about time.  Sierra Leoneans have a more emotional relationship with their high schools than with their colleges.  

Sierra Leonean High School associations are flourishing all over the United States and folks are extremely proud of the high schools that produced them.  Mention the name CKC to Kabs Kanu or Bo School to Sengbe or Albert Academy to Spectator 007 and these guys will be ready to jump out of their skins in excitement.

But fact is, it is necessary for all Colleges in Sierra Leone to have a robust alumni association as the assault on education by the useless APC government has become palpable.  

Alumni associations will be critical in warding off the assault on education, especially higher education, coming from a government that has never proven to be useful to the people of Sierra Leone.  Let the church say amen!
Spectator 007
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@Njala Alum, you are right about the support alumni give secondary school alumni associations. Cultural ethnic organizations also receive similar support.

A question not related to the topic. What is the relationship between VC Prof Sahr Gbamanja and the late KC Gbamanja?
Njala Alum
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"A question not related to the topic. What is the relationship between VC Prof Sahr Gbamanja and the late KC Gbamanja?"  Spectator 007


The late powerful chief and the professor were born in Tombodu, Kono district.  So  I assume there must have been a relationship between the two men.
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