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Kuss Kass
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Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 August 2019:

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), has today seized a luxurious mansion belonging to the former Minister of Works – Alhaji Kemoh Sesay. According to the ACC, the property, which is located in Aberdeen, Freetown, is subject of investigation by the ACC and the Commissions of Inquiry into alleged corruption and abuse of office by former ministers and senior officials in the previous APC government..

Speaking to Awareness Times newspaper this afternoon, Sesay said that he and his family built the house during the ten years that he served as a cabinet minister, under the Koroma – led APC Government.


“Yes, the house is legally built and all documents are intact – from Conveyance to Building Permit to City Council Rates payments to Guma Valley Water company connection fees to EDSA connections – are all there,” Kemoh Sesay said.

“It will interest you to know that these same documents being requested today for that House had been requested from me several weeks ago by the very same COI through Ministry of Lands, and I had submitted them through my lawyers in Freetown to the COI.

“It will further interest the public to know that I was then sent signed letters acknowledging receipt of these very same documents and actually thanking me for sending the documents to them. Yes, the very same documents the Notice is asking for.

He went on to say that: “It appears the COI is not working in synchrony. Maybe the COI Secretariat is receiving documents and acknowledging them but the COI Investigators are not being informed of this. Whatever the case, this is just sad”.

Last week, the Secretariat of the Commissions of Inquiry issued a public notice calling on all former Ministers and Persons Of Interest to submit affidavits listing down assets acquired by them during the time they served under the Former APC Government, by 10th August 2019 (see below).

Also tonight, the Sierra Leone Telegraph has learnt that the property of the former defence minister – Palo Conteh, has also been seized by the Anti-Corruption Commission in Aberdeen, Freetown. According to the ACC, the property is also subject of investigation by the ACC and the Commissions of Inquiry.

This is Palo Conteh speaking about the COIs decision to seize his property:

In another development, a property known as Ribar Hotel seized by the Anti-Corruption Commission in Kono, was today handed over to the country’s Attorney-General – Dr. Priscilla Schwartz.

Handing over the keys to the property, the Anti-Corruption Commissioner – Francis Ben Kaifala, said that he would like the hotel to be given to the community for use as a children’s hospital.


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