After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Enquiry/Inquiry mind wants to know.
Spectator 007
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It’s easy to get a doctorate these days if one doesn’t want to slug it out at an accredited university.

By the way, does he claim to have one?

Truth Be Told
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Alie Kabba does not have a PhD. His admirers call him doctor. He did not correct them, and now most people call him Dr. Alie Kabba. Truth is that he does not have a PhD. But he is a smart guy. He does not have a PhD.
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Since Alie Kabba does not have these credentials, he should set the record straight to/with the folks that continue to address him in that manner. I agree with you, Alie is a smart guy, and well read. If he wanted to get a Ph.D., he could have successful attaining it.
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...should read: attain it.
Spectator 007
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So he doesn’t have a terminal degree. I agree it doesn’t matter. The guy is sharp and is very eloquent.

Alie has a PhD in “Street Smart Politics”.

Powerful strategist.

If ar ever meet am a go call am “Di Doctor”.
Bra Enviable
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Alie Kabba does NOT have a PhD. However, that does not matter. That brother is smart. Very smart. He is both book-smart and street-smart. He is well-read. You do NOT need a PhD to be truly educated. Some people have PhDs, but they are not truly educated. Some PhD-holders can neither write like intellectuals, nor analyze.  Alie Kabba is a combination of academic and savice man smartness. Wanna talk about winning political campaigns? Talk to Alie. Wanna talk about mobilizing ordinary folks {Man Dem} around a cause? Talk to Alie. Wanna sound academic with the "isms" and other theories? Talk to Alie. That nigga is smart, very smart. He is certainly NOT a Munku.
Bra Enviable
Cheers, folks.
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Alie Kaba cut his teeth in the rumble  tumble street politics of Chicago. The same city of Barrack Obama and Rham Emmanuel. Alie is very politically savvy , experience he garnered from running an  immigrants advocacy group in the city. 
Spectator 007
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What was Ali’s nickname when he was at FBC? It started with the letter “S”. Some Indian sounding name.

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@Speco I know he uses SANJAH for a middle name. Not sure if it is a nickname . Folks should not make excuses for Alie . If he has no PHD , he should not hold himself out as one . Failing to publicly correct people who refer to him as Dr. is tantamount to faking people . I remember a mentor of Alie who went back home after a sojourn in Canada and some of us automatically assumed he had come back with a PHD. Immediately folks started referring to him as Dr. Gordon, he promptly corrected us . We all know Salone man en complex pan Dr. and how a lot of stupid folks with terminal degrees have secured appointments that they otherwise would not have gotten. There is no degree in servicemanism and if there is I believe a lot of okada guys will qualify to run the Foreign Ministry ahead of Alie. He needs to promptly correct the record publicly. I admire the guy for his opportunism and how quickly he has been able to renounce his American sim to make himself eligible for this position.
Bra Enviable
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@ Gahinteh, you are right.

Agba Specky, "Sanjan" is the name.
Spectator 007
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Gahinteh and Bra E, so what of Dr. Sanjan? Da name go fit am gbet!
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@speco ah go take da wan . E go give free to his street smarts .
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