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E Finisham
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*David Thorlu destroys Eddie Grant

"You know, what worries me about folks like you is that you aspire to a career in national politics. Yet you are not sophisticated in your thinking.  Your thinking is very much rooted in primitive regional and tribal hegemonic aspirations that clearly run counter to any ambitions of progressive Sierra Leoneans to uplift their country in a globalized world order.  Sierra Leone does not need reprobates of Eddie Grant's ilk."  David Thorlu

"Let me give you some lessons in history.  Did you ever learn about the Marampa and Lunsar strikes in school?  Those were the epitome of Northern tribal hatred in Salone, where Northerners took their machetes and archaic bows and arrows to chase out non-Northerners from the mines.  Do you then realize how reluctant it is for non-Northerners to immigrate to the North?  It is out of fear of folks like Eddie Grant who might take their bows and arrows out to chase out folks that look different than they are."  David Thorlu

*By taking on the erudite David Thorlu, it was clear that our own Eddie Grant was punching above his weight.  Thorlu is a constitutional law scholar at the University of Makeni School of Law.  Eddie Grant should simply have walked away from this fight. He didn't connect a single punch.

Runaway Bobby
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@EF, I think it's the other way round. David Thorlu seems to made a run from the fight. I think we must encourage him to fight on, afterwards he's an intellectual giant.
What do you think?
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Runnaway Bobby,

I witnessed the fight from start to finish.  The fight had to be stopped to save Eddie Grant's life.  The man is just not a fighter, at least not on the level of heavyweight David Thorlu.  A constitutional law scholar?  Porrrrrrooohhhh!!!!

U nor dae sorry for Eddie Grant?
Runaway Bobby
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@Capitan I don't think David Thorlu appreciate your defence because we all witnessed how he was subdued by the Great Eddie Grant.
He even tried to dubaley and asked Eddie Grant to go easy on him.
Mori Taway
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It is really strange how some people define or determine victory.If David after being severely ass-kicked by Eddie with no room to maneuver had to run with a bloody nose and butt is some forumites' hero, I am baffled. I don't know how some people reason or draw conclusions even though the evidence is striking them in the face. It is clear Eddie won hands down much to the dismay of fake David Alaki Thorlu who does not even know the name of a single street in the north. I am satisfied with Eddie's ruthlessness in dealing with such incommodious fellows like David and his dumbo followers.
Pa Alhassan
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Mori Taway AKA Musa Kenema,

Where were you when David Thorlu was manhandling Eddie Grant?  All you Themne guys fled .  Now that Thorlu has gone, you all surface to praise Eddie Grant.  You guys are sick. Eddie is no match for the brilliant Thorlu.  You all know that.
Musa Kenema
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Pa Alhassan aka Sengbe I don't want to be dragged into an Eddie-vs-David face-off because I don't have time for that. My preoccupation for the moment is my Sage who is carrying my baby. Forumites would be interested to know that my Sage is currently three months pregnant. Up to the time of this shocking revelation, she and the baby are doing fine. Anyway when the time comes I will invite you  guys to the baby shower and pull-nar-doe. For more info please contact my spokesman Fen P or my representative in the US who is protecting my interests out there,King Loggy.Stay tuned.
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