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Spectator 007
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Hello my fellow forumites,

As some of you may know, there has been some heavy rains, which caused flooding, landslides and numerous deaths.  

The photos I saw were for the Western Area. Any reports for the rest of the country? Please share any pertinent information you have.
Here you go!
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Spectator 007
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Thank you for the videos.

Any news from the provinces? 
No offense
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The provinces are safe. I hope now the provincials will find a reason to remigrate so Freetown can rebuild. 
Spectator 007
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Links to this breaking tragedy are popping up. Here's one
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Very sad, but not really a surprise. The Freetown area averages over 200 inches of rainfall per year. Yet without government action or responsible policy of any kind, people have randomly cut down trees on the hill sides. These trees have held erosion and mudslides in check. Without them Freetown and indeed the entire Western area was an accident waiting to happen. Now it has.
Fatty Matter
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......When humans disturb a fragile environment, the environment will disturb them, it was once said. Of course, when the environment disturbs you, the outcome is always unpleasant.  Our condolence and sympathy to our hurting friends, relatives and compatriots in Sierra Leone.

This is a sad lesson for all to learn from. The uncontrolled cutting of trees.... the follow up soil excavation.... land degradation etc are the key culprits, but not the root cause.  

..... Political statements will start flying left and right... blames will be apportioned..... relatives and friends will bury the dead.. but no action will  be taken to halt the uncontrolled cutting of trees , the excavations. .... sad! 
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I could not maintain my absence from the forum any longer during this natural disaster in Freetown, the capital city of my homeland so I am appearing to extend my sincere condolences to the affected and afflicted folks bearing the brunt of this natural disaster, but I envisioned this disaster occurring through two pieces I wrote on the Bintu in previous years: one dealt with the flooding that occurred in a similar fashion entitled; "The Lion Mountain is Crumbling Down"; and the other piece dealt with the idea of being proactive in the thought of the development of a new capital city in Sulima due to the congestion Freetown finds herself in, entitled; "Sulima is my choice" dated 10/18/16".

I hope the wisdom in those two pieces will be pondered upon very keenly by interested parties. 

Back into Peeperland I return.
Here Is The Link
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Fil Bothi
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President Koroma is responsible for these deaths!

Read this and see how this man and his caboodle have been deforesting the country. When Aljazeera first broke the case in 2010, instead of Sierra Leonean reacting in a way that would make the government know that deforestation of the Peninsula and the country would bring disaster, many supported the President and his then Vice President as "people who do no evil"

To white wash things, the corrupt president ordered a Moratorium which he and his men around him have been defaulting when ever they are in need of raw hard currency Do you recall what transpired between the President, his former Chief of staff Dr. Richard Conteh and another Timber magnet? Dr. Conteh and the Timber magnet have been fooled as is atypical with this president who has taken Sierra Leoneans for granted.

Just few weeks ago he has again broken his own moratorium to this time allow one of his cousins to finish what ever remains of the few forest we have and now this. President Koroma has blood on his hands.


State House Timber Deal… $5,500 per Container

Report reaching New Age indicates that Patrick Koroma, CEO CFS, who also doubles as the man authorized by State House to export over 5,000 containers of timber is receiving $5,500 as commission per every container export.

This, our findings reveal, is likely to seeing him milking billions and billions of Leones as at the completion of the export just like that.

The deal has been described as the latest of a bad deal by the ruling APC and has seen state house contracting him (Patrick Koroma) to export over 5,000 containers of raw timber, therefore increasing climate change risk in Sierra Leone.

Even though the New Age has proven that Office of the President has not officially removed the moratorium on the export of raw timber, confirmations are that state house was key to the award of such a bad concession to the named businessman.

That the order to have synergizing ministries the likes of Agriculture and Trade authorize Patrick Koroma export raw timber at the expense of society came direct from the state chief of staff.

This, of course, was confirmed in a telephone interview with the state house COS, Konton Sesay, who claimed government has approved the shipment of over 5,000 containers of raw timbers.

Though asked whether such order came from the express permission of the President, he (Konton Sesay) keeps away from making any comment but said, “you should talk to the President on that.”

Information reaching desk of the NEW AGE revealed how the state house COS wrote to both the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Trade instructing them necessarily authorizes the export of containers of timbers to Patrick Koroma.

The surprise however was when Agriculture Minister, Prof. Monty Jones, in an attempt extricating himself from the deal, dyed-in-the-wool as he said “the order to export 5,000 containers of timbers came not from my ministry nor Trade but state house.”

He further also confirmed that the moratorium on timber was slammed by no less a person but the President, and has not been lifted.

That three people were given concession in 2016 to export timbers, but two have been dropped with Patrick Koroma scarcely permitted to do so.

Patrick, in an interview, confirmed he has been given the concession to export over 5,020 containers of unprocessed cut timbers, said: “it is probable the amount of raw timbers in bushes countrywide far outweigh the one approved for exportation”

Continued: “it was a concession authorized by State House on the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security.”

Fil Bothi
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It reads
"Dr. Conteh and the Timber magnet have been freed from any wrong doing, as it has become atypical with this president who has taken Sierra Leoneans for granted".
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Plus Sulima, Pujehun district, Southern Province, SL, is not mountainous like Freetown, thereby unyielding to rapid rain water flows during torrential rainstorms, and the like. Furthermore, Sulima is not a peninsula; it lies along the Atlantic Ocean in a savannah-like land projection. Thus, she is not susceptible to the type of flooding we normally see in Freetown/Western Area nowadays. She is readily susceptible to the construction of modern drainage, and sewage systems, etc.

Food for thought, good folks!!
Temne boy
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Timber trade and exploitation in Sierra Leone Is more complex than you and I will want to accept. Political influence/corruption is not monopolized by agents of a single political party and did not start with this government. Local government leaders of all shades are also involved in exploiting and benefiting from the Timber trade. But as far as deforestation is concerned, correct me if I'm wrong but who is more responsible than a population that depends mostly on firewood for their daily living?

David Samura
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Temne Boy, can you please give evidence of how and when others from other shades as you suggested  have been involved in massive and large scale deforestation of our few remaining forest. Fil Bothi mentioned few large scale corruption in the exploitation of our forest including the one involving Samsuma, One Suma and the former Chief of Staff Dr. Konteh and now this one that involves the president sibling.

A major problem we have is deflating the wrong doings of our Governors. And how best the defenders of the Koroma government is to say the former government  did it and therefore they should do it. This way we will continue to move around in this destructive circle for as long as we hold such myopic views.

Lawyer Bright
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One irrefutable fact of Sierra Leone is that all the terrible things that that country has experienced in its post-independence history have always been during APC rule.  Can this just be a coincidence?  

The civil war, Ebola, three years of flooding and hundreds of deaths.   The APC is a party that is great at stealing elections but when it comes to governance it flunks out big time.  The dishonesty in the DNA of these northern oligarchs is palpable.

There was flooding in Freetown in 2015 and 2016 with loss of lives.  What did these fools do to avoid a repetition of history?   They continued the same dishonesty and crookedness of deforestation and issuing of building permits for kickbacks.   What a criminal group of idiots!!!
Temne boy
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"Temne Boy, can you please give evidence of how and when others from other shades as you suggested  have been involved in massive and large scale deforestation of our few remaining forest. (David Samura)

You are asking me to do the work of providing evidence not because you are incapable of doing it yourself, but because you are in denial. Chances are you will deny every single evidence I may provide. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself  when the illegal logger in gbendembu referred Mr. Samura to the Paramount chief who also is in possession of three machines and is willing to sell. IMAGINE THE PARAMOUNT CHIEF IN GBENDEMBU IN POSSESSION OF HIS VERY OWN MACHINES FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. AND THEN YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO BLAME HIS CO-PARTNER IN CRIME, THE APC GOVERNMNT?  People like you have no credibility! Your desire to always protect yours and blame the other is what is wrong with us .I hope you come back after reviewing the video and be a man to accept the  facts.

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My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. My gratitude and appreciation to emergency services and the youth who have responded to try to save lives.

This disaster has not come out of the blue. Flooding has been an annual problem for a while now and we all, government and citizens, need to ask what more we can do to make sure this never happens again. One thing is very clear, if we wring our hands and log this as purely a natural disaster then we would have learnt nothing and as unimaginable as this is, it could all happen again.
Temne boy
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"The previous President, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, shifted responsibility for environment and forestry from the Ministries of Lands and Agriculture, respectively, to the newly created National Commission of Environment and Forestry (NaCEF). Many believed this decision was taken because these two Ministries – and related governmental agencies – were ineffective in stopping widespread logging operations. Over the past few years there have been rumours of corruption within these Ministries (1). However, in a recent speech, Sierra Leone’s new President Koroma linked environment and forestry with their old ministries, which have taken this as a cue to reclaim these portfolios, together with NaCEF’s US$6 million of international funding (2). It is critical that an urgent decision on the future of NaCEF is made given the recent"
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Is there a tribal dimension to this natural disaster, Temne Boy?

When the rains fell heavily, and massive flooding of the land mass of Freetown occurred for the third time in as many years, did it only affect one tribe?

Please elaborate on the tribal dimension of natural disasters in S/Leone.

Remember Mr. Marley singing about: "rain don't fall on one man's house" when it rains, especially if torrential rains fall.

Food for thought Tribal Boy! I hope the floods did not carry your people, and family home with all their possessions into the Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, how can someone suggest that since the rest of the country did not suffer from this most recent natural disaster, the indigenes of those areas should return home so that Freetown could be rebuilt? Did those folks cause this natural disaster? Are they not Sierra Leoneans first? Cannot they reside wherever they want in that country? Why are some people so cynical? Is it due to the miserable lives they are living personally? We must pray for such folks alongside the victims.
Temne boy
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Do me a favor...find access to www and type and I am almost certain you will get enough answers to your questions.[comp][sneaky][wave]
Spectator 007
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I have been trying to find out as much information as possible regarding this disaster. Naturally numerous questions come to mind. Here are a few I'd like to ask:

1. What meaningful and effective role can those of us in the diaspora play?
2. Are there still lots of people living on hillsides in potential immediate future mudslide areas? I'd imagine many still are because they do not have the resources to move and lack of availability of alternate accommodation.

I'll stop here for now.

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