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REF: A. 08 STATE 124337 
     B. 04 STATE 179667 
Classified By: CATHERINE BROWN, DAS IPC.  REASON: 1.4(C). 
1. (S/NF) This cable provides the full text of the new 
National HUMINT Collection Directive (NHCD) on the West 
Africa Sahel region (paragraph 3-end) as well as a request 
for continued DOS reporting of biographic information 
relating to the West Africa Sahel region (paragraph 2). 
A. (S/NF) The NHCD below supercedes the NHCD contained in Ref 
B and reflects the results of a recent Washington review of 
reporting and collection needs focused on the West Africa 
Sahel region (Ref A).  The review produced a comprehensive 
list of strategic priorities (paragraph 3) and reporting and 
collection needs (paragraph 4) intended to guide 
participating USG agencies as they allocate resources and 
update plans to collect information on the West Africa Sahel 
region.  The priorities should also serve as a useful tool to 
help the Embassy manage reporting and collection, including 
formulation of Mission Strategic Plans (MSPs). 
B. (S/NF) This NHCD is compliant with the National 
Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF), which was 
established in response to NSPD-26 of February 24, 2003.  If 
needed, GRPO can provide further background on the NIPF and 
the use of NIPF abbreviations (shown in parentheses following 
each sub-issue below) in NHCDs. 
C. (S/NF) Important information often is available to 
non-State members of the Country Team whose agencies 
participated in the review of this National HUMINT Collection 
Directive.  COMs, DCMs, and State reporting officers can 
assist by coordinating with other Country Team members to 
encourage relevant reporting through their own or State 
Department channels. 
2. (S/NF) State biographic reporting: 
A. (S/NF) The intelligence community relies on State 
reporting officers for much of the biographical information 
collected worldwide.  Informal biographic reporting via email 
and other means is vital to the community's collection 
efforts and can be sent to the INR/B (Biographic) office for 
dissemination to the IC. 
B. (S/NF) Reporting officers should include as much of the 
following information as possible when they have information 
relating to persons linked to the West Africa Sahel region: 
office and organizational titles; names, position titles and 
other information on business cards; numbers of telephones, 
cell phones, pagers and faxes; compendia of contact 
information, such as telephone directories (in compact disc 
or electronic format if available) and e-mail listings; 
internet and intranet "handles", internet e-mail addresses, 
web site identification-URLs; credit card account numbers; 
frequent flyer account numbers; work schedules, and other 
relevant biographical information. 
3. (S/NF) Priority issues and issues outline: 
This directive covers eight countries of Sahelian West 
Africa: Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, The Gambia, Mali, 
Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal.  The coastal countries to the 
south (Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote 
d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin) are covered separately in 
the West Africa Littoral directive. 
I.  Regional Issues 
A.  Security 
1) International Terrorism (TERR) 
2) Response To Terrorism (TERR) 
3) Military (FMCC) 
4) Support for U.S. Military Contingency Planning (HREL) 
5) Insurgent and Separatist Groups (SRCC) 
6) Relations With The United States (FPOL) 
7) Drug Trafficking (DRUG) 
8) Peacekeeping (SRCC) 
9) GRPO can provide text of this issue. 
B.  Governance 
1) Leadership (LEAD) 
2) Government Stability and Support For Democracy (DEPS) 
3) Human Rights (HRWC) 
4) Political Opposition (DEPS) 
C.  Socio-Economic Issues 
1) Agriculture and Food Security (FOOD) 
2) Foreign Aid and Relations (FPOL) 
3) Criminal Activities (CRIM) 
4) Health and Infectious Diseases (HLTH) 
5) Population and Refugee Issues (DEMG) 
6) Economic Institutions and Initiatives (ECFS) 
7) Environmental Issues (ENVR) 
D.  Information Systems and Telecommunications Infrastructure 
II.  Country-Specific Issues 
A.  Chad: Sudan/Darfur Issues (SRCC-2) 
4. (S/NF) Reporting and collection needs: 
I.  Regional Issues 
A.  Security 
1) International Terrorism (TERR). 
--  Details, presence, and activities related to al-Qa'ida in 
the land of the Islamic Maghreb and other terrorist-related 
individuals and organizations. 
--  Plans and intentions for operations against U.S. or 
allied personnel or interests. 
--  Links to weapons of mass destruction or related 
--  Presence and activities of fighters returning from Iraq 
and Afghanistan. 
--  Information on organizations, leadership, personnel, 
tradecraft, intelligence and counterintelligence 
capabilities, financing, front companies, recruitment, and 
--  Weapons and methodologies, particularly for improvised 
explosive devices. 
--  Details about local support networks, particularly for 
--  Details about couriers operating in, or originating 
outside of, the region. 
--  Presence and activities of non-North African fighters in 
the region. 
--  Indications that international terrorist groups are 
seeking to take advantage of political, ethnic, tribal, or 
religious conflict. 
--  Health, biographic, biometric, and assessment information 
on leaders. 
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