After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Kabs Kanu
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alpha kanu


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Wow!!! Alpha Kanu for president?  Poor Salone.
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So whatever happened to after u na u? 
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Look who want to be president of our country. He is dreaming.
Salone politics.
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Underestimate him at your own peril. 
Kabs Kanu
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It is very true. Never say never in politics. Whoever expected Donald Trump to win the U.S. Presidential Election ?  Most of the media predicted that he would lose. He was featured as a clown and non-starter, but he ended up winning .
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There are a number of countries where civil servants cannot contest elections but they generally only have to resign before nomination papers are submitted. To have to resign a whole year before the elections seems excessive and deprives the country of otherwise very capable candidates at various levels of the electoral system.
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These press releases from State House and from various ministries look as if they are still typed on a type writer. Please tell me I've got that wrong. 
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You are right, six months should be good enough. However, in the case of our country, someone like Alpha Kanu could very easily pay for his campaign by stealing money, using official cars, etc. Of course, if he is the flagbearer, the APC will pay for his campaign and the government will end up "reimbursing" them anyway, but I think it is a good policy. Another thing to consider is that although it would be unavoidable and I guess a necessary evil, if candidates do not resign early enough, then they are being paid by taxpayers to campaign and they are not getting any work done. So again, I love the policy.
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So when is Reverend Kabbie Kanu going to resign from "governance" in the same vein as Alpha Khan?

Bra do not wait too long before this opportunity passes you by. You are more presidential than the tainted Alpha.

For me, VP Foh is my man on the APC side. Too bad I cannot vote for him as a diasporan.

Hopefully the new constitution will give diasporans like me, the vote in na we Saro in the near future.
Bra Mayima
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And when is Sengbe going to resign to run as an APC candidate?
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Resign from what?

Sengbe is NOT under that sort of obligation, for the simple fact that he is not an official in the APC-led GoSL.

When are you going to resign from your APC-induced affiliation in the governance structure of Saro before making the leap?
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I see where Bra Mayima is coming from. Some of us believe that Sengbe is qualified to lead to the APC to the polls next year.  All the guys that are fighting for power in the APC do not have the charisma of a Sengbe.  Thus, Sengbe resigning from his job now and returning to Saro gives him an ample time to make familiarity tours around the country and erect a formidable platform for victory in 2018.  It's a win-win situation.  Simple as that.
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Thanks for the confidence and honor you have bestowed upon me, Pa Beresford Cole. I appreciate it very much. But Sengbe is the consummate SLPPian, so why should he run on an APC ticket. Perhaps Maada Bio, as a king-maker, can arrange for me to take his place, since he cannot win a national election, to pair up with KKY, so that we can give the APC a shellacking at the polls in 2018, on behalf of the SLPP. That would be the only incentive I'd adhere to in order to resign from my lucrative job in the USA and return home to Saro.

What do you think, Beresford?
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Well, Sengbe, you may be a die-hard SLPP but before there was an SLPP, there was a Saro.  Thus, some of us in the APC want to start a movement to draft you for the presidency. We believe that going through the APC does nothing negative to Sengbe's national identity.

As you know very well, the APC is very thin in the Southeast.  And with the SLPP experiencing a crisis of leadership, never has it been so good for a Southeastern APC or a Sengbe, for that matter, to win Saro's presidency.

Furthermore, it is crystal clear that many of the guys vying for the flagbearer position of both SLPP and APC have little or no credibility.  For example, while Maada Bio cannot win national elections in Saro due to the excess baggage that he carries, KKY lacks the capacity to energize the Southeast.   Correspondingly, all the Northern APC candidates are not liked in the Southeast and in the Western area..  This creates the opportunity for Sengbe.

Sengbe can win the presidency with the APC.
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Pa Beresford Cole! you make a lot of sense in that analysis. Something to seriously ponder about.

But me cozin na the APC VP presently. Ar nor know if ee day run for the APC flag, ehn me na card-carrying member of the SLPP; a for cross-carpet now?

Come to think about it, me Papa bin join me na APC in absentia, way back in 1968 way Pa Sheki bin day rule ehn me bin day na UK. Ar nor know if ar bin cherr da membership card or waytin bin happen to ram. Anyway based on the misrule way occur during the one-party tem, ar follow PNP, me Uncle Maigore een party, ehn then join SLPP back way PNP join SLPP, so me na SLPPian from da tem day.

Again you make a lot sense, Bra Beresford. More strategic power to you Bra.

You go be me Chief of Staff? 
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