After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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"Back to being a good Krio boy."  Olu.

Olu is a Bombali krio.  LOL!!!
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Bai Bureh
Reply with quote  #33 
I will be back to do what I fancy and enjoy most! I will be back to the old ways of kicking green butts as in 2007. So excited! But first let the flagbearers make themselves known. I am just wondering what issues the palmtree boys will cling to since the red brigade's achievements far outweigh its anomalies. On the palmtree boys' side, it is unprecedented that the reds as the incumbents have a lot of issues at hand rendering the former unsuitable to steer the ship taking a cue from their horrible and obnoxious performance as an opposition.There has never been such an irresponsible opposition in our country's history. I can't wait!
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Bai Bureh, Try and be objective , even the so called illiterate in Sierra Leone can see that Apc has not delivered on their election promises  over the pasts ten years and  their record is dismal at best. In most democracies like USA & Britain, if the  benefits do not reach to the majority of population which are not  on the higher end of the totem pole, voters will revolt and boot them out. ( Trump and Brexit)

The people are tired of the terrible conditions in Sierra Leone. Construction of roads and airports has no effect on individuals when they have no food to eat. The election is SLPP's to lose , if they can unite and select a flag bearer candidate that can attract voters from outside the southern and eastern strongholds.  If SLPP can win Freetown , the election is over.

Sierra Leone voters need blood candidates from both parties. They want a break from the corrupt and dictatorial elements in both parties.  Yes , we need individuals who can objectively criticize each party.
Golden SLPP era
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Have the voters got a golden SLPP era to hark back to? That is the big question that will be in voters' minds come 2018.
Bai Bureh
Reply with quote  #36 
OrKama so tell us how the SLPP can boot the APC out. At least we have concrete evidences of APC achievements unlike the phantom nar-wi-bin-plan-am palmtree achievements.While the people of Salone are busy enjoying an unprecedented overflow of infrastructural development,you are busy deluding yourself that they are unappreciative.Right now there is a whiff of development in every nook and cranny of the country! So what is going to be the SLPP's message? Corruption? Hard times? High costs of living? That will be the most clich├ęd,efficacious,monotonous or banal message ever conveyed in an election.

Corruption,corruption, corruption! My brother this is a worldwide phenomenon that is not going away soon.

Recounting Kabba's zeal in trying to stamp out corruption!He made a lot of old-steam-locomotive-like noises. Much to the dismay of the west the  regime of the western-trained lawyer cum ex- UN diplomat turned out to be the first corruption model ever in Salone's history and one of the record-making and trail-blazing corrupt countries in Africa. Most Saloneans will agree with me that Kabba's era was the era of the disappearing donation and aid money-filled briefcases and that too in mosques.

 In retrospect EBK's campaign was on the same premise:after so much huffing and puffing we still lost millions of leones ostensibly used to purchase ferries to alleviate commuters' sufferings. The horrible ferries did not even cover mileages of 2000 km. The only difference here is inspite of corruption EBK still manages to leave a legacy of enviable proportions. At least EBK and his cabal have been magninimous to leave us a modern infrastructure, sustainable facilities in both medical, educational and defence departments as well as dynamic and impactful instituitions. In contrast Kabba and his southeastern-controlled regime grubbed whatever money came their way.

Hard times! High costs of living!!It is the same all over the world.Globalisation at work! Remember the opening of the EU borders to eastern Europe? Most funds meant for poor African countries were diverted. The APC has been smart enough to educate the people such that even the diamint peddler along Sani Abacha Street or the Bush meat peddler in Kailahun or Pujehun are well-versed in the phenomenon. Tough luck SLPP.
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I haven't been home for the last 3 years but I need to hurry up and visit so I can enjoy this massive infrastructure development I keep hearing about.

I look forward to my plane landing a going right up to the gate so I can walk off the plane and into the terminal building.

I look forward to catching a modern, comfortable ferry with free on board wifi so I can skype my wife to let her know I landed safely.

I look forward to catching the Dubai style monorail to whisk me home on a smooth ride. 

I look forward to driving past the brand new multi story low cost housing developments that I know we must surely now have in every district seeing as we are over $2 billion in debt. If not, then we must at least have several brand new youth hostels to help give young people a good start in life?

I look forward to visiting our waterfronts to see the Miami style waterfront infrastructure developments, with high end fashion retail shops juxtaposed with bars and restaurants.

I look forward to enjoying the 24 / 7 electricity that the whole country must now be serviced with. After all we will not be shouting from the rooftops if we hadn't been able to do at least that. Tiny Caribbean Islands with no natural resources have been able to do this. 

I look forward to filling up the paddling pool I sent for my young nieces and nephews to enjoy. We do have 24 / 7 pipe borne water don't we?

I look forward to hanging out with family and friends at the brand new shopping complexes and maybe catching a movie at the 10 screen multiplex. This is after all a sure sign that a country has developed its infrastructure.

I look most forward to catching a train to go to my home town. Can anyone tell me where online I can buy train tickets from Freetown to the Provinces? This is one infrastructure development I do want to make the most of. 

What? You telling me none of this is in place? What's all the noise about then? Roads? Roads are good and credit where it is due but is this really the limit of our ambition as a nation? 

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A wishful stretch, bro!
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #39 
For the first time since you began participating here, you used rhetoric rather than sincerity to persuade others that your party is better.
However, the reality is different.
If we're to do a thorough comparative analysis of both parties, we'll discover that the current APC government out-performed the SLPP with huge margin.
Yes, we as a country supposed to have acquired the things you mentioned if only the 2 parties had a sense of direction. On the contrary, these parties has been serious liabilities in our country with no strong sign of getting rid of them.
Aboki Davies
Reply with quote  #40 
Korthor Eddie the most sensible thing our people can do is getting rid of the stubbornly-traditional SLPP. Since 2006 a new APC was born and the impact is there for all to see. The SLPP is keeping the party in the southeast when it should have been in the north and the same old players wearing the same jerseys. The SLPP is an old-fashioned party that still harbours the same old static ideologies with no signs of modernisation. The earlier we deactivate the party the better it will be for our country.
Eddie Grant
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Aboki Davies,
If we talk about getting rid of old parties in the country, it's just fair to mention both the APC as well as the SLPP.
You cannot justify your claims that the APC is new, including it's ideology and membership therefore better. If we take a measure of astuteness of the old and new APC, we will find that the new is worse.
Let me explain why: during the old APC, technology we know today was at it's infancy therefore we cannot blaim for not having robust systems in place to combat this perennial threat of corruption. Secondly, the country was so unpopular that we were invisible into most donors radars.
So the old APC can perhaps justify the reason they were unable to keep up with our contemporary needs. With the new APC however, everything was made conducive for modernisation of the country. The government have been the top recipient of bilateral funding from around the world than any other government in our history. The BBC reported that Sierra Leone have received a total of US$18 billion in loans and other bilateral funds between 2007 to 2014.
If this is true, can you consider the current infrastructure to be commensurate with the funding we received?
Most times its the people themselves that normalises our appalling situation by continously over rating our parties performance when in governance.
Reply with quote  #42 
@Eddie Grant,

My last post was in response to the claims of huge infrastructural developments under APC. I think it is therefore right to point out the APC shortcomings in that regard. That's not to say SLPP have done much better but they are not the ones making claims that cannot be backed up.
Kallay Kallay
Reply with quote  #43 

I have gone through your list of expectations with keen interest.  Unlike you, I have been to Sierra Leone three times in the last two years.  I am therefore in a good position to talk about the grandiose modernization scheme that the great APC has brought to our country in the last nine years.

When your plane lands, you will be taken by bus to the terminal building.  Since you will be traveling from Miami, make sure you have lower denominations of US dollars in your pocket - $1, $5 and $10.  The immigration officer processing you may not have had anything to eat in the last couple of days and would therefore expect you to take care of him relative to food.  Ditto the customs officers and all the "battle men" on the ground.  They are all malnourished in the midst of grand economic achievements of the powerful APC.

If you are going to take the ferry to Freetown, expect to ride in an uninsured 'beat up' vehicle with an unlicensed driver to Tagrin Ferry terminal.   The Ferry's schedule is chaotic.  But if you are lucky to find one, it will be one of those ferries that has been running since the 1970s.  As you embark, don't forget to say your prayers because chances are that the ferry will get stuck at mid sea.  

Alternatively, there are uninsured speed boats plowing the route from Lungi to Aberdeen.  They charge $40 for the trip.  You should also say your prayers as you board because these boats are an accident waiting to happen.

Now, you are in the great city of Freetown.  Assuming that you arrived by ferry and that you are going to stay in the East End, you will have it relatively easy because the ferry terminal is already in the East End.  But if you will be heading for the West End, add two hours to your travel time.  It will take you forever to get home.  And for all the talk about road construction, the streets of Freetown are a disgrace to the APC.  Never have I seen a party that loves to live in filth than the APC.

Electricity and water supply operate on a rationing basis.  And in humble neighborhoods, there is neither electricity nor water supply.  Folks have to improvise whichever way possible.

Since you are a football guy, if you are going to watch a game at the Siaka Stevens stadium, make sure you use the bathroom before leaving home.  The bathrooms even in the presidential stands are terrible.  But I guess Ernest Koroma does not mind that as long as he has money to steal.

Bo and Makeni are better cities to live.  They are not congested.  Moreover, they are not as filthy as Freetown.  The night life in these towns are also great.  But everywhere you go in Salone, the levels of malnutrition are alarming.  Government workers, if they are paid at all, receive dirt cheap wages.  I had a beautiful police woman flag me as I cruised in my 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser  on the Freetown-Makeni Highway on the eve of Christmas.  My crime?  Driving While Wealthy (DWW).  She asked me for her Christmas gift.   I laughed hilariously and pretended that I knew her.  I reached into my bag where I usually keep the depreciated Leones and gave her some.  She thanked me profusely and I drove  off.

Lastly, as you pack your bags for the trip home, don't forget to take with you pain killers like Motrin, Tylenol or Advil.  These will come in handy if you have a headache that may be caused by traffic congestions, dusty roads or the starving masses of people begging you for money where ever you go.  Moreover, the health care system is in shambles.  The APC has made it worse not only by nurturing Ebola but also by stealing all the Ebola money that was donated by the International Community.

To sum up, the APC are the best thing to ever have happened to Salone.  They have modernized Salone with a first rate infrastructural scheme that is second to none in the world.  They deserve more time in office to transform Salone into a heaven where all the angels will be singing alleluia and glory be to god as the mighty DMK lands at the Freetown International Airport in Lungi.
SLPP grammar
Reply with quote  #44 
"To sum up, the APC are the best thing to ever have happened to Salone."
Teacher Tobias
Reply with quote  #45 
SLPP Grammar,

Please give us the correct version of that sentence.  It will be good to learn from you.
Peeper Jackson
Reply with quote  #46 
Teacher Tobias really?  If you don't see what is wrong with that sentence then you need to get out of the classroom. Lol.
Reply with quote  #47 
I miss those good old days, says Sage. 
No you don't. Sage is responsible for weeding out APCareans to give SLPPers the advantage.
Now Bintumani Forum is mostly SLPP and clearly SLPP leaning. Are you satisfied?

I know she will ban me again like she did many times in the past for been APC. She made me her nemesis. 
Aboki Davies
Reply with quote  #48 
Kallay Kallay with all your sarcasms and derisions you have not addressed, deconstruct or rebutt a single point in Bai Bureh's post. You have to be explicit rather than hiding behind the satirical curtains.Let me issue a caveat here: APCerians are more than ready to take on any palmtree brat and dish out the worst butt-kicking transcending all imgainations. No rhetoric, no hoax! This is for real!Bring it on!
Free Guy
Reply with quote  #49 
Aboki Davies of Port Loko,

Kallay Kallay was only sarcastic in the last paragraph of his comments.  It is you APC guys that should have the burden to rebut what Kallay Kallay wrote.  It should not be the other way round.

I live in Freetown and can relate to Kallay Kallay's comments.
Reply with quote  #50 
You are very perceptive, AFK. Bye now, lol.
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