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Gbose Gbose
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The House of Parliament has voted in favor of a Commission of Inquiry

Yes:  76

Nay: 60

Void:  2

Five members did not vote as they were on official duty outside of parliament. 

Ernest Koroma ihm laimpay don begin FREEZE.  King Loggy and Musa Kenema, where are you?  Hehehehehe
Tiff-Tiff God Laff
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Aday Buy Or
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Cosa Nostra
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Pa Yanssaneh's gaze last night after the votes calling for an inquiry into the epic daylight robbery of SL by the Koroma mafia cheered on by his sychophants. 
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OK, let us have the inquiry to documents the facts. After that I am hoping president Bio will pardon these sorry asses. There is much we need to do to restore sanity and hope in our country. We don't have time to squander on a pathetic bunch.
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"After that I am hoping president Bio will pardon these sorry asses."  Knice


Pray tell me why you would want president Bio to pardon folks that are guilty of corruption?  What message does that send to the suffering masses of Sierra Leoneans? 
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Kamabai, I am hoping that Sierra Leoneans will get the message that we are poised to focus on rebuilding our country and to unite our people. Look, I have no empathy for corruption, but at some point someone has to be magnanimous enough to forgive, and steer our focus to the far too much that has to be done. How long must we continue this negative tit for tat? When are we going to give top billing to our national recovery and progress? If not now, when?
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KNICE, stop wasting time with these dreamers. A commission can be approved all right but only dreamers will believe EBK, the untouchable, is going anywhere but live happily ever after with his stolen dough. The man even has the fuk fuk to return and stay home with all the crap about arresting him and seizing his assets. I feel sorry for Salone as those you expect to have learned enough about our crooked politicians really don't. EBK and Bio are thieves and Bio knows very well that going after EBK is signing his death warrant. Bo make we yerri far!
No L...
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Orwaii, KL made a point which he has every right to do in a Public Fora like this, so why the insults?
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The whole  issue depends on  the goal of the commission of  inquiry.  Do you just want to punish APC for thievery  or do you want collect the maximum amount of funds stolen by APC? ? If you  want  to collect the maximum amount  of money stolen by the APC criminals, you are   better of utilizing a carrot and stick approach. Be magnanimous  and reduce the sentences for  the individuals who return  the maximum amount of funds stolen. funds. You know the current government  needs the funds to operate and provide for the citizens of nation.

What benefit is there in locking up Ernest Koroma  in jail for 20 years if he does not return the hundreds of millions he illegally stole from Sierra Leone. Who benefits? , definitely not the poor of Sierra Leone.

SLPP needs to show that they not as vindictive as APC. Remember SLPP's victory was narrow.
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