After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Musa Kenema
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Salone Baby
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She will never be president. She is very much like Hillary Clinton. Brilliant, patriotic but not liked. The smell of corruption hangs around her and also that she isn't really personable will make a difficult path for her. I see her teaming up with Kaifala Marah to make a winning team.
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Its a shame my party SLPP haven't put any women forward for the leadership. The male presidents/prime ministers we have had so far from both parties have all collectively failed us. Why not try something different?
Spectator 007
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@DMK: Please provide names of potential female SLPP presidential candidates.
Spectator 007
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@MK: ZB polled just 0.6% in the 2002 presidential elections. Other third party candidates like JKS, Thambangs, and CFM have done far better. Does she have a base?,_2002
Teacher Lambert
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"@DMK: Please provide names of potential female SLPP presidential candidates."  Spectator 007.


Kadie Sesay, Ph.D
Bernadette Lahai, Ph.D
Navo Kaikai
Lucretia Sherriff
I.J. Kabbah
Spectator 007
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Teacher Lambert,

Thanks for weighing in.

Some thoughts on the list of female candidates you posted

Kadie Sesay, Ph.D: Isn't she very ill right now? She does not seem to have a base. Added very few northern voters in the 2012 presidential election

Bernadette Lahai, Ph.D: From what I have read, her colleagues in parliament no longer have confidence in her to serve as Minority leader. Not on good terms with the brigadier.

Navo Kaikai: She is new. Does she have a strong base in the east?

Lucretia Sheriff: Never hear of her. Did a search and didn't come up with anything meaningful other than she was an SLPP women's leader or something of the sort

I.J. Kabbah: The Brigadier will ensure she never succeeds

Late Elizabeth Alpha Lavallie seemed to have more clout than these women
Salone Baby
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Why don't they court a woman like Isatta Wurie? I am shocked that I've never seen her interested in SLPP given her husband was even a candidate FB.
Spectator 007
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Salone Baby, Isatta runs a successful medical lab but have never read or heard about her involvement in politics. Can you please provide some information in this regard?
Salone Baby
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Spectator that's what I'm trying to say. She is quite successful in what she does and has been quietly helping to build biomedical capacity in the country. Fighting for USAID funds for the country. Somebody like her should be in government. Its a shame the president doesn't pick the best people, if he did Isatta would be in his cabinet. But coming back to the question, Isn't Alpha Wurie, her husband a bigwig in SLPP? And if I remember rightly wasn't he a flagbearer candidate before the 2012 election?
Spectator 007
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Salone Baby,

Yes indeed, Alpha is a bigwig, who bagged 2 votes at the 2011 presidential primary

Scroll to the bottom of the page after u open link below
Teacher Lambert
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Salone Baby & Specky,

If this lady (Isata Wurie) is doing well in the medical sector, why should she go into politics?  Politics, especially African politics is not for everybody.  Is she not contributing to growth in the sector where she is operating?
Fen Plaba!
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I hear Isata Wurie also runs a small cookery shop on the side. For one cookery plate at Sabuya, I will vote for her.
Zainab Bangura is running? Well, she is quite accomplished. I also have forensic evidence that she and Sylvia Blyden are both cut from the same cloth, i.e, bats*it crazy!
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Bats*it crazy...

What's that?
Talk Talk
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Definitely not presidential material. She is not that smooth heheh. Let her not give up her day job. 

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Talk Talk go sidom saful wit you orkobo. Not presidential material my okuru dog's foot.
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I don't know all the ladies @Teacher Lambert mentioned but there are definitely some good names on his list. I also agree with @Salone Baby about Isata Wurie. I'm a big admiring of her and her husband partly because I'm in a similar field and I know just how important diagnostic science is to modern medicine. They have done a fantastic job.
Talk Talk
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#Macbeth how is she presidential material? Please outline. Compared to the rest of the aspirants
Talk Talk
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#Macbeth you write like titi MotMot. Same kind curse curse
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