After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Samura Kamara-or Death!!
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Bintumani, 3!

For all of you APC haters and enemies of progress on this tupit forum, let me say this as sunshinily clear as possible, 2018 is the year of Samura Kamara, whether you like it or not!!
This excellent doctor has done more to Sierra Leone than all the generations of SLPP so-called brainiacs put together. Infact, Dr Samura Kamara should be given the Nobel Prize for Politics. 

1) It is Dr Samura Kamara who is the sole genius brain of the most patriotic slogan ever in Sierra Leonean politics: The Agenda For Prosperity. It is this set of free market principles that has resulted in Sierra Leone becoming a vibrant economy that is the envy of Africa. With the agenda for prosperity, Sierra leoneans today are in a far better economic space than they ever were during the SLPP's political holocaust. People like Paul Kagame of Rwanda even consulted with Samura Kamara to help turn Rwanda around. 
Today, everything is plentiful in Sierra Leone. Dr Samura has been working in the economy since 1994 through all the regimes that have ensued. The fact that everybody wants him to serve is testament of his political agility and prolific genius.

Today Sierra Leone has more infrastructural achievements than ever, thanks to Dr Samura. And he already has 200 slogans that he plans to unleash when he becomes president- slogasns that will make the economy's head spin and cause it to be bigger than ever as it expands and generates jobs for all.

We in APC have already seen the results. Jobs galore; millionaires galore; businesses aplenty. The only people who are fornicating with willful lies about our economic performance that was willed by Dr Samura Kamara are the SLPP folks. These green folks are a lost cause. Their hatred for APC has caused them to become politically blind.
As a result, they cannot see the gruesomely wonderful achievements of Dr Samura Kamara. Even the doctor's sweet compliments about women have been spun by SLPP into sexual harassment and aggression.

1) Everybody in Sierra Leone is happy, but SLPP is deliberately distorting the picture, spreading propaganda and cheap lies that APC has not done a damned thing for the country. Unpatriotic hobos!

2) There are jobs that were brought in by Mining companies that are generating jobs for young people. Thank you Doc Samura. Devilish SLPP and NGC propagandists have instead brainwashed gullible gainfully-employed Sierra Leoneans into believing that they are unemployed and that things are hard. Sierra Leoneans can be so ungrateful!

3) Every night, sanitation crews ply the streets of Freetown, sweeping and scrubbing them until they are lick-spittle clean. But before the break of day, witchy SLPPers, using WhatsApp from America, send their witches to dirty the streets again with all sorts of rubbish and fecal spreads, in a satanic effort to discredit APC and our leader Dr Samura Kamara. God will hammer them!

4) APC has constructed roads in all the regions of Sierra Leone, but SLPP and NGC are on the move again, scraping the tar off the road to use in their village coal pots, and snapping pictures of local bush paths and telling the world that APC has not done any work. Fie SLPP!

5) Dr Samura is the architect of the economic miracle that is Sierra Leone. May God give him long life so that he can continue doing to us what he has been doing for the past 25 years, and give us even more agendas for prosperity and millions.

6) Dr Samura secured 400 million dollars for the airport at Mamama, but as soon as the money was put in the Central Bank, SLPP robbers robbed the bank under gunpoint and stole all the money and blamed it on our precious and god-fearing Dr. Samura and Dr. Ernest Koroma. Rev. Kabs Kanu has the evidence in Cocorioko and collaborators of this crime. We will expose them when the time is right. We know who you are. Just you wait!!!
APC! SLPP will never rule Sierra Leone again. All Samura tolongbo!!
Samura K!!
Kabs K Yes!!!!
God bless. If Samura is not rewarded with the presidency, God will swear Sierra Leone. 
Spectator 007
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Wetin make u drop Paopa diehard rap?

Wis tem u go begin KKY rap?

Ar geh for buy u book wit u original John Hancock wae u geh tem.
Specky 007-or-bust!
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Mr. Spectator,007, dis iz Paopa diehard! I ams not who you tell i am! I am paopa to the hardest cores. i am not samura paopa or yumkells paopa! I am meself!! Paopa extremist paopa Dr excelent mada bio of Saralone. Lonta. By d way, i know somebody who knows someone called the guy who writes books. I will make sure that he send u autographic book.
Thanks and thank you.
Its me
Paopa diehard!!!
Spectator 007
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Paopa diehard
Di Oga kpata kpata
At troway salute for Oga
Na u we dae hail
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