After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Siaka Moody
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When a general abandons his troops and defects to the enemy, bad things are bound to happen.

General Sengbe Konouwah has spent years on internet forums hurling invectives at the despicable All People's Congress (APC).  But there appears now to be a softening of that tone, which reminds me very much of John Leigh, who my Themne brethren call Korthor Yohn Leigh.

John Leigh once coined the phrase "nation destroyers" to refer to the APC.  Indeed, according to Korthor Yohn, the APC policies under Siaka Stevens induced a massive capital flight from Sierra Leone.  Big time foreign investors like BATA, CFAO, etc left Sierra Leone, thereby precipitating a massive rise in the rate of unemployment, which eventually led to economic collapse in Sierra Leone.

Leigh proclaimed his candidacy for the SLPP flag bearer elections in 2005 with the vow that he will rid Sierra Leone of corruption and restore growth and development.  Leigh was badly battered in those elections, coming last.  He cried foul and vowed to run again.

He founded the Bintumani Forum, which he tried to use as a campaign platform.  He conducted dubious polls on Bintumani, which showed him polling ahead of all the other SLPP flag bearer aspirants.  Thus, Leigh went to the 2011 SLPP convention with a false sense of security that he will win the flag bearer elections.  His behind was easily handed to him on a platter as he received only two votes.  Humiliated, he decided to quit the SLPP.  Many thought he was quitting politics but surprised all when he announced his intentions of joining the APC.

On a sunny day in 2012 John Leigh's rite of passage to the APC was performed at the APC party headquarters at Old Railway Line in Freetown.  Performing the ceremony was then APC kingpin, Samuel Samsumana.  And in attendance were notorious APC thugs, Leatherboot and Foday Government Wharf, who had now become Leigh's friends.

Leigh spotted a dapper suit and wore a new APC hat as other APC attendees sang the orwaii orsaii song.   The ceremony closed with congratulatory messages to Leigh.  One of the harshest critics of the APC was now APC.

Interestingly, many are surprised that Leigh has actually become a nonentity in the APC.  The man has suddenly disappeared from the party and political landscape.  What happened?  One theory holds that Ernest Koroma doesn't trust folks jumping from the SLPP to the APC.  He will welcome them but will ensure that he kills their political careers.  Apart from Leigh, other good examples are Osman Boie Kamara, Sembu Koroma and Kaddie Johnson-Cole.  All have been relegated to the dustin of Salone politics.  Is that where General Konouwah is headed?

General Sengbe Konowah was born SLPP and grew up on a steady diet of that party.  But after years of publicly lambasting the APC and vowing to one day lead the SLPP to the polls, Sengbe of Bo School has now softened his tone.  In fact he is actually wishing the APC victory.

What has gone wrong with the learned professor?  He wants his APC cousin to become president so that goodies will flow to their chiefdom.  But is that a professorial way of thinking?  What about the rest of the impoverished masses?

Say it ain't so Kothor Sengbe Konouwah.

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Siaka Moody one sentence for you: Sengbe is more intelligent and pragmatic unlike you.
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It ain't so, Boss Siaka Moody!! Read my responses again in the other threads.

So now, Bo School, Jimmi Bagbo, ancestral political affiliations / leanings (grounded in stone), are synonymous with present-day SLPP activism?


Not in my case, especially since I am geographically restricted to tangibly offer any meaningful changes through the ballot box relative to the SLPP (save for participatory financial offerings). Why is this so hard to understand by intelligent folks?

Equating my current stance to those of folks mentioned by Siaka Moody is NOTWITHSTANDING in this case. Please give me the room needed for me to breathe freely as I deem fit. That is what freedom of expression in the democratic sense means to me. How about you?

Thank you Bra Bimbola for understanding my points of view relative to (political) pragmatism. The detractors can go suck on an egg for all I care.
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"Please give me the room needed for me to breathe freely as I deem fit. That is what freedom of expression in the democratic sense means to me. How about you?"  Sengbe


Is Siaka Moody not also exercising his freedom of expression by being critical of you?  Remember, you criticized John Leigh when he left the SLPP for APC.  Not that I am suggesting that you are about to leave the SLPP.  But given your fundamental stance on party politics in Sierra Leone, for you to even remotely suggest that there exists a situation when you will root for the APC is reprehensible to say the least.
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I don't think Sengbe is talking of leaving SLPP, even if uncle Foe does become the APC flag bearer. My understanding of his position is that he will wish Foe well if he is the candidate and even hope that he wins but he hasn't actually said he will support APC. For instance he will probably still support SLPP parliamentary candidates.
Spectator 007
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In the US it is not uncommon for voters to vote for a presidential candidate from one party and vote for senators and congressmen from another party.

Remember Reagan Democrats? They voted for Reagan a republican for President but most of their other votes went to the democrats.

Donald Trump's son-in-law was a democrat when Trump ran. Today he is one of Trump's closest advisors.

In Salone, if you do that, you risk being labeled a traitor, a sell-out, or worse, like having the s$!t beaten out of you.

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General Konouwah is not desertingq his troops but giving them a tactical, strategic and operational direction, for their betterment and survival. The troops have to adapt to short and significant changes and follow their General without any queries because he is the master planner.
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My concern is not whether Sengbe leaves the SLPP for the APC or not; my concern is whether Sengbe will request for favors, political or otherwise,  from an APC presudent. 
Jimmi Bagbo
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It is appalling that Siaka Moody's point is lost on some of you guys.   Moody is not saying that General Sengbe is leaving the SLPP for APC.  What Moody is arguing is that given the General's growth path/process as a Crown Prince in Jimmi Bagbo, it is repugnant for him to wish the opponent good luck in Salone's elections.  It doesn't matter if that opponent is a relative or not.

Sengbe grew up in royalty within the confines of SLPP privilege - Jimmi Bagbo chieftaincy, Bo School, Bo Town.  And he assumed the Generalship with a determination to lead the SLPP against the APC.  A General cannot wish the enemy victory in battle as  the General risks being fired at, plain and simple.

General Sengbe's freedom of expression is respected.  But with that freedom comes responsibilities, paramount of which is to lead his troops to victory in war.
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Many thanks to the forumites who thoroughly understood my point of view regarding this issue.

General Colin Powell is a Republican, but voted TWICE for Barack Obama, a Democrat, as PoTUS. He retains membership of the Republican Party up to this day.

How many families in this dunia have the solid opportunity to field one of their members for the leadership of a nation - any nation? Very, very few.

So when the opportunity arises as a possibility what does one do? Cut you nose in order to spite your face? Not I, Sengbe, especially since this pragmatism is mainly speculative in nature. It is NOT grounded in a boulder/stone/cement.

So let the misunderstanding detractors go suck on a rotten egg, as mentioned earlier.

Remember! there are NO PERMANENT friends in politics.
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@ KL:

"...My concern is not whether Sengbe leaves the SLPP for the APC or not; my concern is whether Sengbe will request for favors, political or otherwise,  from an APC presudent..." KL

What sort of "favors" are you alluding to, especially since I do not reside oberyanda?

I am very well situated in the USA, and I have been for many, many years longer than my situation in SL, so what would I need as a favor from an APC president? 

The only thing I can think of right now is to give him or her some very sound advice in moving the nation forward into modern times based on my experiences living in the diaspora. Nothing else! A relative as president will be more amenable to put that sort of advise into practice than a stranger. Hence my support of Cousin VBF than the Brigadier if that comes to pass eventually.

Norto all man habhope pan the crumbs life dishes out from polirickcians. U na one of dem pipul denday? Norto me oh!
Lucas the Politician
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And cousin VBF is a red hot APC while the Brigadier is SLPP.  So Sengbe of Bo School will slay the Brigadier who is SLPP and destroy the SLPP, the party of Sengbe's father, for the APC to win?  Wonders never cease.
Cotton Tree
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Bo go butt Cotton Tree, if ee hart u!

Cormot behen the Bra, ee don torke ee torke.
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Sengbe, I accept your explanation but if the opportunity greets you will you or will you not lobby the president for infrastructural development for your hometown? 
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I WILL NOT HAVE TO LOBBY FOR INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF MY HOMETOWN IF VP VBF BECOMES THE PRESIDENT OF SL. IT WOULD BE DONE INNATELY BY HIM. Hence my tacit selfish support of him in this case. Do you now understand why I would support his candidature over my own SLPP candidate (Bio, perhaps)?

Same reason why Colin Powell, a black man, supported and voted for Obama, another black man, for PotUS on two occasions. Before Obama, no black man has ever been catapulted to the Presidency of the USA. In my case, no one from my hometown/chiefdom/district has ever been elected President of Saro in my or any lifetime, so why should I miss this opportunity if it presents itself in the future. I will not run, nor shy away from this truism come hell or high water!

Papa God, why dem boy ya so tranga yase so ba? Please sorry for dem!

No thanks for accepting my explanation. It is just common sense, which does not seem to be so common amongst misunderstanding forumites on the Bintu.

CHAII! Me don tire for ansa tupit query dem from detractors, so na Polly ee las word ar day use: OH!!!

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Why are you so defensive,  Sengbe?
Spectator 007
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Breaking ranks with one's own party to support someone from an opposing camp carries huge risks. The backlash from party members who are guided by ideology and or party loyalty could be ferocious. No explanation for such a decision would satisfy them.This is something an independent need not worry about.

Colin Powell was accused by hard core conservatives of being a RINO (republican in name only) and that he was only supporting Obama because of race. I sometimes wonder if he would have supported Hillary over McCain had she been the nominee.

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Specky, no one is more aware of this than Sengbe. But the man is always in denial. 

Meanwhile, infrastructural development for Jimmy Bagbo, according to Sengbe, "WOULD BE DONE INATELY" by his hometown boy if he become president. Makes you wonder how a genius EBK is for what he's doing in Makeni. I bet you Sengbe hates his guts for improving his hometown. 
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No one should hate Sengbe for doing what he wants to do.  But the man's reasons for doing it are very childish and immature.

'I will support and vote for the APC because of my cousin'

'I will vote for my APC cousin because he will bring development to my village and chiefdom'

To have a fully grown man who has once thought about leading the SLPP to the polls thinking in this manner is reprehensible.  Does this man have really have the entirety of Salone at heart?
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