After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Momodu Fula Tong
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"Mende, Mende, Mende tay go. Who is fooling who?"  Yusif #08


It is statements like those that lead to chaos.  The president is trying very hard to unite Sierra Leoneans and you are here in the United States making statements that have the potential to throw Sierra Leone into conflict.

There is already a large number of Northerners in president Bio's cabinet.  And president Bio has appointed more Themnes to ministerial and deputy ministerial positions than Ernest Koroma ever did in his entire ten years in office.

Also, your threat of the emergence of a new APC that can be a force to reckon with rings hollow.  We have heard those words before.  And you have to be careful with your plan to take on the entrenched old guard.  The old guard as you know very well, has money and the backing of violent thugs.  These thugs may attack you upon landing at Lungi airport.  Do I really have to tell you about how violent your party is? 

Let's put it this way.  If you are in your sixties, as I suspect, then you have already seen your last APC government.  I expect the SLPP to be in office for a very long time.  But there is still time for to call your former classmate, president Bio, and offer your services.  That is better than going around and behaving like a bonga rarray man.  
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Sixties??? Ha, ha, ha. Better luck next time. By the way, I am in the same age strata with Bio. I one kick his Bo school soccer team to the curb, and will do so in politics.
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should read: "once"
Krio Boy
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"I one kick his Bo school soccer team to the curb, and will do so in politics."  Yusif #08

Yusif #08,

There is nothing wrong with dreaming.  But actualizing your dream is where the problem lies. Can you win the flag bearer position for the APC?

Why would you even want to soil your good name and character by associating with a despicable mob outfit like the APC?  How are you going to deal with that party's violence?

Korthor, being Themne does not necessarily mean that you must be APC.  Think about it Korthor, think about it.
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This is what separates visionary and transformative leaders to followers. Nothing is easy in this world. I like difficult tasks, because they keep me on my toes. If you believe in your vision and leadership you must forge ahead. I have prepared myself all of my life to be in the position of rescuing my people (Sierra Leoneans) from the socio-economic morass they find themselves. These people have been distressed since the times they were born to now, wondering where their next meal will come from, today, and the days ahead. Why should I abandoned this dream and vision and desist from helping them? I have cataloged most of my plans, which are subject to modification as times progress. I believe..., God believes..., and my friends and family believe...

However, the "rule of law" must run supreme where no one should believe they are above the law. Our constitution must be our sacred guide to ensure that all are equal before the law, which is the same as how all humans are equals in the eyes of God. The laws of God reign supreme, why not our's? 

My intentions are genuine with no ulterior motives.  
Krio Boy
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Korthor Yusif,

Thanks for the detailed response.  I have no doubt that you are an ambitious man and that you have goals that you intend to pursue in politics.  But let's be realistic, Korthor.  How could the APC elect/select a political novice as its flag bearer?  You and I know how that party operates.  Can you explain how are going to upend all the guys that have entrenched themselves in that party?
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I intend to defy the odds. Like DT, no one believed he would pull off the [2016] upset victory, but he did. Never allow anyone to derail your dreams/ambitions. Stick with your plan. It is not a one day approach to resolving these issues, it is a process. You take things one day at a time, with precision. Then you will start to see results.

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