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Joe Joseph
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These are the shameless men who were bribed by Ernest Koroma to take us backward. Here are the justices who were bribed during the Sam Sumana case.
Justice Eku Thomas
Justice Valecious Thomas
Justice Browne Marke
Justice Vivian Solomon
Justice Patrick Hamilton.
These people are hypocrites. They will do their best to destroy Sierra Leone while pretending to be upright. Very disgusting people. 
They Are All Creoles
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All the names of justices seen here are Creoles.
Pictures please
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Does anyone has pictures of these criminals? Please post if you do. These animals should not benefit from anonymity.

The scariest part in all this is that these common criminals actually pass around Freetown gloating that the are the Law. I think the next government should set example on these extremely corrupt and dangerous animals. They should be investigated, tried and locked up when found wanting. These are very high crimes.

Not even one of these gang members had a patriotic fibre in their ra$$es to say no to the bastardization of our nation's constitution.

Cornelius Hamelberg
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Joe Joseph,

Genesis 11: 1-9 is evidence of the Almighty strongly reprimanding self-aggrandisement and self- glorification.

We are supposed to fear God, not President Koroma. It’s disappointing to know that the judiciary that is supposed to help dispense justice  according to the laws of Sierra Leone , is according to you now in the pocket of Ernest Bai Koroma.,as you attest by naming those in the gallery of rogue  judges, as MKK would say, guilty of  committing “ skulduggery

We are yet to ascertain that Messrs

Justice Eku Thomas,

Justice Valecious Thomas

Justice Browne Marke

Justice Vivian Solomon

Justice Patrick Hamilton

were the judges who sat on the Sam Sumana case and that

according to you,“ were bribed by Ernest Koroma” , failing which you are guilty of slandering and libelling the President of Sierra Leone and five Sierra Leone High Court Judges, all presumed to be innocent unless proven otherwise.

How to Win Your Next Political Argument

Indeed, satire and the nuances of understatement are not his forte, but Sankara Kamara did write the following, without naming any names:

“ Indigenous Sierra Leoneans, like Creoles,  acted as confederates  within the judiciary when a democratically elected  Vice-President was controversially sacked by Ernest Koroma”  

So, dear Joe the question is, : Where is your proof that they “were bribed by Ernest Koroma” ?

The Struggle for Law

On a lighter note there is this joke (tribalism) :

One evening a Nazi judge arrived at his club looking very depressed.

“ What’s the matter with you?”  A colleague asked.

“I had a very difficult case today. A Nazi Party member stole 1,000 Reichsmarks from a Jew  and I was forced to sentence him to a whole day in prison.”

“ That isn’t too bad”, his colleague said.” After all, you had to maintain the appearance of Justice.”

“Oh, it's not the one-day sentence that depresses me, but rather the fact that I had to sentence  the Jew to five years in a concentration camp for tempting the poor Aryan with all that money.”

FAO Mr Hamelburg
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CH you have been away far too long.

This is irrefutable. The judges are known. Are you embarrassed that they are all supposedly "civilized and dignified" creoles being misused by a half-baked Limba boy.  What do you think their motivation was? To honor the Ekutay gang their superiors? Or are they simply not just outright unpatriotic,  cheap and morally bankrupt?

Each of these criminals wrote langa-langa sweet-nothings to justify their role in the blatant abuse of our nation's constitution. They should be publicly flogged like the common criminals that they are. Kiriyo or not! LOL
Kennet Eriksson
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Were the judges listed above your classmates at Prince of Wales?
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Originally Posted by FAO Mr Hamelburg
CH you have been away far too long. This is irrefutable. The judges are known. bankrupt?

Many thanks for the confirmation. I have no reason to not take your word for it, that those five scoundrels are the very ones who sat on the Sam-Sumana case, against their own conscience, trying to win the approval of their idol Ernest Bai  Koroma

Torah :  Justice, justice shall you pursue

Islam : Justice

I had thought that even for a layman like me, it was plain to see that Mr. President was too eager, too zealous and in too great a vindictive haste to nail his vice-President and when it happened ( a couple of years ago) the only cause of my initial doubt was the provision / possibility that one or two of the learned judges could  “err” in their judgement and that the learned judges could surely not be unanimous in their decision not to send  the president’s case down the drain but should choose to pervert justice instead?

The question is, are they indeed “learned judges”?
Are the qualified with the requisite essential of

Parshah Shoftim which deals with justice, the ethical roots of the Sierra Leone legal system.

Deuteronomy 16 : 18 - 19 reads :

18. Judges and officers shall you appoint in all your cities - which HASHEM, your God, gives you - for your tribes; and they shall judge the people with righteous judgement.

19.You shall not pervert judgement, you shall not respect someone’s presence, and you shall not accept  a bribe,  for the bribe will blind the eyes of the wise and make just words crooked

The commentary on these two verses is emphatic : “Most of the Sidrah deals with the commandments directed to the leaders of the nation,because their conduct has a powerful influence on the rest of the people, for good or bad, In addition, the Torah warns forcefully that decisions of the Sanhedrin must be obeyed( 17:10-13) , for God granted its sages the power to interpret the Torah’s laws on a day-to-day basis. If there were to be a breakdown of respect for their interpretation, the downfall of the nation would not be far behind. ;such a breakdown would lead to anarchy, with the Torah being fragmented into many Torahs,,

The mere appointment of personages to staff the courts is not sufficient; they must be qualified and righteous., so that they will judge honestly and correctly. If the community has a hand in appointing unqualified judges, God holds them all responsible for the resultant perversions of justice.”

Just now, after reading the learned, former Sierra Leone Attorney-General and later on  Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Chief Justice of Belize Abdulai O Conteh’s submission to President Koroma - and SLPP flag-bearer Julius Maada Bio’s brave words to his president  I hope that Mr. President doesn’t stick to his guns or dig himself further into the hole that he’s in.

In an earlier thread I did ask the question about the quality and competence of the judiciary  - that it’s not a matter of Creole/non-Creole, Sierra Leonean/ foreigner  :

“The Sam-Sumana debacle  is the answer to the question of what has happened to the separation of powers in the Sierra Leone Democracy during EBK’s two term mandate : The whole affair testifies to the  dubious quality and competence/incompetence) of Sierra Leone’s Judiciary under EBK , a judiciary now reduced to the function of rubber-stamping the dictates of its undemocratic master’s will, in this simple instance of the unlawful sacking of Sierra Leone’s Vice-president by not following any proper procedure - according to the Sierra Leone Constitution,  - not even consulting parliament, thereby holding decision-maker and commander-in-chief President EBK, his attorney-general and the Sierra Leone judiciary to international derision/ ridicule, maybe even contempt.”

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Ernest Koroma does not need to do much. The president did not misuse the Creole judges. They were willing to play the play the game. Creoles have always been as corrupt and thievish in office as everyone one else in Salone. When it comes to stealing in office, the only difference between Creoles and natives is that Creoles are more SKILLFUL thieves than natives. They don't want to be caught. On the other hand, natives tend to be carefree about looting. Otherwise, Creoles are dishonest and thievish as hell. 
True Say Tok Me
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May be the Mendes, who are so learned and honest, need to quit the race for State House and compete with the Creoles for the court houses. Hopefully they will win and then stop complaining and calling others "animals". True say tok me! Questing is why all of a sudden they are on the side of the man they almost crucified for Timbergate?  You got to watch these Mende folks oh. They are losing everywhere and becoming very desperate to become important citizens. LMAO!
Ekutay man
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TSTM you should not be laughing your ra$$ off if you had an iota of patriotism and decency in you. You should cover it up in shame. But can an animal like you be ashamed? I doubt it.

Your primitive mampama-tapping Ekutay ar$es are disgracing our country in the ECOWAS region and indeed the rest of the world. Your kortors  are exposing their savage selves and making our natio a laughing stock. The saddest part is that EBK is not even intelligent enough to understand how low his colleagues think of him.

I was with some top West African diplomats just after the verdict and they were so shocked that EBK's government can be so clueless, corrupt,  irresponsible and cavalier about international norms and standards. One chided that even Jammeh handled his country's image better. He asked whether EBK really graduated from the FBC that he knew?  I put on a brave face and said he is one of the few who scrapped to pass and perhaps should never have been Allowed to Pass.
These Mende men
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You got to watch these Mendes oh! Today they will crucify EBK but tomorrow they will support him if they dislike KKY for beating Bio. You see how now they like the son of Sam after Timbergate? Tomorrow they will like the Temnes when a Susu man becomes president of Saro. Hayyyy! And the next election they will like the Krios. This time they hate the Limbas and the Lokos. These mende people na wah oh. But next year they will hate Eddie Grant, take KL's wife away from him, deport Musa Kenema from Sweden and kill Alaki sengbe, chaiiiiii oh!
Sokobana Fumigator
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But what will Musa Kenema do if he is deported? He is one the worst mechanics alive today in Europe. He will certainly cause an increase in the population of thieves in the country. That will be one additional thief that Salone does not need. Do yah leh da man lef Sweden fors !

Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #13 
Hey, let me tell u dis. Ernest hate us mendes period. He hate us becos we are educated pass him and he only got less than division 3 in FBC. Professor Eldred Jones looked at him pinnn and said Go like Moses down mount aureol becos u are tupit and a fool and will never pass if Sheki did not call and beg me to just a slap a degree on u becos u are his ilegitimate pikin. But we have d medicine for APC. It is Mada Bio, God's own pikin with blessing who become president at 28!!
Mada don't worry. Ernest has began to panic by sacking Munu d gangster. But he has fainted late. We willn not forgive or forget. He will be taken to the international court of justis at d hague to be tried for crimes against d southeast for greedying us from the sweetness of sarralone for ten long years. When kabba was president, we shared with d north as brothers. But when ernest come to power, everything is for his people, leaving us to suffer from poverty and kwashiokor. no more! Mad Bio! 
Our king!
mada Bio!
We will die for u!
Paopa forever and ever!
And just to make apc people die of frustration, we will make mrs bio our running mate. We will have a Bio/Bio team all d way!
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #14 
Do these folks care about their legacy?
Reply with quote  #15 
A MAN who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.
Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #16 
A MAN who stands for nothing, will fall for anything-Einstein
Mr Einstein, thank u. Thats why d country supports General Retired Bio!!
He stands for sarralone.
He stands for democrsts
He stands for decent politics
He stands for fairness to orl pipul
he stands for legacy
he will clean our towns
He will clean our villages
he will build the magbaylay bridge
he will build a bridge to lungay
He will give jobs to the youtman
he will make sure we all have extra cash in our pokets
He will make sure that the money that John Bonor sisay tiffed in Rutile is kakared
He will make sure dat d pipul who looted and raided our country will be given buckets of enema so dat dey will poopoo out orl d kontry ill-gained money so dat we can rebuild our colleges, schools etc etc.
hw will make sure that we build one factry in every constitency!!
General Brigadiar Julius mada wWoni Bio will make sarralone betteh igain!!!!!!

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