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COI Update
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King Jimmy Embankment Project Inflated from Initial Le 4.7 Billion To Le 29.7 Billion

At the Justice William Annan Atuguba Commission of Inquiry, it has been alleged that the initial contract for the King Jimmy Embankment Project was inflated from an initial Le 4,7 billion to Le 29.7 billion.

The contract was awarded to Benton Villa and it has been revealed that the roads initially listed for embankment at the King Jimmy were way out of the project site, and that documents showed that some of the roads included as part of the King Jimmy Embankment Project were in fact in the Hill Station area.

Also the addendum to the initial project was more than 25%, and should have by law been a fresh contract. The RMFA that awarded the contract did not follow the procurement procedure in respect of the addendum of Le 25 billion, and the same company Benton Villa was given the contract.

Waterloo Township Road Project Inflated From Initial $16.9M To $25M

Witness testifying at Commission 67 Selwin Bell has disclosed that the Waterloo Township Road Project that was awarded to Benton Villa was also increased from $16.9 million to $25 million by RMFA without recourse to the procurement rules that say that any change in contract value above 25% should be considered a fresh contract.

Intriguing about this contract also is that the contracting company Benton Villa had secured a loan of $5 million from RMFA and that that money was to be deducted from the WTRP contract money. As at 2017 when the Audit Service Sierra Leone conducted the last audit on the RMFA, the $5 million loan had not been recovered.

Douglas Mumbai
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Wow!!! These dirty APC anyampis were stealing anything they could lay hands on. King Loggy where are you.
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