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Sierra Leone Must Reject Cannabis

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay

The trumpets are sounding now everywhere in this country by advocates and prophets of cannabis sativa that the stuff has suddenly become something good for human consumption.

Cannabis which is locally called jamba or tie or stuff or taffi, has a very bad history in this country yet the people are suddenly being led into believing that jamba is good for citizens and the advocacy is there for it to be legalized.

Listed among highly dangerous drugs in the old Pharmacy and Drugs Act and the new National Drugs Control Act of 2008, is cannabis sativa.

This could not be for nothing as those who penned down those two acts know for certain that cannabis or jamba is a very dangerous drug that has the tendency to knock off all the neurons inside a human brain which can lead to permanent madness as the neurons or the electrical charges within the brain, are irreparable. Once destroyed they remain so till death.

Pharmacy Board is said to be issuing certificates for the legal cultivation of cannabis in this country and this is done contrary to law.

The two acts mentioned above have made it plain that cannabis is a dangerous drug which means that the issuance of a certificate for its cultivation is itself totally illegal and whoever is behind it must face the full consequence of the law.

Advocates and prophets of cannabis sativa are busy trying to clean up the dirty image of the dangerous drug to deceive citizens into believing that the dangerous drug is suddenly no longer dangerous because they say so but citizens must know that what has been declared by scientists and pharmacists to be dangerous, is definitely dangerous.

Despite its danger to human life, advocates of jamba are lyingly trying to make it that the consumption or smoking of it, has benefits.

Sierra Leoneans must never allow themselves to be fooled by people who are set to benefit from this illegal drug, into believing that cannabis is good for them. The nation must reject jamba and frown at those who are trying to clean up the drug's dirty image.

In this ten part series against cannabis, all the ills of jamba will be exposed. Interviews with parents whose children have suffered because of cannabis, will be exposed here for citizens to know that this drug causes much damage and must not be toyed with.

Government must not allow itself to be drawn into the business of cannabis cultivators.
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