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Sierra Leone News: On Education…6 month I will be able to show core deliveries -Proposed Chief Minister


The proposed Chief Minister Professor David Francis who was the Chairman of the Government Transitional Team has yesterday 7 May 2018 assured Members of the Appointment Committee that 6 months down the line he will be able to show core deliveries and outcomes that are verifiable with clear bench marks that he can be actually graded on.

He made this disclosure during his interview session on his proposed position for approval before the Parliamentary Committee on Appointments.

According to him the people who voted in the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have high expectations and the only way to manage such expectations is by designing a one hundred days plan which includes education.

Professor Francis disclosed that through his international connections and true leadership qualities he has managed to secure initial funding commitments of $24.7 million just for the educational sector. He maintained that the international community will not work with people they do not trust.

He said discipline is at the heart of governance without which one cannot get anything done “and the government cannot be able to deliver on its core flagship program if there is no disciplineits.”
Prof Francis explained the intention behind the creation of the role of Chief Minister, saying it is really just to facilitate and provide that competent leadership to ensure that what the President and Vice President have decided on are actually implemented.

“The Chief Minister will be ensuring that inter Ministerial coordination are followed up and coordinate the decisions that have been made through disciplined leadership, this is the strength that I bring to the role” he assured the Committee.

“I will bring disciplined leadership, delivery orientation and also bringing all the key stakeholders
together to attract development”.

According to him, he does not describe himself as a politician, stating “I am here to deliver and work for the government and people of Sierra Leone”.

Commenting about his position and that of the Vice President, the Proposed Chief Minister said, there is no contradiction at all between the role of the Chief Minister and that of the Vice President, citing the Sierra Leone Constitution which is very clear in reference to Section 52, 53 and 54 that are very clear about it, the President is the Chief Executive, and the Vice President is the Principal assistant to the President.

“The role of the Chief Minister is to follow-up and coordinate the decisions made by the President and Vice President and make sure they are delivered” he added.
“What has been the problem in Sierra Leone in terms of my understanding of governance, everything leans to the Office of the Presidency, you want to clean the Streets, you want to hire a driver you go to the President, that is a recipe for ineffectiveness of the President”.

He informed the Committee that the President in his wisdom has created this role to essentially have someone to play the role of officer messenger for the Office of the President and that of the Vice President by making sure that decisions made are coordinated and followed-up to ensure effectiveness.
“I don’t see myself as essentially a politician in the true sense of the word I’m operating in a political environment and a political context. Politicians seem to be a particular breed of people I’ve been in the mainstream academic” he disclosed.

“I am not a politician but have political instinct and that is the greatest that you can do. When you have political instinct you can do anything, I am able to work with every one of you and this is the strength that I bring”.

Tuesday May 08, 2018.

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