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Kabs Kanu
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SIERRA LEONE : The nation that lost its moral compass




First of all, I want to assure some of those who have defected from political parties before that the thesis of this article is not that defecting from a political party is wrong. Not all defections from parties are out of wrong motives and not all who have defected are villains. Many people who have jumped  ship  are very good and responsible citizens who did it for noble motives.

However, in politics, just as in commerce where we have genuine and fake money, there are genuine and fake politicians. In politics , there are noble and ignoble characters. And so it is that motives are either noble or ignoble.



Many people have defected from political parties who had genuine reasons that border around patriotism and nationalism and where they went they excelled themselves in the interest of the nation. Therefore, defecting from a party is not by itself wrong . And this article is not premised by any argument that anybody who defects from a party ceases to be good.

What this article is about is how politics has made many Sierra Leoneans to lose their moral principles and how evil and good have become relative , all due to the corrosive effect of politics on morality.

Events in the past years and months have proved that in Sierra Leone, you can be a very corrupt and discredited government or public official today and overnight become a hero, just because you defected from a political party some people dislike. The very people who condemned you and reigned insults at you and even demanded your arrest for corruption yesterday overnight can turn into your most admired and supportive fans because you resigned from a party they dislike.

Let us look at some examples.


Can anyone name any politician who was much discredited and despised for corruption and Yuki Yuki than the man who answers to the name, ALHAJI SAM SUMANA. ?  That was the man who was caught red-handed in one of the biggest scandals to have ever befallen any nation , TIMBERGATE. The crime was so direct and reprehensible that newspaper front pages screamed with banner headlines asking for his dismissal as Vice_ President and arrest and prosecution. Sam Sumana’s shame was not helped by two Americans he had allegedly conned in the U.S. who went public not only demanding their money but threatening to sue the government.

Today, though, Sam Sumana is a hero to many Sierra Leoneans and they are putting him up to become President of Sierra Leone, a nation founded on Christian principles. His redeeming quality ?He fell out with the ruling party and lost his job as Vice-president. Haters of the ruling APC quickly embraced the villain for whose blood they had been crying and even staged demonstrations on his behalf asking for his reinstatement. To them, Sam Sumana was  now an angel, not a criminal. He ceased to be a criminal when he was booted from the  APC. Opponents of the government now berate anybody who reminds them that the man they are hailing today was the unrepentant Timbergate accused  yesterday who tarnished the image of his country by being named in an international crime. They hailed him all the way to the kangaroo ECOWAS Court where he sued the government and won on a matter where the court lacked legal competence or jurisdiction. Very soon, supporters will start CAMPAIGNING for him to be President.


He is Sierra Leone’s equivalence of the land rustlers and land thieves we read about in cowboy novels.. As a Minister of Lands , the only lands he did not grab and  sell,  using  the proceeds to enrich himself,  are the ones in the cemeteries. There are no belittling and shaming names he was not called. But his days of infamy ended when the government fired him from his job. Today, the name Musa Tarawallie , a name that once stunk, smells deliciously in the nostrils of those who once vilified him for his thuggish and criminal records and he too will soon be running for the highest office in the land, the Presidency.. When he was recently arrested for fraud, he was declared innocent in the court of public opinion and his arrest was deemed a politically motivated act. Musa Tarawallie today is a hero. He became a hero after the government fired him. Anybody who falls out with the APC  immediately becomes an innocent angel, a persecuted personality and a fitting candidate for the presidency, despite his previously well-trumpeted crimes .

The sum total of life in Sierra Leone today is that politics and political alliances govern moral conclusions. Anybody who associates with the APC is considered evil by opponents of the APC and the government . But whatever crimes he commits, if he is fired or leaves today, he will become the most liked and hailed character, a decent patriot , who even deserves to be President.  A man or woman is only evil now when he is with government.

So, if you hear Sierra Leoneans vilifying a public official associated with the APC in the media and public discourse today, do not be impressed. The criticisms are coming not out of moral compulsion or principles. And even if that is so, do not be carried away. Their tunes will change and the official will become a hero tomorrow when IF HE RESIGNS OR IS FIRED.


Yesterday, an unknown  woman became a heroine. She became a heroine because she resigned from the APC. Her past  records in public service did not make her a heroine. What made her a heroine was that she resigned from the APC. She is Dr. Victoria Saidu Kamara , a woman who, AS A MATTER OF FACT,  should have been renowned because she was at one time Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. The only reason that everybody seems not to know who she  is is that she was the epitome of incompetence and inefficiency when she served government . She was one of the most obscure ministers ever and was eventually fired for non -performance.  But when supporters of the APC  mentioned that in trying to demonstrate that her departure did not hurt the APC  in any way because she was not a bright performer on post, they received all kinds of insults from  opponents of the APC . She has become a heroine and a progressive citizen because she resigned from the APC yesterday.

What a shame. Politics has made many people to lose their moral sensibilities. Evil is no longer evil in Sierra Leone. Evil in Sierra Leone has become relative. It depends on what side of the political aisle you belong.  Evil has a colour and it is red. That is, to opponents of the ruling APC, though the party still has enough supporters and MOMENTUM to win next year’s elections. You can now commit the worst crimes in Sierra Leone while serving government. You need not worry about public reprisals because if you get fired , there is a public out there waiting to receive, embrace you, make you a hero or heroine and start preparing you for the presidency.

Politics Guru
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Kabs Kanu,

Why are you being selective?  What about the biggest defector of all, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella?
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Kabs, your self serving duplicity knows no bounds! But this is not kakarioko where you have a ready Amen corner. The Bintumani community includes many who use their brains and can think. I think your naked APC propaganda in the guise of contributions to energize the Bintumani Forum should be ignored. Yet the low-hanging fruit you float are irresistible.

SAM SUMANA: "His redeeming quality? He fell out with the ruling party and lost his job as vice president..."

No, Kabs! Whatever support Sam Sumana enjoys has to do with the fact that he was an elected vice president who was fired by the president. That action by the president reversed a constitutional choice by the Sierra Leonean electorate, thereby reducing the constitution of Sierra Leone to a document of expediency. Only a die-hard APCer can see value in such debasement.

MUSA TARAWALLIE: "As Minister of Lands, the only lands he did not grab and sell....."

But Kabs, many of us see this as standard APC MO. If I am wrong then perhaps we can get together and call for an inquiry into EBK's land acquisitions and assets, after he is out of office.

VICTORIA SAIDU KAMARA: "The only reason that everybody seems not to know who she is, is that she is the epitome of incompetence and inefficiency....."

But why pick on her alone? Incompetence and inefficiency are the DNA of every APC administration of Stevens, Momoh, and now Koroma. Why your sudden and convenient outrage?
Bra Enviable
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The fact that Kabs Kanu can freely insult our intelligence on this forum with APC propaganda, points to Bintumani's civilizational superiority. Legitimate criticisms of the APC are forbidden on Cocorioko, while dissimilar opinions are conversely allowed to thrive on Bintumani.

One of the most dangerous things about  propaganda is the willingness of its authors to either believe, or pretend to believe, in the falsehoods they spew.  A paid liar literally fattened by stolen funds from Sierra Leone, Kabs Kanu has also developed the guts to publicly discuss how Sierra Leone "lost its moral compass."

Does Kabs Kanu know that a sense of morality should have stopped him from defending a government that kills and robs Ebola-infected Sierra Leoneans? How can any decent human being talk about morality in Sierra Leone, without recalling the theft of Ebola funds, which led to the deaths of thousands of people?

Kabs Kanu has become so cruel that he finds nothing wrong with fattening himself, from a safe distance, with the looted wealth he receives from a poverty-producing, APC government.  There is no need to address Kabs Kanu's talking-points.

After this post, I will  try very hard not to respond to Kabs Kanu's propaganda, which is manifested through the shameless lies he uses to defend a wicked political system.   You can tell Kabs Kanu is a pig in human form, through his lack of shame.   The word "morality" should never be invoked by Kabs Kanu, a man so immoral that the misery in Sierra Leone is what literally energizes and feeds him.

Bra Enviable

Kabs Kanu
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I see why our online forums die on their feet. Contributors do not address issues. They try to bully others with their ill - bred outbursts and contempt for alternate views. They also fail to address the issues. We all have varying kinds of home upbringing. Some of us were not brought up to cuss . So I will address your insulting response in a very polite and civilized manner.

You would want to ask why a forum that rocked once is dying on its feet. With contributors like you, who do not address issues but depend on spewing insults on others, what should we expect ?

Is it justifiable for us to turn people into heroes and overlook corruption and crime , once a public official resigns from the APC ? That is the issue I raised and should have been addressed by you.

If you have been reading my paper consistently, you would have noticed that I seriously attacked those who meddled with Ebola Funds and even asked that they be punished to the full extent of the law. I never at any time endorsed the pilfering of Ebola funds or corruption by public officials,

I have served government for 9 years in a very senior diplomatic position, but my name has never been mentioned in corruption. If we do not win in March, I will leave with a clean and untarnished record. That I am very proud of. Therefore your rudeness flies in the face of the true person that I am.

Yes, I am serving the government. I am very proud of it. I am sure that if your SLPP wins and you are offered a similar appointment , you will accept it and will not reject it.

Please let us stop being rude to one another. Our country has problems that need serious discourse with a view of finding solutions. Let us behave like decent and educated people and address issues.

Spectator 007
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“I see why our online forums die on their feet. Contributors do not address issues. They try to bully others with their ill - bred outbursts and contempt for alternate views. ” - Rev Kabs

@Rev Kabs: Don’t you think it’s because of other options like FB, Whatsapp, comments sections following stories in online papers and so on? I notice you have become a FB addict. U lek da place dae.

In previous online fora we all participated in, you used to be able to rumble in your Menday-kunda mode. You relished a good battle. What happened to you?

As a defender of the incumbent I am sure you are aware that you will have opponents who are opposed to the government. They will vigorously take you on when you post views they do not support. It’s part of the proces. If their side prevails next year, I’m sure you will take them on also.

Reply with quote  #7 
My problem with Kabs self righteous indignation that folks who have left the APC now are been hailed, is that I never heard a word from you when these so called corrupt people were actively serving the APC. Infact you defended them when others attacked them for the very conduct that you are now pointing out. That is the reason why folks believe you lost your moral compass a long time ago, let alone your collar as an ordained minister.
Bra Enviable
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If every ordained minister were as morally corrupt as Kabs Kanu, Christianity would be synonymous with satanism. How can a so-called man of God connive against his own people, just to remain on the payroll of a government that kills its own citizens through the willful production of poverty?

Does Kabs Kanu want his children to attend school in Sierra Leone, where government has intentionally destroyed the educational system?
If he were diabetic or sickened by obesity, would Kabs Kanu choose to seek medical treatment in the  same APC-ruled Sierra Leone his propaganda beautifies from a safe distance? 

Kabs Kanu is so morally empty that calling him a hypocrite would be an understatement.  Kabs is a very horrible Christian.  Kabs Kanu works for, and tells lies on behalf of a government whose policies are so disgusting that Kabs himself would rather operate as a praise-singer from a safe distance, possibly thousands of miles away, in responsibly-governed America. What a man of God! 

Bra Enviable
Fore Road Bellah
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Perfidious Kabbs is one the biggest defector' s ever!!...At FBC he was moon lighting as a revo... lo and behold he was in the company of Bokarie Stevens, Earnest Koroma, Logus Koroma ,..Alpha Khan,.and other APC finks who were passing info about students to his brother who was a Permanent Secretary ..and whoo in turned passed it on to Bambay, Pa Sheki and APC,...
Kabbs Kanu Nar Born Bella!!
Super Combo say ..All Bellahs Must Die!!!
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #10 
If I can borrow MKK's saying,
This is indeed The collegiate battle of the brains or should I say a battle between defenders and deceivers?
For some of us who are considered lowly educated may not be able to thrill the readers like those highly educated folks as we're witnessing the ferocious exchange.
However, I cannot resist the temptation to delve into this topic. Especially when I detects hypocrisy and double standards. Which led me to ask this question
Are those lambasting Kabs Kanu any different?
Considering the fact that both Kabs and his opponents have defended equally corrupt governments. I can recall that the old APC was ousted and subsequently snubbed by the people due to corruption and non performance and the same thing happened to the SLPP. But presently, some are vehemently trying hard to impose both parties on us with so much propaganda that's synonymous with saintly entities. I'm not in any way defending Kabs. But How ironic is it that those who are on overdrive to bring back SLPP to power are calling Kabs as lacking morals when they equally defends their party even in the face of blatant corruption and mismanagement.
To me, they can call themselves whatever names but the truth of the matter is, they both lacks the moral fortitude to condemn corruption and mismanagement.
Spectator 007
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Eddie Grant di newly certified NGC super bomba don enter di ring enh ready for take on both APC enh SLPP.

Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #12 
One question for you Eddie, do you know the political allegiance of those taking on the Rev?

Captain Kobina
Reply with quote  #13 
"For some of us who are considered lowly educated may not be able to thrill the readers like those highly educated ..."  Eddie Grant


I admire you for saying the truth about yourself.  Please leave this debate alone.  You do not have the skills to have an impact on it.
Spectator 007
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@Honorable FRB: If memory serves me right, Rev Kabs left Salone to work on Liberia after the student demonstration. He worked there for some time. Seems to me he split because he was not in the good books of the political establishment.

Also around 2000 while a diehard SLPP opponent, he appeared to be promoting JOB.

I have a feeling that he was a Johnny come lately to the APC...perhaps just after his short flirtation with NUP ended.

I could be wrong though.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #15 
Correction *** to work in Liberia
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #16 
Bra Specky,
If you've been around the forum for long and pay particular attention to the participants from both sides of the political spectrum, then you need no answer from me.

Captain Kobina,
If you understand the way I operate and my statement very well, you'll not tell me to leave this debate. Been considered as lowly educated by some who lacks logical thinking doesn't necessarily mean I am. They say so only because they cannot take me on several issues. There are people who dreads my presence on the forum whenever they're busy deceiving others. It's not because of my writing skills since they can understand what I write. But because they know I'll take no prisoners when it comes to exposing lies and deception.
Captain Kobina
Reply with quote  #17 

I clearly understand your argument.  But when you have such poor writing skills, your message easily gets lost in the sea of grammatical errors.  Good writings skills are an essential component of communication.  Please don't take this hard. I am only making an observation on the basis of what I see.
Reply with quote  #18 
"Good writings skills are an essential component of communication."

So true, Captain Kobina, but you have yet to respond to EG's statement...Do you and your SLPP fellows, including your presidential candidate, lacks critical thinking abilities?  
Reply with quote  #19 
Thanks to Eddie Grant for standing up to the truth.

Bra Enviable,Knice and all these social derelicts are hypocrites on two counts.

Firstly, you are judging me as a christian for supporting the APC,  but you hypocrites are   SLPP  fanatics---Fanatics of the diabolical political party that murdered thousands of innocent people through the Ndorgowusui and rebel wars. The cannibals went a step further and roasted alive  hundreds of those whom they regarded collaborators when Kabbah was reinstated after the Johnny Paul Koroma coup. I will not be surprised if Bra Enviable, Knice and others have feasted on human flesh because it is part of the SLPP. And you want to judge me ? Are you serious ? 

Secondly, was JESUS CHRIST, our Lord and Savior, the God who will judge all mankind, high or low, called the THE PRINCE OF THE DEVILS ? Check your bibles. Even the prophets of God were called names and persecuted. When words desert them, they call the righteous of God names. If they did to Jesus Christ, who will they not do it to ? Some of you are scribes and pharisees and you will end up in hell. Do not repent your cannibalism and other sins and keep judging me. I know I am not perfect. I know that without Jesus Christ, I am nothing but a sinner, but I am covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Nothing in my hand I bring but simply to the cross I cling. 

You are always attacking Eddie Grant and KL  for their  educational levels, using fake monikers but are some of you guys really educated ? You must have gone through college but college did not go through you.  It is possible to have all the high-sounding degrees and still be uneducated. I posed a simple question and only the very Eddie Grant you ridicule came close to addressing it. I am not saying I am perfect, but I was trying to address the hypocrisy in our political sphere where criminals you had denounced yesterday become heroes to you cannibals the moment they are booted out of the APC  or resign. Address this issue, not insult me. If you guys have brains as you profess, you will address issues, not insult or judge people. But your style of discourse is a manifestation of your intellectual bankruptcy. And you want to troll Eddie Grant ? You hypocrites, remove the log from your eyes before you try to remove the speck from the eyes of thine brother.

The SLPP  will never rule in Sierra Leone again. Bringing you cannibals to power will be the worst mistake.  

Do you think you will intimidate me and force me out of this forum with insults and fake monikers as you have done others ? I can only leave by my own will as I have often done, because I have much bigger forums to manage at Facebook and Whatsapp. Don't you know that my motto is : NEVER SAY DIE UNTIL THE BONES ARE ROTTEN ? Come after me with a thousand monikers and I will deal with you comfortably. As for the other dregs using monikers, me nor dey talk with cowards . If you nar man en you tross you trosis, use you real name. 

This is CHRISTMAS  WEEK. Unlike you who do not have a life, I am taking my family on a Christmas bonanza  . I will not be here this week to respond to you. But be sure of this fellas. I will be back to take you on after Christmas.  This battle with you SLPP  cannibals has to be fought. It will never end. YOU HYPOCRITES .You judge others, but inside you are full of dead men's bones. White-washed sepulchres  ! ! ! ! 

Reply with quote  #20
Reply with quote  #21 
The problem I have with this article from @Kabs Kanu is not so much what it says, no one can argue with the fact that Sam Sumana is corrupt and should be called out as such. No, my problem is what it leaves out. Sam Suamana's status as one of our more corrupt politicians was well known long before the 2012 election yet APC chose him a second time to be running mate and on election, vice president. Any commentator with a moral compass should have highlighted this fact in an article purporting to address moral issues in our body politic. Is my party SLPP any better? Of course not which is why you won't find throwing stones at just one party from my glass house but instead do what I can to highlight failings.

I don't know much about Musa Tarawallie except that he, like many who have served and continue to serve in this APC government, has had serious allegations against him that have not been investigated. The only difference seems to be that he is being investigated now that he is in opposition to the government. This is a slippery slope to tyranny and as @Kabs Kanu himself if I recall suffered politically motivated harassment, I would have expected better from him.

I can't comment much on Victoria Saidu Kamara, except to say that in my opinion, far too many ministers in this government have underperformed. Our development record over the last 20 years should be a source of embarrassment to all of us when we compare to other post conflict nations, Rwanda being the prime example. I will respect this article more if it included some acknowledgement of some failings by this government.

Reply with quote  #22 
"Is my party SLPP any better? Of course not
which is why you won't find throwing stones
at just one party from my glass house but
instead do what I can to highlight failings."

This is what you will expect from an educated man. Regardless of the consequences, the least one can do is be honest to him or herself. Both major political parties have not served the people to their expectations. Some of us are followers of these parties because of tribal or regional  affiliation, opportunities,  or because our choice is a lesser evil than the other. But the least we can do to better serve our consciences and our country is to accept the fact that both major parties haven't done enough and the evidence is there for all to see. 

Having said that, I am still waiting for De Bra to declare his choice of candidate or political party for the coming election. I haven't read a word of criticism from Bra E against KKY or the NGC. Is Bra Enviable a secret admirer of KKY but does not have the balls to say so in public?
Bra Enviable
Reply with quote  #23 
"I will not be surprised if Bra Enviable, Knice and others have feasted on human flesh because it is part of the SLPP. And you want to judge me ? Are you serious ?"   By Kabs Kanu

Kabs Kanu, you can't sink any lower than the gutter in which you have been robbing Sierra Leoneans in collaboration with your paymasters in Freetown. Resorting to tribal snipes will not change the topic. You are a liar, defender and promoter of a rogue government.

What makes Kabs Kanu's villainy unforgivable in the eyes of the lord, is his status as a remorseless sinner. Sinning and sincerely repenting, can be redeeming. Kabs Kanu is a different sinner.  Intentionally sacrilegious, his sinful actions can pollute  a church.  Kabs Kanu is known for sermonizing in public, while maintaining his status as a propagandist  and conniving skunk against the people of Sierra Leone.

You have lied, fabricated stories and pawned your reputation, if you had any. Defending a Freetown-based, criminal regime from the comfort of your American hideout is unchristian. Kabs Kanu has become so used to making a paycheck via swindling, that he no longer realizes the outrage his action, stirs.

Bra Enviable

Money Man
Reply with quote  #24 
It is very easy to understand the outrage against Kabs Kanu.  The man is Lucifer in flesh.  He left Sierra Leone about forty years ago for Liberia and has not returned since.  He came to the United States as a Liberian and spent years attacking Sierra Leoneans on public forums.  

When Ernest Koroma was elected president, Kabs Kanu saw an opportunity to join the gravy train.  The man has no desire to ever step foot in Sierra Leone.  But for the love on money, the man will dance with the devil.  The pathological liar that he is, he photo shops on internet sources to support his numerous lies about Sierra Leone.

When he ran the Cocorioko forum years ago, the freedom that he is enjoying on Bintumani was what he denied folks with opposing views.  He used different monikers to promote tribalism all in the love money.  Is this man a man of the cloth?
Reply with quote  #25 
Per Kabs Kanu, I am a social derelict, whatever that means! I do not trade in innuendo, insults or personals, and will therefore let it go. Rest assured that I am secure, confident, and extremely proud of who I am and what I stand for.
Reply with quote  #26 
My question though is what is Kabs Kanu doing now,  or in the past,  that the now defunct New People Online Nespaper (Sheku Kallon, Muana and co), did not do?  This to me is like Fox News Republicans going after CNN and MSNBC.  Politics can be very nasty at times, right?
Reply with quote  #27 
After coming into contact with a religious man, i always feel i MUST WASH MY HANDS
Reply with quote  #28 

Oh i like

Friedrich Nietzsche


"The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy"


So what is all this about Mr. Kanu?


You will definitely find another Job.

A real man should know when a fight is over. Stop making more enemies.

Reply with quote  #29 
"My question though is what is Kabs Kanu doing now,  or in the past,  that the now defunct New People Online Nespaper (Sheku Kallon, Muana and co), did not do?  This to me is like Fox News Republicans going after CNN and MSNBC.  Politics can be very nasty at times, right?"-KL

The difference is that these guys at New people online did their writings as party supporters or admirers. Kabs Kanu on the other since 2008 had become an employee of the Sierra Leone government. He was not appointed Minister of Information or Press Attaché. Rather, he was appointed in a wing that has to do with the Foreign Ministry.  While he has been and is still receiving monthly salaries from the Sierra Leone consolidated funds, he has not hidden his disdain for the people of Sierra Leone while promoting the APC through his writing in his Cocorioko paper and other social fora. After 2018, if the APC goes into the opposition and Kabba Kanu is relieve of his post, he will claim his monthly pension from a country that he has not visited or pay tax to for over forty years. Do you see the difference? 

Read this article for example and see what a Minister in our foreign office wrote about corruption and drug trafficking in his country. It is clearly seen that he tried to shift the blames of what was going on to the opposition. This article predates the date that this same  Samsuman was put on the APC ticket for the second time as a running mate. How glorious it would have been if Kabba Kanu had raised moral issues! . But why would Kabba come here to tease or provoke people who have endured the pains of corruption over these years with his post " The Nation that lost its moral compass"?
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #30 
Intensity level in this thread reminds me of africaonline.

Africaonline rocked.
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