After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Spectator 007
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My comments- Fellow forumites, this brilliant article was written by Bra E well over two years ago. I find it very far-sighted and thought provoking and applies not only to the NGC campaign but also to any new third party with a solid presidential candidate.

“In almost every politically conscious country, presidential contests are marked by the crafting of campaign messages and the advocacy of political values. Ebola-plagued and listless, Sierra Leone can be likened to an abused patient in an emergency room, gasping for life while her politicians compete for supremacy. As a result of that oddity, the 2017 presidential contest has already generated more enthusiasm than the remorselessly efficient Ebola virus in the country. As an entrant in that mournful drama, Kandeh Yumkella has made enough informal moves, to at least signal his intention to become the next president of Sierra Leone. Buoyed on the Internet by an army of campaigners, Kandeh Yumkella has unofficially begun the campaign, hence his tacit approval of the media blitzkrieg commenced in his name.

For more click link below

Bra Enviable
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Thanks, Agba Specky.  Written in 2015, this article shook the Yumkella campaign in a positive way. At the beginning, Yumkella's boys were mostly interested in displaying pictures of KKY with United Nations policymakers and other prominent people. This article urged the campaign to move beyond photo-ops or reliance on Yumkella's UN career. While that career counts, a presidential candidate in a "needy" country like Sierra Leone, needs more than beautiful photos from the UN. The campaign responded gracefully. Some of Yumkellas aides contacted me via Facebook and initiated more communications on the phone. The Yumkella campaign has since moved from that silly phase, to a more practical style. Y'all have a great weekend.

Bra Enviable

Y'all have a great weekend.
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Specky I wish KKY movement had listened to Bra E and entered the race sooner. I am afraid they have left it a bit late. The first step in winning elections in Africa is at the voter registration stage. APC and SLPP expended great efforts in getting their voters registered. Now KKY has to depend on flipping enough of them to make the runoff, a tall order. But if they can finish second in the first round , I believe he wins. But getting to that runoff will truly be a challenge. But let we see.
Voter Jeremy
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Chief Gahinteh,

You made me laugh.  I think that Kandeh Yumkella's biggest problem is that he is in the wrong political party.  The apron strings of Sierra Leonean voters are tied to the SLPP and the APC.  These two parties are deeply woven into the Sierra Leonean political fabric.  They are also the two oldest political parties in West Africa. 

Sorry, my good friend, Gahinteh, but we are stuck with the SLPP and the APC.   Yumkella will make some noise in the Western Area but the North belongs exclusively to the APC just as the Southeast is Maada Bio and SLPP country.   Expect Bio to break the Tejan Kabbah presidential vote record in the Southeast next year.   Where will Yumkella get the votes to qualify for a runoff?  Go ask him and his "mot mot" supporters.  Hehehehe.
Spectator 007
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@Voter Jeremy,

In the 1996 elections, approximately what percentage of the vote did APC obtain in the north and western area?
Voter Jeremy
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I cannot remember.  But I know that John Karefa-Smart's party won the North and SLPP won the Western Area.
The People
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Some observers believe the people are so fed up that they will ignore the tribalism in the APC and SLPP and vote for change. What do you think? Anyway, the article posted about Yumkella in this thread makes some good reading. The advice in the article goes to all of the candidates.
Spectator 007
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Voter Jeremy,

In 1996 the proportional representation system was used with the whole nation as a large constituency. A party needed at least 5% of the total votes cast to qualify for MPs in parliament. APC, NUP, and the DCP barely made it. [unfortunately the results are not broken down by region or district]

If memory serves me right, in their traditional northern and western area strongholds, I don’t think APC ever exceeded 10% of the vote except for the western area. UNPP came first in all northern districts followed by PDP, with APC coming in third.

In the first round SLPP did very poorly all over the north and even in Kono. They naturally did extremely well in their traditional south eastern strongholds. In the western area, SLPP won a plurality of votes (in the thirties), closely followed by UNPP, and then PDP.

The point is, it appears that traditional APC supporters don’t seem as loyal to their party as traditional SLPP supporters are to theirs...and when they bolt the APC, their first choice is not SLPP but another “northern” party. Same is the case with traditional SLPP supporters, they have bolted for a “south-eastern” party (PMDC) but not to the extent as the APC traditional voter has done.
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With 600,000 new voters registered , the NGC could easily capture a good number of them. Folks, the ruling party shouldn’t rely on rigging this time around.
Spectator 007
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Time is running out for NGC.

With less than three months to go, they need to:
-implement a very powerful ground game that is second to none
- raise the necessary resources
-select a powerful VP candidate from the south-east NOW to balance the ticket,
-have credible and popular parliamentary candidates in ALL constituencies,
-appoint and train intelligent incorruptible poll watchers,
- promote personalities other than KKY to carry a powerful, consistent, concise, and easily understood message to all nooks and crannies of the country, and so on.
- pray

Is all the above doable? Yes.
Will it be easy? Absolutely not.

If they are able to make the runoff, the momentum will be with them to go all the way.

Voter Jeremy
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"With 600,000 new voters registered , the NGC could easily capture a good number of them."  Zakmal


Not so fast brother.  NGC may be popular among Diasporans.  But on the ground it is a totally different ball game.


There is no VP candidate from the Southeast that will make NGC and Yumkella to be competitive in that region.  The Southeast is for Maada Bio through and through.  ADP and Kamrainba will come a distant second.  Yumkella will only be competitive in the Western Area, not enough to qualify for a runoff.  Mark my words.
Spectator 007
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Voter Jeremy,

Good points.

As I have always stated, KKY/NGC are underdogs in this race.

Whatever happens, one thing no one can take away from KKY is, di Bra sabi rap bobs!

Just listen to this AYV Sunday interview and compare and contrast with candidates representing the two major parties

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Don't be fooled by the stereotypes of diehard APC - SLPP supporters about the twin  parties being the only ones in the minds of the men and women on the ground.

Yes, in the minds of those believers they are, because those were the only parties such individuals grew up knowing. However, from the standpoint of today's youth, the SLPP and the APC bear the blame for the hustleman living standards that have plaguing their existence ever since Sierra Leoneans were given the choice to determine their fate.

The two parties are referred to as Alassan and Alusine twins who must go. 

Voters between the ages of 18 and 30 are well aware of the false promises of Ernest Koroma about Bumbuna, as well as the do-nothing MO of the SLPP. This same group, which comprises 40% of the voting population are the dreamers, the new breed if you like, who see the NGC coalition as the force they can identify themselves with.

It's about the new, the booming, the trendy. It's just like going to a car shop and being given the luxury of choosing between a 1961 Mercedes Benz
  Related image

a 1980 Mercedes Benz

Image result for 1980 mercedes 220s

or a 2017 Mercedes Benz

Image result for 2017 mercedes 220s
Among the remaining 60% of the voters, there's surely another 25% of them who are going to say to, "Wait a minute, this is 2017. Everyone now has a cell phone, because landline phones can no longer do the job they did forty years ago, emails have replaced snail mails, den say has been replaced by facts with only one touch of the keyboard on your computer, people can judge the competence of the aspirants by listening to the way they talk, and the message in what they say, and a lot more".

Deducing from the performance of the three main aspirants, Kandeh Yumkella is the only candidate who's been widening out his electorate base.  

Maada Bio is the self-righteous complacent smug who does not believe in catching more bees with honey than with vinegar. He is the prince of a particular tribe whose members believe theirs is a chosen tribe, and Bio is the Joseph-like craftsman that will lead them through the political famine the bestowed upon themselves be their very own policies. However, unlike Joseph who believed in compassion, love for his brothers, and had all the good traits of a good leader, Bio is self righteous, almighty, evil to the point that he made it clear that he will make life a living hell for all Americans if he ever becomes president of Sierra Leone.

Samura is nothing to write home about. He cannot even speak English. By yanking him into the ring, Ernest Koroma did exactly what his predecessor Kabbah did by chosing the weakest link; Berewa, from among the several charismatic contenders that could have easily carried the populace.

Aware of his outsider position, Yumkella is leaving no stone unturned in his zest to win the minds of young voters whom he refers to as youthman dem, the female population whom he frequently refers to was dem makit woman dem, etc. 

By wooing prospective voters with words, charm, and salesmanship, he has done what other elitists like Kabbah could only dream of. He masters the art of meeting every member of society at respective different level. When for example dealing with savis men, it takes but a couple of seconds for him to sound just like one of them.

He reminds of another shrewd politician of our lifetime who was romoured to disguise himself and drive cabs at night time just for him to rub shoulders with the public, and get ffirst hand knowlegde of what people were going through or saying about his government.

I need to remind those not old enough to know about Sierra Leone's history that the KKY popularity is analogical to that of the APC, after Siaka Stevens parted ways with the SLPP. 

As a 7-year old, I still remember the euphoria that descended on the capital Freetown as the APC unleashed their brand red rovers (see pic) all over the city with the inscription "APC - Now Or Never".

Image result for Volkswagen rovers in the 60's 
The KKY euphoria is as real as that of the APC in the 60s and 70s. As host of several FB discussion fora and KKY pages, I can tell you for a fact that I get an average of between 15 to 20 requests everyday by men and women in their twenties frantically dying to join the movement.

Also, the figures you saw at the stadium on NGC launch day were not photoshopped.

KKY is here to stay and is Christmas carol in Freetown as I write.     

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Kandeh is the best Sierra Leone can offer at this moment.
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I am almost certain this posted video responded to Bra E's statement below:

"he point I am making is that the UN’s image has been tarnished by so many administrative improprieties, that a presidential candidate from that organization is better advised to arm himself with messages based on personal values
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