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By Umaru Fofana

Burning tyres on the main highway in Bo

Students of Njala University have been running amok with police in the capital Freetown and in the south-eastern cities of Bo and Kenema as they protest against the continued closure of their college.  

Police in Kenema forcefully dispersed dozens of the students who were processing on the streets carrying placards calling for the resumption of classes. At least three have reportedly been arrested. 

In Freetown police fired teargas to disperse the students and arrested an unspecified number of them as they converged in front of the residence of the President chanting for the reopening of college.

In Bo the students have been burning tyres around Kebbie Town, Total and Peace Junction but there have so far been no reports of police intervening. Shops have reportedly closed.

The students are protesting against the long-running lecturers' strike which has left their college closed since October, with the risk of forfeiting the whole academic year if it continues to the end of March.

They accuse government of "not showing interest" and being “insensitive” in resolving the matter which is over years of unpaid allowances, end-of-service benefits and non-payment of inheritance to families of lecturers who died in service.

The head of the striking lecturers says this has forced their retired colleagues and the bereaved families to live under considerably reduced circumstances. Dr Moriba Samba told Politico that all they wanted now was a commitment by Government that they would pay them – not necessarily paying them now – something he said hadn't been done. Government is yet to make a public statement on the matter. 

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APC Allover
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Breaking News – Sierra Leone district of Bo under siege – one student shot dead


Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 March 2017

[image]There are unofficial reports of two students shot by police this afternoon at a student demonstration in the centre of Bo.

The students have been named as Mohammed Morlu and Augusta Sungai.

One of them is believed dead, and the other has been taken to hospital with serious injury.

Thirteen students are now believed to be detained at Lumley police station in the west of the capital Freetown; three detained at New England Ville Police Station; and five  detained at Kenema Police station.

Some of the student leaders are reported to be meeting the president at State House for talks.

[image]Reports from the southern district of Bo say that the town is today under siege.

Students from Njala University have taken to the streets in sympathy protest, after lecturers are denied payment of their salaries for several months by the government.

Eyewitnesses say that movement of people as well as normal business life have been disrupted in the city.

Students are demanding the reopening of classes, and have put up road blocks with burning tyres.

Students say that they are very angry to see that the president and his ruling APC can use tax payers and donor funds to finance the party’s youth wing convention in Makeni – running into Billions of Leones, but cannot find money to pay the salaries of poor, hard working lecturers.

A concerned citizen said today: “The silent torture of a helpless nation is now exploding into direct mindless killings of the oppressed.

“This is an unacceptable development that should have inevitable consequences for the culprits, be they high or low.

“Those who fire bullets to kill harmless civilians are as culpable as those who order the killings – sitting behind high walls. In the end they will all have to face up to the consequences of their desperation to maintain a system that feeds on innocent blood.”


Eye Witness Observer
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What most people could not understand is why should such demonstration turn violent in Bo an SLPP stronghold when the same happened in Freetown two weeks ago in the most peaceful and non-confrontational manner? Were these students incited or manipulated by a particular political party? Why should such unruliness by students should only be displayed in an SLPP stronghold?
Spectator 007
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EWO, let us say the students were unruly, do any of them deserve being shot by police?
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Spectator007, let's say an officer's life is in danger, can he protect or defend himself if shooting an attacker is his only choice?
Abdulai Sankoh
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Eye Witness Observer,  Bumbuna in Tonkolili district is an opposition strong hold right? Are you alluding that Kabala in Koinadugu district is an opposition strong hold? Are you kidding that you want us to believe that Wellington in the Western area is an opposition strong hold?  I am bring all of these places up because in all of these places, when youths came out to vest their Frustrations, they were met with deadly police response in a manner similar to what has happened in Bo. Why is it that some of us put premium on some lives and yet rejoice when some others are treated like dogs.

Well there is a saying that whosoever dig a pit shall fall in it!!. Today it is the unfortunate innocent boy in Bo, tomorrow it might be someone closed to you or your very self.

For three months, student in one of the largest university colleges in our country has been left in a limbo because of issue the government has with the lecturers who are their employees. After three wasted months, the student come out to expend their frustration by setting road blocks which was the only avenue opened to them, and just like as in Bumbuna, Kabala and Wellington, the police respond with war weapons.

 Someone of us hiding behind our keyboard, if identified should be shamed for our heartless attitudes?
Don't Shoot
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For Eye Witness Observer and Theorist,  this is culled from APC Government month Piece The Cocorioko

"HomeUncategorizedParliament Blamed for ‘Unsettled’ Njala Crisis

Parliament Blamed for ‘Unsettled’ Njala Crisis


By Melvin Tejan-Mansaray

For months unending now, lecturers of one of the country’s public colleges, Njala University have grounded their services to students because of salary arrears among other issues with the government.

Against this backdrop, Hon. Bashiru Siliki, SLPP, Bo District Constituency 072 has restated his call on the House to look into the Njala University lecturers’ strike saga which is ‘still not settled.’

“This matter has still not been settled and Njala University has still not re-opened,” Hon. Bashiru noted.
He blamed Parliament for not meeting the expectation of the students and lecturers to resolve the matter adding that “up to this moment, we, (Parliament) have not intervened to see how we can settle that matter.”



“Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, I have expected the Committee on Education to have met with the Ministry or the Njala University administration to see how best they can settle the matter between the Ministry and the University,” Hon. Siliki said.
He said that plight of the students is depriving to them having paid for tuition service that they have not been rendered by the University.

“We should take this matter very seriously as we have been hearing from the social media that the students have been demonstrating, approaching the administration and up to this moment Parliament, we have not intervene to see how we can settle that matter,” Hon. Bashiru lamented.
The MP said that the first semester is almost coming to an end and Njala is yet to open and expressed fear that it will be a violation of the Education Act, if the students cannot attend lectures for ninety days.

“I am urging the Education Committee in this Parliament to speedily look into the issue and report to this Parliament so that we can see our brothers and sisters and children resume classes. Most of them now are very idle,” he said, a point that the Speaker, Hon. S.B.B. Dumbuya said cannot be over-explained.

In response to the consistent notion being expressed by the opposition MP, Hon. Bashiru, Chairman Education Committee, Parliament of Sierra Leone who also doubles as Deputy Majority Leader and Leader of Government Business, Hon. Leonard S. Fofana, APC, Kenema District Constituency 015 said that the call of Hon. Bashiru Siliki is loud and clear and attempted to explain the role his Committee has been playing in the matter.
Hon. Leonard said: “We are not oblivious of the fact that the strike has taken a long time but the fact of the matter is that the Education Committee is working.

Just last week, the Minister of Education was in the provinces and he visited Njala. We hope the strike will be brought to an end very soon. We don’t need to be going to the housetops to start shouting but we are working assiduously to make sure that the strike ends. We are all concerned like you rightly said; we have children, we have grand children in that institution and above all we have voters. As a government, we are concerned that the college resumes operation very soon,” Education Committee Chairman, Hon. Fofana assured during the last plenary sitting of Parliament, held on 16th March 2017, Parliament Building, Tower Hill Freetown."

Spectator 007
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@Theorist: The answer to your question is yes. Nonetheless, police shootings of demonstrators whether seemingly justified or not should be investigated; and if prosecution of the policeman/woman is necessary, it should be carried out. Do you agree?

There are many effective methods of controlling demonstrators that do not include use of lethal force. For this to happen though, the police need to be properly trained. Even with effective training, some police are simply "bad apples" and have no business being policemen.

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Spectotor, you will be surprise who Theorist is. He is our resident KL.
Wonder never ends.
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You must first learn how to construct simple sentences before accusing me of anything. 
Spectator 007
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@Busted: I have no reason to believe that Theorist is KL.

What are your views on the police action? Do you have any more information?
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He is probably not going to come back. If he does, however,  be on the lookout for another unusual moniker. So much for a rascal who finds happiness in exposing others while committing the same sin and also butchering the Queen's language.  Lol!
Spectator 007
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@KL: He just wants to have fun but I'd rather we focus on the story.

I am a very strong supporter of police. Without effective law enforcement we will descent into anarchy. Nevertheless, police brutality, whether in the US or third world, is something that bothers me.Those who are sworn to uphold the law should not be brutalizing citizens they are supposed to protect.

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Specky, I am for the police the civilians. While police brutality is real, civilians, especially during demonstrations, can become very violence also. So I agree with your point above to "Theorist" , aka KL, that a thorough investigation must be conducted.
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But again this is about Sierra Leone where the police do no wrong Accepting wrong doing is political suicide for the administration in power. 
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Oh by the way, please no more questions for me I have a bottle of Hennessey to finish. Besides,  "Busted" or the Grammar Police might just come back and correct my butchering of the Queens language for using the word violence instead of violent .
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