After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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"Bra lef dis wam hart and give a chance
to people to debate vital issues facing
Salone and Africa"

Seriously? Please explain what you meant by "issues facing Salone and Africa". And if my suspicion is right, you meant Salone and African politics or issues  that only occur in Salone Afruca. And that issues facing Sierra Leoneans and Africans abroad should do not matter is that right?  Are those the only issues this forum was created for?  Please answer these questions then we can move on to the issue of warm hart.

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And until we have the opportunity to discuss the "warm hart" issue, I am interested in hearing from you if you and I ever involved in one of those and what triggered them. If I can be honest with you, name calling is not new here only that I hit people harder and sometimes to the extreme which they cannot handle. Oh yes I know the "greengo" word is just to hard for some to handle and it is easier to pick on KL because I do not hide behind multiple monikers when I return the favor. But like someone said a while back, I am a hard nut to break because I have survived all the insults that were thrown at me. This is unlike forum sissies who cannot handle my responses. So my response to you is that you debate respectfully with me I wiil do the same. Insult me I will return the favor much more than you anticipated. If this is what you consider warm hart, so be it.
General Minkailu Abraham
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" calling is not new here only that I hit people harder and sometimes to the extreme which they cannot handle."  KL


Do you really think that you hit people hard on this forum?  Man, stop deceiving yourself.  With all due respect, given your skills level, I don't think your opponents take you seriously. 

You have to be a heavy hitter (someone with excellent writing and analytical skills) to hit anybody hard on any forum.  I don't think you deserve that distinction.  This is just a personal observation.
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"This is just a personal observation"

Thank you for your observation! You have a right to it just as those who have been complaining for years about the greengo word. But the fact that you are responding to that statement says a lot. 

New Yorker
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I have been following this debate from the onset and I think KL makes a lot of sense. The wealth of a Nation, state or city is calculated not by its financial institutions and or billionaires, but by it's income, income distribution and expenditures. The gap between the poor and the rich in New York City is wider than many cities including those of the Washington, DC areas. There is enough information online for those who are interested. 

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This issue is best suited for sophisticated adults not for those that spent the bulk of their time on presentation and less on content.

Alusine Kolleh
Reply with quote  #37 

I see that you have displayed more thin skin in this debate than your opponents.  This is demonstrated by your tendency to just NOT let things go.  So I have decided to interject and add some substance to what General Minkailu Abraham uttered earlier with respect to your claim to be a hard hitter.

On a forum that is populated with educated folks, you cannot be a hard hitter if you have a tendency to resort to name calling, throwing ethnic slurs and discharging mammy cusses.  This is what characterizes King Loggy on this forum.  If anything, such a repugnant and reprehensible behavior says more about Loggy than his debating opponents.

To be a hard hitter, a forumite must use cogent and sophisticated arguments to bring his/her opponents down intellectually.  Loggy is just not that type of a forumite as he is not equipped with the sophistication required to comport himself in that manner.
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Bo phuck off, make dem say Alusine Kolleh don talk.
Teacher Gladstone
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"Bo phuck off, make dem say Alusine Kolleh don talk."  KL

Afterwards, Alusine Kolleh was right.  This BUM of a BOOK MUMU will not change. Hehehehehe.
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Hehehe! Why don't you Mende bums accept defeat and move on? How much arse kicking can you absorb from the mighty KL before you call it quit?  The verdict is out and NYC is not the wealthiest city you upline kroots think it is. Hehehe!
Tolongbo Granger
Reply with quote  #41 

Are you still in Sweden?  I thought you have been deported to Maforki, Port Loko, so you can be in touch with Ernest Ebola Koroma who is in house exile in neighboring Bombali.  Hahahaha.
My opinion
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All these distractions and insults could have been avoided if it wasn't for Jericho Turnpike to have  asked KL if he was out of his mind. Surely knowing KL, as we all do, will not allow him to get away with it. You may not like KL which is fine but please ignore his postings in other to keep the peace. Let others who can debate with him do so peacefully.
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