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Sierra Leone’s former president expresses concern over his safety


By Umaru Fofana

Sierra Leone’s former president, Ernest Bai Koroma has rejected the “abrupt transfer and replacement” of his state security detail. This affects personnel stationed at his residence in Freetown, his home town of Makeni and his wife’s home town in Kono, according to his spokesman.  

In a letter to the Inspector General of Police dated 10 May 2019, Koroma’s Special Assistant, Ismail Mahmud Sheriff says the former president also rejects the proposed guards sent to him because he was not consulted about their vetting nor did he know about their professionalism and discipline.  

Koroma is quoted as saying that he met with the regional heads of the police and the army on Friday 10 May after the transfer order had been released, something he considers as “suspect, faulty and disrespectful” because those being replaced had served him diligently and without problems.

16 of his 18 guards have also been “summarily disarmed without recourse” to him, and for which he “strongly deplores the incessant hounding of his security detail which he believes has clearly become the pattern since his retirement”.

Koroma says all of this is tantamount to his safety and security being compromised, and a violation of his entitlement as a former head of state. He urges the police boss to revert to his withdrawn contingent “without further delay”.

Under the laws of Sierra Leone a former head of state is entitled to 30 personal guards, three middle level police officers and four watchmen.  

Speaking to Politico, the former president’s Special Assistant said the situation had become “fluid” since the letter was sent. Mahmud Sheriff said that the chief security officer assigned to the former head of state had been instructed by his superiors to report on Saturday morning at a police station in Makeni, and that the eight soldiers assigned have also been instructed to report at Murray Town with their arms.

Sheriff said that last year, Akim Turay who was assigned to Koroma as a personal bodyguard, was withdrawn for what was said to be further training, but that neither he nor a replacement was ever sent back.

He said four staffers – a driver and cleaners – were also transferred without replacements and later had their salaries stopped when they did not honour the transfer.

The earlier incidents were discussed with the Secretary to the President and the Inspector General of Police, he said, but without redress.

Several telephone calls and a text message to the police boss, Richard Moigbeh were not responded to.

© 2019 Politico Online

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Fighting a government in power is counterproductive.  Ernest Koroma has been provided with Southeastern bodyguards.  So, why should he complain?  Are those Southeasterners not Sierra Leoneans?
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Wait a minute, SLPP, is Ernest Koroma still a free man? WTF!
Abass Tolongbo
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Ernest Koroma is a free man until he gets locked up at Pademba Road. Hope you and other Tolongbos would be kind enough to spend time over there with him.
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But so far it doesn't appear like he will ever lose sleep over that. 
Abass Tolongbo
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You are correct. But remember, Maada Bio moves in a mysterious way. Wae di tem reach EBK go omojuba. But e gon late.
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Omojuba nor mix! The legal process get for take place en if dem fen am guilty so be it. We get for set a precedent for future leaders dem. 
Abass Tolongbo
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If dem fen am guilty e for pay di money back ehn go jail?
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True that but it appears that the Sierra Leone Anti Corruption Commission is a toothless bull dog. There are rumors that guilty people are settling out of court. What da hell then is going on?

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Rumors no more.

Image may contain: text
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Brother KL the Sierra Leonean judicial system has always allowed financial settlement instead of prison time. I'm not why and don't necessarily agree with it but there you are.
Abass Tolongbo
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No decision has been taken yet on folks appearing before the Commissions of Inquiry.  The folks paying fines to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) are folks that the ACC have arrested and brought to court as a result of independent ACC investigations on corruption.

As for the Commissions of Inquiry, the folks appearing in their courts are folks that were named in the Government's Transition report otherwise known as the GTT report.  When the Commissions of Inquiry finish their deliberations in the next few months, a report will be sent to president Bio by the judges with recommendations on the way forward.  The president will then in concert with the High Court act on those recommendations.  But it is safe to assume that hefty fines and a ban from politics for life will take precedence over prosecution and jail time.
Deja Vu
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Sierra Leone and her commissions of inquiries, what a sham. People have been arraigned before one and still attained the highest office in the land.

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My wish is for those who are found guilty not only make financial settlements, but spend enough time behind bars to send a message to future office holders. Corruption is like the worst kind of cancer and it is eating away every building block of the nation's economic infrastructure. Enough is enough! 
Deja Vu
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Almost forgot! Another one with itchy hands on vouchers attained the second highest office in the land. The rumours swirling around the current president during his NPRC days were no hindrance to his presidential bid and victory.

It will therefore not be far-fetched to assume that one member of the present cohort of those being sccused of rampant corruption will rise from Phoenix-like from the present ashes and attain the highest or second highest office following the footsteps of Kabbah and Victor Foh. Tribal or party loyalty ultimately trumps any other considerations.

One thing is certain about Sierra Leoneans: we have very short and ephemeral memories. Some of our previous nation-wreckers, the Abass Bundus the Sama Banyas, the Hardings of this world still have their heads above the parapets, calling the shots and being hero-worshipped. They have no sense of responsibility, guilt or shame for their part in the residual and legacy challenges facing this present administration after decades of misrule and poor economic management by guess who.
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Indeed we have old wine in new bottles. This has always been the case in Salone politics.  But yes as tribal voting patterns continues, so is corruption.  The snobbish Mende man looks upon APC presidential candidates as though they have some sort of social and political stigma. And the same can be said about Northern tribes towards SLPP presidential candidates. The two major tribes are fearful of each other which opens the door for political exploitation. 

Meanwhile, we can't afford to look back! We only have to look forward and to start dismantling the old ways. APC or whatever leanings one may find himself, the war against corruption must start now. 
Father Krismass
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Deja vu,

Yours is a primitive and prehistoric world where people are guilty without a trial in a court of law.  The folks that you mentioned in your rudderless posting above have never been found guilty of any crimes in Sierra Leone.  Thus, your nonsensical assumptions about these innocent people belie the level to which you have allowed your mental state to deteriorate.

There is no place for an NGC party in Sierra Leone.  The more you keep hoping that the NGC will win nationwide elections in Sierra Leone, the more you are prone to losing your mind and wanting to start peeing on yourself in a public place.

Get this into your thick skull, Sierra Leone is about APC and SLPP.
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Father Krismass you can counter the man's points without being personal. It is this kind of attitude foreigners observes and then use against us. Respect, please!
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