After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Dictator From Bonthe
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These folks are running out of propaganda talking points.  Who in the world can stop Americans from going anywhere?  If you want to unleash propaganda on your opponent, at the very least, do it with some common sense.
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Take a peek and listen for yourself before opening your vocal cavity to expose your vacant upstairs .

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You need to go back to grade school if your deduction from Bio's utterances is what that propaganda rag sheet is carrying as its headline news. 

Some of you miscreants polluting this forum with your KKY rubbish will lose it and eat your kaka when Bio or Samura Kamara wins the presidency next year.  Kakarass.
Referee Gbamanja
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Latest Results:

Idiocracy 3     Stupidity 0

Idiocracy stuns Stupidity with an uppercut which resulted in a knockout.
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When we judge something good, we do so because we know what kind of thing it is, and then check whether it is fully consistent with the implications of its nature or not.

So, a tomato for example is considered good if it is as fully developed in its essential respects as much as possible.                                                                                   

The same principle applies to human beings. Good people are those whose essential or central potentialities are fully realized in their particular circumstances, and bad people are those who have demonstrated the evil make up of their character in the past, as well as their propensities to do so in the future.                                                                                                   
Knowing what is no secret anyone about reknown villains like Bio, his violent/kleptocratic tendencies, dishonesty, disregard for the rule of law, etc. and consciously comparing him to distinguished achievers like Kandeh Yumkella, is logically fallacious and what we logicians refer to as bad, false, or inconsistent comparison.       

Description: Comparing one thing to another that is really not related, in order to make one thing look more or less desirable than it really is.


Example #1:

Broccoli has significantly less fat than the leading candy bar!

Explanation: While both broccoli and candy bars can be considered snacks, comparing the two in terms of fat content and ignoring the significant difference in taste, leads to the false comparison.

As for Samura Kamara, I am not even going to mention him in this discourse. The problem with the average Sierra Leonean is his/her spontaneous readiness to fall for mediocrity, which has been the symptom of why, instead of going anywhere, the nation has been sinking further deeper into the dark seas of backwardness, tribalism, and mediocracy – the political monopoly that has rendered people of your ilk complacent and satisfied with the vogue of we dae manageism amidst the hegemony of a dominant class of unproductive mediocre egocentric yes-men/women.

... β€œTell me what company you keep and I'll tell you what you are. ... penned in the sixteenth century by the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes.

The fact that your hope is for dunce heads like Maarda Bio and Samura Kamara to lead the country is a promising way to wish for Sierra Leone to be headed by precolonial dog-catcher types like Siaka Stevens et al, speaks volumes of who you are my friend.  

If in this modern age of international partnership and global co-dependency, and an ambience where the rest of the world catches cold when America sneezes, for morons like Maarda Bio to brag about making it a priority to make β€œhis” country, not ours, a hell on earth for Americans, it then becomes the patriotic duty of every progress loving Sierra Leonean to make sure he does not rear his ugly head around the corridors of power.

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Atlantic, a product of a system that encourages its citizens to be the best they can formulated it aptly, when he described African leaders as dream-killers. He was in retrospect referring to referring to likes of Bio who Mugabe tendencies has made him SLPP flagbearer for the third time, even after all the multiple defeats he has suffered eaach of the times he's imposed himself on the people.   

Like hamsters pedaling faster and faster on their little wheel, some of you are still stuck in the mindset of using strawberries as baits, and expecting to catch fish, while proponents of authentic leadership have moved on alternative ways of solving the bread and butter issues of the common man/woman.

Underestimating the potentials of the KKY movement is tantamount to drinking a liter of strong akpetheshi prior to taking an exam, and expecting to pass.   

Mano O Mano
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So it took you two days to research and respond to Stupidity?  Hehehehe.  And even with that you can only come up with a loquacious narrative that is so boring to read?

Look, I am not a member of the SLPP.  I am pure pure APC.  But if I have to vote for a second presidential candidate on March 7, 2018, I will vote for Maada Bio.  You cannot destroy the character of an honorable man.  Bio has served his country with honor.  What have you done for your country?  Hiding behind the key board of your computer like the coward that you are?

Most of you KKY sycophants are empty headed jerks with no critical thinking ability.  You swallow anything that is shoved down your throats without question. 

So all of a sudden Sierra Leoneans must follow your messiah Kandeh Yumkella because he is who you dumb lunatics believe has the magic wand to transform Sierra Leone into the Utopian society that you have all dreamed of?

Wait until your Laimpays are handed to you on a golden platter next year.   Kakarass.
Ranka Mano
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Mano O Mano, You're just another ignoramus, so crawl back to the mancave you came from, but check this out before you do so.  

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